January 31st, 2010

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tyfyt and this is the end of the irrelevant post of the day.
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John Terry shitstorm round up.

Instead of creating various annoying posts about it i'm going to just gather up the new allegations, new statements, new news, etc etc.

apologies for the shamless Bridge/Terry jokes. but it is kind of compulsory.

omg how could i forget the


Fabio Capello will talk to Wayne Bridge and the England captain John Terry

• England manager to assess captaincy situation
• Senior players with club and country express disappointment

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Manchester City stars reveal "Team Bridge" t-shirts after win against Portsmouth

Three Manchester City players wore t-shirts with the words "Team Bridge" in support of Wayne Bridge during their victory over Portsmouth today.

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England captain John Terry got Wayne Bridge's girlfriend pregnant, and together they organized an abortion. 

• England Captain John Terry made his lover pregnant - then paid for her to have an abortion.

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Carlo Ancelotti gives support to troubled Chelsea captain John Terry

• 'No debate' about Terry standing down as captain, says Italian
• England skipper puts aside personal troubles to sink Burnley

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darcy doesn;t sparkle

appreciate :)

I don't know if anyone is aware, but yesterday was a big ass deal for Real Madrid. They actually won at Deportivo, a place where they haven't won a damn game for EIGHTEEN YEARS. As Kaka pointed out...

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I think thats worthy of a post on a non Madrid community personally.  We always always have trouble playing them, and the players were so, so happy.

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Your sporting moments of the weekend people?