January 14th, 2010

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Jozy Altidore on Hati

Jozy's parents were born in Hati and he still has family and friends there. He also does charity work with the country. He spoke with CNN last night.

go to CNN to find ways to help

also (copied from ONTD)

United States
“Yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Foundation
“Haiti” to 85944 to donate $5 to Rescue Union Mission and MedCorp International
“Haiti” to 25383 to donate $5 to the International Rescue Committee
“Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross in the U.S.
Partners in Health needs surgeons, doctors, nurses and other medical personnel.
Unicef Donation Form
Donating Blood

“Haiti” to 45678 to donate $5 to the Salvation Army in Canada
“Yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Foundation
“Haiti” to 85944 to donate $5 to Rescue Union Mission and MedCorp International
“Haiti” to 25383 to donate $5 to the International Rescue Committee
List of organizations to donate to.

You can donate to Unicef or Oxfam via Visa Card
Red Cross
Help Haitian Chilren
Haiti Life

Please see this thread.

Projecthulp Haiti bank number

SMS "akut" to 72900 to donate 50kr to the Red Cross
SMS "STAR" to 72930 to donate 100kr to Hoppets Stjärna
SMS "FN" to 72900 to donate 50kr to Svenska FN-förbundet (same number as Red Cross)
More information
amy owl

well, boourns

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Redknapp charged with tax evasion

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp was accused of a £40,000 tax evasion today.

The 62-year-old Londoner voluntarily attended Bishopsgate police station in the capital to be charged by police, his solicitor said.

The move comes at the end of an exhaustive 26-month police and tax inquiry into alleged corruption in English football.

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said: "Henry (Harry) Redknapp, the former football manager of Portsmouth City (sic) Football Club, has today been charged with two counts of cheating the public revenue."

Ian Burton, Redknapp's solicitor, said: "Harry has co-operated fully with investigators during the course of this inquiry and is confident of a successful outcome to these court proceedings."
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the club already made their "we're sticking by him" announcement a few weeks back, fyi


Piqué: " If we win the Champions to Madrid I will feel a superorgasm "

The defensa of the Barça Gerard Piqué analyzes his personal situation, as well as that of the team in an interview to the magazine 'Interviu'. In it, the head office azulgrana confesses that of gaining earning the Champions in the Bernabéu against Real Madrid " I will feel a superorgasm "

 Self-seeker and assurance of yes same. This one is the image that Gerard Piqué leaves this week in the pages of 'Interview', in which he assures that he would sign " with the closed eyes " to win the Champions League. " It would be my third Champions, and if it raises we earn it in the Bernabéu and to Real Madrid, it will be fantastic, wonderful: I will feel a superorgasm ", confesses the azulgrana.

More at the
i get the same ol' dreams.

maybe everyone can stop being huge douchebags now.

Adebayor: Honest error wearing Arsenal shirt.

Manchester City forward Emmanuel Adebayor has revealed the reason behind him being photographed wearing an Arsenal shirt on Tuesday.

The former Gunners' striker was giving an interview following the gun attack on Togo's team coach in Angola last week, which resulted in the death of three people including Togo's assistant manager and press officer.

Media reports instead focussed on Adebayor's attire, with the Arsenal top he was wearing sparking a range of claims suggesting the forward could be returning to the Emirates Stadium, or that the pictures had been digitally modified.

However, Adebayor has admitted that the images were genuine, but that he simply had not realised what he was wearing.

"I realised this morning when I woke up that I was wearing an Arsenal shirt yesterday," he said. "What happened was that on the Angola border, we left all our baggage on the bus and ran away. So I had nothing to wear and the first person I asked gave me that shirt. I didn't even realise what I was wearing. Even yesterday, instead of going to my room to sleep I went to the wrong room. Everyone is confused about what happened. In our heads we don't know what we are doing."

The 25-year-old added that he and his fellow countrymen are still in shock following the attack in the Cabinda region of Africa Cup of Nations host Angola.

He will also take his time before returning to England, and to action with Roberto Mancini's side.

"I am sweating every day, and every day God makes," he said. "At the moment I can't eat, I am losing weight. It is very difficult for everyone. I will take my time and come back on the pitch at the right time. My boss and my team understand that, that is the most important thing. They know I need time to recover from this. It is difficult because my personal press officer died in my hands, that is the worst image I have had in my life."

