February 2nd, 2010


Papers blame Dinho's bad derby performance on 3 night party.


ROMA -- Brazilian striker playing for Milan, Ronaldinho, organized with some of his friends a party that lasted 3 nights in a well-known hotel in the city, right before the derby with Inter, which his team lost 2-0, and in which Ronaldinho didn't have a good performance, as informed by newspaper Corriere della Sera.

It seemed like he'd left behind the partying habits for which he'd gained many critics while playing for Barcelona, but his night activities have once more returned to the papers' front page.

The newspaper from Milan assures in an article in the front page that the Brazilian player booked for 3 nights a luxurious suite in one of the city's most important hotels, the name isn't revealed, to organize a party with his friends. Said party, adds the article, costed him 75,000 euros.

The newspaper explains that Ronaldinho left the hotel on Saturday to go straight to Milanello, place where the team did their training before the decisive derby of January 24th.

It was a match that would've let Milan very close to fighting for the scudetto, but the team lost 2-0 against Inter, even when the nerazzurri were 1 men down after Wesley Sneijder got red-carded.

Corriere della Sera points out how Ronaldinho, who had been having brilliant performances on previous games, didn't play very well and even missed a penalty.

Ronaldinho had already been seen some weeks ago celebrating his team's last victory in a Brazilian restaurant in Turín, while he was playing the bongos.


terry's chocolate triangle finally effects the football. wonder if people still 'dont care' now


John Terry is to miss a vital FA Cup match to fly to Dubai, to win back his wife Toni.

England captain Terry, 29, has been given compassionate leave by his club Chelsea to fly to her side and beg forgiveness.

The Chelsea captain will not play in his side's fifth round tie against Cardiff City on Feb 13 so he can be with his wife Toni on Valentine's Day.

She travelled to Dubai with the couple's three-year-old twins after a judge lifted an injunction banning newspapers reporting claims that he had an affair with Vanessa Perroncel, the former girlfriend of England team-mate Wayne Bridge.

Terry scored the winning goal as Chelsea beat Burnley 2-1 on Saturday evening, but The Sun newspaper reported that he would be given time off to ask his wife's forgiveness in person.

The newspaper quoted a source close to the couple as saying: "John still thinks he can win Toni back and rescue his marriage.

"This is the last throw of the dice. He's determined not to come back from Dubai without a reconciliation. He know he's hurt her badly.

"He's just hoping his words will be enough – but he'll have to grovel like never before. John is a football man through and through. But this is about more than football. He's got no option but to miss the cup tie."

Toni is believed to be staying at the couple's holiday home at the exclusive Palm Jumeirah Beach resort.

The newspaper also claimed that Bridge had been left "absolutely distraught" by the scandal and has been calling his ex-girlfriend Perroncel several times a day since it broke. The two players were best friends and played together at Chelsea before Bridge joining Manchester City in January 2009.


lol good luck bitch

combing his hair!

OMG it's another JT story

I know, the drama is getting repetitive, but I found an interesting article about how footballers in general have a hard time dealing with public relations and how clubs really struggle 'guiding' them off the field, leaving a lot of them (John Terry, Ashley Cole, any other footballer who has had a personal *crisis*) open to "the pitfalls of modern celebrity."

John Terry's PR team face uphill struggle to rescue his reputation

he looks so sad and lost here :(
In a recent blog, Phil Hall, the former News of the World and Hello! editor turned PR man, mused on the fate of the golfer Tiger Woods and concluded that "on every main principle of crisis management, Woods and his team failed". Now that Hall has been employed by John Terry to deal with the biggest crisis of the England captain's career, he will hope to do better.

PR experts said today that the appointment of Hall – who has previously performed firefighting roles for Heather Mills and Fred "the shred" Goodwin – was a sign the defender was belatedly addressing a need for better advice and highlighting a problem endemic in the game as a whole.

While billions have poured into the Premier League over the past 17 years and its biggest stars have become global icons, with a few exceptions the quality of representation and protection they were afforded had manifestly failed to keep pace with other wings of the entertainment industry – leaving them victims of the pitfalls of modern celebrity.

Most Premier League clubs now have experienced PR operators to handle their reputation, but when it comes their ­private affairs it can be a different story. Max ­Clifford, the celebrity PR who is advising Vanessa Perroncel, the former partner of Wayne Bridge with whom Terry is alleged to have had an affair, said clubs remained "in the dark ages" when it came to advising players on the pitfalls of dealing with the media and life in the public eye.

The PR expert Mark Borkowski said: "They are taking kids like John Terry with a working-class background and paying them £170,000 a week. But what ­support and what guidance does a club give to young players? They are targets. These guys have got to be protected from themselves. If you're earning £170,000 a week, think about all the people who have got a finger in that pie. Are you going to be the one to tell him to shape up? Who is going to be brave enough to face up to John Terry? They live in their own bubble."
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Just a little gossip, though. It probably isn't true, but I saw this and lol'd so hard. hehehe
combing his hair!

Stop the Violence!

Juan Carlos Silva, a football player with Club America, has been shot in the buttocks in a robbery attempt just a week after teammate Salvador Cabanas was shot in the head in a Mexico City bar.

Club officials said on Tuesday the 21-year-old Silva was in good condition and said the gunshot wound was not life-threatening.

They said the attack took place on Monday night in Mexico City in a failed attempt to steal Silva's vehicle.

Cabanas was shot in the head in a bar on Jan. 25. He was in stable condition on Tuesday at a Mexico City hospital and has begun to take food by mouth and talk with family members. Doctors have been surprised by his progress from a head wound that is usually fatal.

America spokesman Edwin Victoria said Silva, a midfielder, received a single gunshot wound in the buttocks, but did not offer more details surrounding the attack.

The two attacks appear to be unrelated.

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I saw on Oh No They Didn't where the OP added this: "WTF is going on?? the news say that it's come drug cartel that went after Cabanas and my guess is that some cartel is after America players." OMFG if that's true!

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