December 24th, 2009

  • teenny

3 events. 1 post

I'm not going to make 3 post. So here is one big one.

1st: Catalunya v. Argentina

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2nd: Champions for Africa

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3rd: Christmas crap
I know exactly what you are thinking

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Nina Dobrev
  • arooj

United players visiting a children's hospital..

Several Manchester United's stars, including strikers Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen visited a children's hospital in Manchester on Wednesday.

The club's support has also helped raise 80,000 pounds for parental accommodation for parents visiting their sick children at the centre.

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picture this:

I'm watching movies with my hard of hearing grandmother, she doesn't understand a lick of English but loves watching them (or...she hasn't said anything about them...) so we settled on watching "The Santa Clause 2" where he has to get married before blah, blah, blah.

POINT IS, Eric Lloyd made me choke on my drink because

He looks a LOT like Cesc Fabregas

Feel free to delete this, as it has nothing to really do with Arsenal/Football in general.
Happy Holidays, everybody!

Moving on, to the examples, shall we?

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