January 29th, 2010


Mats Magnusson :: "Man of the match"

funny movements :) he was a great striker.

"At the Lisbon club, he developed as a top flight goal-poacher, winning two national leagues, and appearing at the European Cup finals in 1988 (lost to PSV Eindhoven in penalty kicks) and 1990 (losing to A.C. Milan). In 1989–90, even though Benfica lost to F.C. Porto in the league, Magnusson finished the competition's top scorer, at 33 goals. During his time with the reds, he shared team with countrymen Jonas Thern (1989–92), Stefan Schwarz (1990–94) and coach Sven-Göran Eriksson (1982–84, 1989–92)."

combing his hair!



Another controversial superinjunction was overturned today as the England captain John Terry emerged as the footballer who obtained a gagging order preventing the publication of allegations about his private life.

It follows the Trafigura affair in October, when an oil trading company tried to use a pre-existing superinjunction – which prevents even the existence of an injunction from being known – to stop the Guardian reporting a parliamentary question until the subsequent outcry forced Trafigura and their lawyers to back down.

Lawyers for Terry succeeded in applying for a high court injunction on Friday last week, having learnt that a Sunday newspaper – believed to be the News of the World – planned to write about his private life.

Under the terms of a superinjunction agreed by a high court judge on privacy grounds, newspaper groups were unable to reveal who had applied to stop the story coming out. But today the judge, Mr Justice Tugendhat, lifted the injunction altogether.

"I do not consider that an interim injunction is necessary or proportionate having regard to the level of gravity of the interference with the private life of the applicant that would occur in the event that there is a publication of the fact of the relationship, or that [the applicant] can rely in this case on the interference with the private life of anyone else," he said.

Although the judge did not name Terry in his order, the Guardian can reveal that he was the player who made the application.

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From The Telegraph

....Terry had had an extra-marital relationship with Vanessa Perroncel, a French-born underwear model who was until December the long-term girlfriend of Terry’s fellow England defender Wayne Bridge.

The newspaper had been expected to argue that revealing details of the affair was in the public interest as any fall-out between the players could affect team morale in the England camp and even influence team selection at this year’s World Cup.

Bridge, one of Terry’s closest friends and a team-mate at Chelsea FC until last January, is expected to be named in England’s World Cup squad by the manager, Fabio Capello, but news of the alleged affair will present him with a dilemma.

Sources close to Bridge say he is “in bits” after hearing about the alleged affair.

Capello may now come under pressure to strip Terry of the England captaincy if his off-the-field behaviour is affecting team matters.

Bridge, who until last January was also a team-mate of Terry at Chelsea FC, was one of his closest friends and lived a short distance from him in Oxshott, Surrey.

The Guardian

who even shops in Cricket

Coleen Rooney proved yet again that's she's well and truly the queen of the WAGs last night when she turned up at the Cricket Fashion Show party in Liverpool. Dressed in a floaty and flattering pastel frock, Coleen led a collection of WAGs out for the night, including Alex Curran, Claudine Keane and Amanda Carrington. Coleen has been training to get back in shape since giving birth to her and Wayne's son Kai, and last night a gust of wind flattened her dress to her body clearly showing off a trim flat tummy and narrow waist. The reality star has admitted before that her short height sometimes makes her appear chunkier than she is in photos, but we think she looks great here. She really puts the tackier WAGs in their place, doesn't she? (I dont think they mean Alex cos she's left them days behind her)

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i wonder who'll give him a lift to training?

Chelsea's Ashley Cole banned for speeding

Chelsea's Ashley Cole has been banned from driving for four months after speeding at 104mph in a 50mph zone.

The player, from Godalming, Surrey, was caught speeding in his Lamborghini on the A3 in Kingston, south-west London, just after midday on 17 November 2008.

Cole, who claimed he was being chased by paparazzi, was also fined £1,000 after being found guilty on 4 January.

Escaping the paparazzi cannot be a defence for speeding, the prosecution told Kingston Magistrates' Court.

The court heard that when stopped, Cole told police he was aware it was a 50mph zone and thought he was driving at 80mph but complained about a photographer following him.

Cole's lawyer Katherine Hodson had argued the player had no case to answer and claimed the speed gun might not have been operating properly.

Chairwoman of the magistrates Patricia Baskerville said: "We have taken into account Mr Cole's clean licence - however this was an incident of excessive speed, over twice the speed limit on the road and these were exceptional circumstances which we need to mark."

Cole, who was not in court, was warned he faces prison if caught driving while banned.

Ms Hodson said he was "regrettably" unable to attend as he was travelling in preparation for a game on Saturday.

Her attempt to get sentencing adjourned was rejected.

A £15 victim surcharge and £300 costs were added by the panel to "reflect his income".

A request that Cole be allowed 21 days to pay was greeted with laughter by magistrates, who granted it nonetheless.

Cole is thought to earn a six-figure weekly salary.

The player has immediately launched an appeal against the ban, which will be heard later.

i actually can't believe his lawyers asked for 21 days to pay the fine!

Just for lolz

The Top 10 John Terry scandals

Beleaguered England skipper John Terry could lose the armband over claims that he had an affair with the girlfriend of ex-team-mate Wayne Bridge.

It is far from the first time the Chelsea defender has been involved in press controversy. Here's a potted history...

1) If you see the car rocking, don't come knocking

In November 2005 Terry was accused of cheating on then-fiancee Toni Poole in a public car park.

Jenny Barker, 17, said the star sent her sexy texts after she asked for his autograph and later canoodled with her in his Bentley.

She said: "He smiled and put on sexy Luther Vandross music from a selection on a huge screen in the car. One thing led to another but we did not have sex. I didn't want to give in to him like I can imagine every other girl does."

Terry was claimed to have cheated on Poole with nine different women - including one fling with former porn star Karina Clarke.

He said before they married in 2007: "I really regret what I've done to Toni. I'm not going to cheat on her ever again."

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