January 20th, 2010

Dirk Luis

Why didn't Luis get one of these? :(

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Who are you if your best goal for Liverpool is scored in a friendly and celebrated by telling The Kop to shut up? Andriy Voronin.

Soccer AM is shite but this is boss...Andriy was just shite.

So everyone, what was your favourite Voronin moment?? Mine was probably his refusal to celebrate on the bench with Nando, that was amazing.

Voronin tag please! I want to do Voro watch in Russia.
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USA USA Deuce is gonna be OK!

Dear Clint. I love you and I wish you a speedy recovery. I am so fucking glad you will be back before the season ends and will not miss the World Cup. This post is for you. The Deuce's long overdue first picspam.

10 Reasons why you should love Clint Dempsey:
1. He's from Texas
2. He is a fancy footed artist
3. He plays for Fulham, no one really hates that team. (do they?)
4. He's tall
5. He scores big goals in big games. Like the one that kept his team from relegation and and the ones in the last 3 games of the Cunt Fed Cup.
6. He dedicates his goals to his sister who passed (RIP)
7. He likes Mexican food.
9. He's wife has a masters degree in psychology
10. He is a MOTHER FUCKING G, doesn't need to prove it but if you want it, he'll bust a rhyme

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uh oh

FA looks at Neville gesture.


The Football Association has confirmed it is "looking into" Gary Neville's one-fingered gesture towards Carlos Tevez during Tuesday night's Carling Cup semi-final at Eastlands.

United defender Neville was warming up on the touchline as Tevez began his celebrations following the first-half penalty that drew City level.

Tevez appeared to gesticulate towards Neville as if to say "shut it", in response to the Manchester United skipper's comments that Sir Alex Ferguson was correct to let the Argentina star leave Old Trafford last summer.

Neville's own reply, captured on camera, was of the one-fingered variety, which triggered more taunts from Tevez.

And on Wednesday morning the FA confirmed it will look at the matter before deciding whether to take any further action.

The FA wrote to Neville to warn him about his provocative celebration after Michael Owen had scored the winner when the two sides met in September and the United skipper could now find himself in more trouble after this latest incident.

huh, i thought the 'shut it' gesture was in response to rooney who said something to tevez right before he took the penalty

C'est officiel!

No more speculations, no more rumours.

Pep has extended his contract for the next year.
It's on the official website and even though i feel the need to write in CAPS, I'll keep it in!
Visca el Barça!!!!

Oh also, Keita is back and he might be able to replace Biscuits who's out for the weekend's game! Olé



Philipp Lahm is getting married!

According to this article, Lahm will be marring his girlfriend, Claudia, three days after the World Cup's final match (sorry for the crappy google translation):

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I thought they had broken up. Guess that means that I won't be able to marry him anymore :(
Anyway, I'm happy for both of them. Congrats Phil and Claudia!

Source: http://netplosiv.org/201039275/leute/promis/hochzeit-nach-10-jahren-philipp-lahm-und-seine-claudia