January 15th, 2010

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Real Madrid: The Hair Edition

"We at Real Madrid wish to express our solidarity and affection towards the people who are suffering in Haiti. There are many Brazilians in Haiti. Each and every one of us can help with his or her support. The world needs solidarity."

"Every Real Madrid player and the Club sympathises with Haiti's suffering. We send them our affection."

"Haiti's suffering is our own. We wish to send our most emphatic solidarity to everyone in Haiti."

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Babel doing a Darren Bent?

@RyanBabel: Hey people, I got some disappointing news, I m not travelling 2 Stoke.. The Boss left me out the squad. No explanation...

What happend after a first good season? Scoring 10 goals, being young talent of the year, and then second and this season don't play at all?

I can tell everybody, I have never had a argue or a fight with the manager... I always kept quiet... So for me its also a question

Where did it go wrong??? .. Well obv you have people who support me and don't support me.. That's all good.. I believe in myself..

And one day, you will see what I m capable off, will it be at LFC or somewhere else... I have faith...

And hey, I m not scared to share this with you guys.. Cause its the truth.. And there r no secrets.. !!!

In a football career you have ups and downs... Every player has them..

So the day will come def.. When I will do well everyday... ! So don't worry.. God is good, yes he is !

lmao this is hilarious, looks like he'll be off soon.
I can't say I'm disapointed, his attitude is awful.
Footballers really shouldn't be allowed twitter though, it never ends well.

a moment of your time:

As many of you know, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake a few days ago. Yet even before this catastrophe, this country was one of the most impoverished place in world -- garbage piled on the streets, houses stand partially finished, even a pre-school graduation was considered to be a real accomplishment. And now coupled with a major natural disaster, the situation in Haiti is both perilous and daunting.

Though we have our disagreements here on ontd_football there are world issues which unite us all.

Please consider some of the following ideas of how to help underneath the cut! (As to not clog your Friends' List).

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14th January 2010

CHELSEA ace Frank Lampard has lifted the lid on the secret toilet rituals of his skipper John Terry.

Frank, 31, told club magazine, Chelsea: “I know John likes to have a wee in the right hand side urinal.
“If I’m standing there ready to go and I see John coming up, I’ll move. You have to have your captain right for the game.”
Terry, 29, said: “When the dressing room was installed, for some reason I could only go there.”

Sergio NT

Say NO to Racism

Racial taunts against Inter Milan striker Mario Balotelli have prompted the Italian league to ban a section of Juventus fans from attending the next home game.

Juventus supporters sitting in the southern curve of the Stadio Olimpico for Wednesday's 3-0 Italian Cup win over Napoli chanted derogatory slogans about Balotelli during halftime.

An appeal over the stadium's public address system asking the fans to stop was ignored.

Last season, Juventus was ordered to play a home game without fans after abused Balotelli, who is of Ghanian descent.

The ban will take effect against AS Roma on Jan. 23. Juventus indicated it would not appeal the ban.

Last week, Balotelli was fined by the Italian league for mocking Chievo fans after racial taunts.


Serie A Sends Wrong Message

Pretty eye opening article about what Balotelli, and other minority players, have endured on and off the field. I wont post the whole thing bc it is really TL;DR but it is absolutely worth the read. It breaks my heart. :(