February 6th, 2010


Munich Air Disaster 52nd Anniversary

Twenty-three people on board the Elizabethan charter aircraft G-ALZU lost their lives in the Munich air crash on February 6, 1958.

Geoff Bent
Roger Byrne
Eddie Colman
Duncan Edwards
Mark Jones
David Pegg
Tommy Taylor
Liam (Billy) Whelan 

Alf Clarke
Don Davies
George Follows
Tom Jackson
Archie Ledbrooke
Henry Rose
Eric Thompson
Frank Swift

Walter Crickmer
Bert Whalley
Tom Curry
Capt Kenneth Rayment
Bela Miklos
Willie Satinoff
Tommy Cable


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I am here to pimp the Football League :)



I don't know if anyone will care but... Soccer AM have just announced the 20 nominations for Football League goal of the year 2009 and I think you should all wander over and take a look. I know they're not always the most exciting of players or clubs (well, they are to me :P) but... Awesome goals are awesome.
ANYWAY - you should vote. I am not attempting to sway your vote in any way but this is Curtis Weston. He scored a very pretty goal, which is funny as he's a very pretty person. If he were to make it into the top 3, I think he'd probably love you all. A lot...


(Look at his eyes and ignore that I'm pimping out my football team)
(And seriously, they all deserve to be there so have a little look and vote for whoever. I hate to say it but Gary Alexander's goal is probably going to be the best scored at new Wembley for a very long time... HMPH.)

Vote Here


Tomorrow, February 7th, we will be celebrating a birthday of such epic proportions, it has to come a few hours early of the holy day. Not only are we celebrating his day of birth, but his AMAZING skills of football he has been displaying in most reason weeks/forever and ever. I give you the 6ft5inch giant god of football DANIEL VAN BUYTEN! Do not resist the charming smile, rock hard body, or unbelievable good looks! I actually dare you to try, because it is completely useless.
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