December 25th, 2009


Liverpool want 'placenta doctor' Marijana Kovacevic to move to Anfield

According to the Daily Mail, manager Rafa Benitez has been so impressed by the treatment she gave to the likes of Alberto Aquilani, Albert Rieira and Yossi Benayoun that he wants to give her a job at Anfield.

This, the Spaniard feels, would be beneficial to all as it means his injured players would not have to travel for treatment.

However, it seems Kovacevic would prefer a less exclusive deal that allows her to work with other teams as well.

Liverpool midfielder Benayoun is certainly a fan, and said: "There were no animal parts used and no injections.

"The doctor has treated a lot of players and seems to be held in very high regard. She explained everything to me beforehand and told me she would be using fluid from a placenta that had come from a woman.

"Nothing went into the muscle itself. It was just a case of massaging the liquid on to the skin around the affected area. It meant I was able to play again within a fortnight and help the team at an important time.

"I never envisaged being on the pitch again so soon, and it shows what can be done with this treatment."

you'll never birth alone

I bet after she moves here the placentas will become injured and start asking for a pay raise.

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"I was always a little bit afraid of Santa Claus. There was a natural respect for the man with the deep voice, when he came to our house."
-- Michael Ballack

I'm guessing this will obviously be a slow news day, so instead let's discuss what you guys got for Christmas? Or how Micha isn't afraid of referees but is afraid of the man in red. Either way, I hope that today and the New Year brings tidings and good. . .stuff. I love you all, and Happy Holidays!
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December 25th, 2009

sorry i have been MIA lately!! i still love you all

let's do a Christmas giveaway!

first lurker who comes out and posts a comment about what they're doing over the holidays will get laid -- oops typo, i mean a paid account!!!

and since we are in the lovin' holiday spirit, comment with something nice about the person before you to be entered in a draw for a footi scarf of your choice, delivered straight to your doorstep!!!

(oh and specify who you're referring to in your new comment just in case there is overlapping)

that's all. be safe and responsible and enjoy your night