January 16th, 2010


Discover the new multimedia space and feel the Barça Experience like never before!

Discover the new multimedia zone in the Barca Museum and enjoy the Barca experience with all five senses!

A unique experience that lets you feel all the emotion and thrills of Barca via the latest technology. You can enjoy magic moments from the history of the club - from the heroes of the 6 Cup winning team to Kubala Cruyff and Ronaldinho.

Pep visited the museum.
Piqué and The Cockerel

Mini-Spam for Saturday

Hallo from Holland everyone! Ok, no, I lied...Not from Holland. We have a mini-picspam from yours truly! From the winning teams of today to...the not winning teams of today. All in all, we're all winners!

Collapse )

That's all for tonight folks, of course, you're more than welcome to add some wonderful pictures of your own teams. The more the merrier. If I ever get the Premier League channel, you could expect upcoming picspam of Arsenal and maybe Liverpool..>__> just maybe.