"He passed away in my hands. It is very difficult."


so, like, he was involved in a real tragedy, but THANK GOD he had time to clarify why he was wearing a certain shirt. jesus christ, this makes me speechless with fury at the human race.

awards stuff

Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov has been named Bulgaria's Footballer of the Year for a record sixth time, the national football union (BFU) said on Thursday.

The 28-year-old Bulgaria captain eclipses Hristo Stoichkov who picked up the prize five times between 1989-94.

Berbatov, who won the Premier League title and reached the Champions League final with the Red Devils in 2009, claimed 218 points in a poll of sports journalists.

Aston Villa captain Stilian Petrov was a close second with 211 points and Terek Grozny midfielder Blagoy Georgiev came third on 103


Well done Berba? Please carry on your insane runs and your epic scoring rate for us yeah? You might beat Messi next year for Baloon D'or :-D
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Real Madrid To Pay Ruben De La Red Disability Pension

Real Madrid look to have accepted that De La Red will not be able to return to football...

In what will come as a huge setback to Real Madrid youth product Ruben De La Red's chances of someday returning to playing football, Real Madrid are set to consider the young midfielder as an indefinite absence. Los Blancos will pay the player a disability pension of €1,500 a month instead of the remaining two years of his professional contract, reports Spanish sports daily Marca.

The youngster's course of action remains unknown as, unwilling to accept his permanent retirement from the game because of a heart condition, De La Red could pursue legal arbitration against his club to prevent an end to his playing career.

De La Red has undertaken a multitude of tests, but they've yet to show anything conclusive with respect to a cardiac ailment. This is the condition which is thought to have led to the former Getafe player fainting on the pitch in a Copa del Rey match last season and has ruled him out of play ever since.

The young midfielder was a hugely promising prospect out of the Real Madrid youth system, and was included in Spain's championship-winning Euro 2008 squad before his illness struck.
He had also become a valuable squad member in Los Blancos' all-star first team.


What does everyone think? Are RM right in basically telling Ruben he won't be playing again..or are they justifying their decision by at least paying him? Albeit not what he would have gotten if he was still playing..


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darcy doesn;t sparkle

Another RM post but this is funny ok?

Someone got up on the wrong side of bed recently, and the journalist sure as hell felt their wrath. No wonder they had Shabby take the reins today :)

Excerpt/Translation taken from Kickette

Journalist: A lot of people find it strange that an injury like you had, (bruising) has taken so long to recover from.

Guti: That to me is a ridiculous question. I do not have to respond to that. You have to be a doctor! If you do not believe it, you only need look at my scans to see the bruising I had and that is that. Nothing more. I do not have to give you any kind of explanation.

I am a footballer with a duty to serve Real Madrid and I want to always play. If I do not play, it is because I am injured. You can believe it or not but those that don’t can go and pick poppies in a field!

Journalist: Do you have a clear conscience that you did all that you could to recover properly?

Guti: Does it look to you like I haven’t been sleeping well?

Journalist:I don’t see you sleep.

Guti: Do I look like I have bags under my eyes or a tired face? What about you? When you go to sleep, do you have a clear conscience about your job?

Journalist Totally.

Guti: Yep, me too!

I think you've been a total tool recently Guti but this made me lol a significant amount. They were kinda asking for it tbh.

EDIT: Xabi was forced to talk about Liverpool again in today's presser. Because ppl might be interested:

"Liverpool's elimination from the Cup is the result of many dofferent factors coming together. They aren't having a great season and they will have to analyse why. I can't really tell what's happening to them from a distance. The season is very long and they are the ones who have to solve their own problems."

Ouch. I guess someone else is sick of having to answer stupid questions too. From here.

enough spanish posts. oh wait

Safe for now, but Liverpool will review Benetiz's position at the end of the season

(aint got enough charm to have Fergie Time sry2say)

Liverpool have not altered their view that Rafael Benítez is the man to revive their fortunes despite yesterday's dismal FA Cup defeat to Reading, but will review his position at the end of the season.

The manager's task of delivering the top-four finish that would save his job was made more difficult when Steven Gerrard, Yossi Benayoun and Fernando Torres all returned to the treatment table, the latter with a withering attack on the club's owners.

Torres's absence for six weeks will be the most damaging blow to Benítez, whose long-term future at Anfield is in serious doubt after the Championship strugglers inflicted the latest humiliation in a season in which the club have suffered early exits from the Champions League, the Carling Cup and now the FA Cup, and failed to challenge for the league title.

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source: guardian