January 22nd, 2010

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30 memebers of Haitian Football Federation & Team Dead.


Haitian football has not escaped the tragedy of last Tuesday's earthquake in the country, with 30 people associated with the Haitian Football Federation and national team confirmed dead by the organisation's president, Dr Jean Bart.

At the request of FIFA vice-president and CONCACAF president Jack Warner, a fact-finding mission was organised to discover the extent to which the country's football family had been affected by the disaster.

Captain Horace Burrell, the senior vice-president of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU), was met by an injured Dr Bart upon arrival in Haiti, with the HFF president revealing that there have been 30 confirmed deaths, while many players, coaches, referees and officials are still missing in the country's capital, Port-au-Prince.
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Xtina | Sweet like suga


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So to make this place a bit more awake I decided we should all have Skype chats every Friday. Now I know everyone is going to either be like WHAT IS SKYPE? I DON'T HAVE IT! I DON'T HAVE A MIC! ECT...

HERE is the place to download it. It literally takes 5 seconds.

It's very similar to MSN except imo it's better because it allows us to do voice calls with a whole group hence why I picked it over MSN.

You do not need a mic since most of the time we just do instant messaging but if you do have a mic then it will be awesome for the times we actually make voice calls.

If you're too shy to do a voice call you don't have to. You can actually just sit and listen to us lulz

If you're up for this then add katiekylie by searching under contacts and I will add you to the group. If you have trouble just tell me your skype username and I will add you instead.


P.S Skype also saves ALL messages so if you do not eject yourself out of the group [yes you can ex out the chat window and still be in it] then the next time you're on the whole convo that you missed will pop up and therefore you will be in the group all the time until you decide to eject.

Argentina: River is hopeful and Boca is lost


MAR DEL PLATA -- With a great performance in the second half, River Plate, with plenty of subs in the team, defeated Boca Juniors 3-1 and took home the first Superclásico of 2010, played in the José María Minella stadium.

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BUENOS AIRES -- Alfio Basile has resigned today as Boca Juniors' coach after 6 months in the team, without having achieved any titles and recently affected by the defeat against eternal rival River Plate.

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