January 4th, 2010


Transfer Drama-Rama: So who do we believe?

Looks like either Arsene Wenger or Marouane Chamakh are being economical with the truth with both stating the exact opposite of the other.

Chamakh has been quoted today saying

“Even though Arsenal are pressurising me to join them this month, I will take my time and I am going to finish my season with Bordeaux.
“There is also interest from Sevilla and Inter Milan.”

Well that cannot be any clearer, he categorically states Arsenal are pressurising him to join them this month.

Wenger for his part has said

“He could (sign a pre-contract agreement) but there is nothing concrete at all between us and Chamakh.
“He is completely free at the end of the year and I have not been in touch with his agent at all. It came up in June and it’s true I wanted to take him but since we have had no contact at all.”

Again cannot be any clearer and to repeat what Wenger said “we have had no contact at all.”

So someone is lying its as simple as that.

However it is nothing unusual in football especially when it comes to transfer related issues but the question to be asked is what do Arsenal fans think of this.

Do they believe their coach who says no contact has been made at all or the young French player who says Arsenal are pressuring him to join them this month.

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Also, I had to find an excuse to post this epic beauty I came across while looking for highlights of the Arsenal-West Ham Game. Enjoy!

p.s. first post!
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Marco Materazzi is coming to the States to insult your sister

It seems Marco has come to terms with not being picked for Italy's WC squad this summer. Since he will not have the opprotunity to tell world class footballers he wants to "have" their sister, he has decided tour the U.S.. Word has it that he will insult your sister and let you headbutt him for a small fee; pictures are extra.

Story from here

MILAN - Italian defender Marco Materazzi, who scored in the 2006 World Cup final before being headbutted by Zinedine Zidane, will not even watch this year's tournament after deciding to go on a touring holiday around America.

The 36-year-old, who rarely features in Inter Milan's defence, has no chance of making Marcello Lippi's squad for South Africa and is not interested in seeing his compatriots try to defend their title.

"I know where I'll be on June 11, the first game of the World Cup - in my motor home travelling around America.

"I won't watch the tournament, the timings won't work out," he told La Repubblica newspaper on Monday

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2 German-related posts in 2 days? Is this real life?

[01] Joachim Low will play it safe for 2010

"I won't call up anybody who has not been playing regularly for their side in the months building up to the [World Cup]," Low said. "That is something I have learned from Euro 2008. This is going to be a World Cup which will be played at a very high pace."

It seems Mr. Low only called up Metzelder due to his past reputation within the team instead of his playing time (or lack there of) at Real Madrid. Metzelder has said that he does not expect Real Madrid to renew his contract or appear in the German National Team for 2010. "One has to be realistic; I do not think Madrid will renew my contract," confessed the German. "I have lived two and a half years here and I do not think that it is appropriate for me to speak, not now and not in the months that come, of my situation with the club".  "I have spoken very little with Joachim Low recently and I don't think I play a very big role in his plans'' revealed Metzelder.

As for Kevin, Low had this to say: "Kevin took the decision to leave the team prematurely back then against Russia and he knew of the consequences. We have a clear line that I will not be budging from. Nevertheless, I am happy that things are going so well for him at Schalke right now." For those of you that don't remember what happened here, we have achieved special footage of what happened that night, thanks to one Oliver Pocher.

this basically means any hope of these two appearing in the World Cup..

Maybe we'll see you guys on the stands?
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[02] Mesut Ozil (also) on top of the Bundesliga

Ozil (Werder Bremen) has been voted by his fellow league teammates as the best player of the first half in the Bundesliga season. Ozil obtained 38.1% of a vote held by Kicker magazine in which 228 Bundesliga players were asked their opinion on who had made the biggest impact over the first four months of the campaign. Stefan Kiessling (Bayer Leverkusen) came in second with 22.9% of the vote while Ze Roberto (Hamburg) with 9.6% of the vote.

Rene Adler (Bayer Leverkusen) was voted the league's best goalkeeper with 34.7% of the votes and Thomas Tuchel (Mainz) was named the best coach with 36.5% of votes.

Joachim Low has stated that Ozil has already become an important part of Germany's 2010 World Cup campaign. "He is already important for us and he is going to get even more important," said Low. "To have such a player at his age is a stroke of luck."

Congrats to all the winners!
mods, is there any way to have an Mesut O.Ozil tag or something of that sort?
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[03] Poldi can't find passport, makes pilot wait for 40 minutes

When boarding at Terminal D20 for the "Sunexpress" flight to Antalya XQ727 Poldi was not allowed on board. The Reason: Lukas didn't have his passport!
"My son must have played with them, the passport was not in the wallet."
(Your son must have played with them? Poldi - you have to come up with a better excuse than that. )

Fortunately, the travel document was brought to the Cologne airport. Just in time. Well if you consider 40 minutes late as just in time.
Source [1]

..because Michael Ballack needs to keep updated on his German teammates somehow.

trouble in cashley land

Chelsea player Ashley Cole guilty of speeding at 104mph

Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole has been found guilty of driving at 104mph in a 50mph zone in south-west London.

The player, from Godalming, Surrey, was caught speeding in his Lamborghini on the A3 in Kingston just after midday on 17 November 2008.

Cole, who was not present in court, had claimed he was being chased by paparazzi and denied the charge.

Kingston Magistrates' chairwoman Judith Jewell warned he may be banned from driving when sentenced on 29 January.

The court heard that, when stopped, Cole told police he was aware it was a 50mph zone and thought he was driving at 80mph but complained about a photographer following him.
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what a complete idiot
also it seems like this took an awful long time to go to court :/
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Football Rankings 1/4/10

Most Points
Twente (Eredivisie) - 47 points

Fewest Points
Hertha BSC (Bundesliga) - 6 points

Biggest Lead
Girondins de Bordeaux (Ligue 1) - 9 points

Smallest Lead
Bayer Leverkusen (Bundesliga) - 1 point

Closest to Danger
West Ham United (Premier League) - tied with 18th place
Le Mans (Ligue 1) - tied with 18th place
VfB Stuttgart (Bundesliga) - tied with 16th place
Willem II (Eredivisie) - tied with 16th place

Farthest From Safety
Hertha BSC (Bundesliga) - 10 points fewer than 15th place

English Premier League
Spanish Primera División
Italian Serie A
French Ligue 1
German Bundesliga
Dutch Eredivisie
Scottish Premier League
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~*African Post*~

 In 6 days, the African continent will witness one of its most important competitions:


In preparation for the competition a couple of friendlies are being held.....

In this post

1) we will have the entire schedule till the 9th of January....
2) we will take a look back at some nation's cup soundtracks as we introduce this year's soundtrack... 
3) there is a lack of pictures on the web so this post is filled with vids...(my advice is take some time out to enjoy the African beats of this post...)
4) sorry for the watermarks... refer to point (3) to understand y.....

Mohamed Zidan (who bundesliga fans are probably familiar with) is... well i just love looking at his face... 

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