February 3rd, 2010

  • j0rdina

~*Commercial Break*~

Here is a commercial break in the form of a random post....

Between getting shot(seriously wtf? y would you shoot someone!?) and affairs(i cant even look JT in the face any longer... i just scroll past his pics real fast!) i think we need a little break so here it is...

Table of Contents:

1) Talking bout the guy with the awesome haircut... I'm talking bout Mohamed Zidan
2) Lets remember why we fell for this man in the first place...Yoann Gourcuff
3) Why is Marco Borriello so under-rated in this community...
4) HUGE (and i mean it when i mean huge) pic of Jesus Navas... 

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brendan light

Anyone Know What's Going On?

Balram Chainrai becomes Portsmouth's fourth owner in a year

• Hong Kong businessman takes over Ali al-Faraj's 90% stake
• Creditor had become frustrated at missed payments by club


Portsmouth have now had four different owners in a year of financial turmoil after the Hong Kong business Balram Chainrai seized control. Photograph: Chris Ison/PA

Portsmouth's troubled season took another dramatic twist last night when Balram Chainrai seized control of the club from Ali al-Faraj, making the Hong Kong businessman the fourth owner at Fratton Park this season, following Sacha Gaydamak, Sulaiman al-Fahim and Faraj.
Chainrai has taken over the 90% shareholding in Portsmouth that was held by Faraj after becoming frustrated that the club had missed deadlines to repay money he was due for substantial loans he gave to them earlier this season.
Chainrai had loaned at least £17m to Faraj to keep Portsmouth afloat through Portpin, the company he owns with his Israeli business partner, Levi Kushnir, and their associates. Those loans were secured against the stadium, the club's future television revenue and Faraj's 90% share.
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