December 23rd, 2009

Bojan wished a happy Christmas surrounded with sharks

Bojan Krkic has been the personage chosen by the Aquarium of Barcelona to plunge in the tank where also they live the sharks and to congratulate the Christmas, beside transmitting a solidary message.

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[FOOTBALL] harry and timmy


I have been staring at these photos for the last 7 hours in an attempt to forget that I'm still at work on Christmas Eve Eve, and unfortunately, will be doing it all again tomorrow boo hoo woe is me call the waaaaahmbulance. Anyway, I thought I'd share, because everyone loves Harry, right?

He has been the face of Politix, an Australian menswear label, for the last 18 months or so, and these photoshoots make my life a better place.

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OH! Also, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays, whatever you're celebrating! I stumbled across this comm and all its lovely members in about April this year, and you have kept me up to date and so so entertained ever since then :D I hope you all wake up to find this man putting presents underneath your tree, if you know what I mean heheheh.


ETA: Sorry hotlinkers stole all my bandwidth, they will get a lump of coal in their stockings on Christmas morning!!

Burley sacked, Levein appointed new Scotland manager

Former Dundee United manager Craig Levein has been confirmed as the new Scotland national coach by the Scottish Football Association.
Levein, 45: "As a proud Scotland fan, it is a dream come true to take charge of the national team.
"I very much enjoyed my time at Dundee United, and would like to thank the players, backroom staff, supporters, directors and chairman."

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In short form, Burley was sacked after Wales defeated Scotland 3-0 and Levein says his main aim is for Scotland to qualify for Euro 2012

Nina Dobrev
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Captain Honest Votes for..

John Terry has been closely scrutinised after a Page Ranking blunder that saw the England captain being hawked around for sponsorship and tabloid newspaper allegations that he was involved in charging for tours of Chelsea’s training ground.

Now he has displayed a serious lapse in footballing judgment - by voting for Michael Ballack as the second best player in the world! To make matters worse for Terry, he later showed that he did not even know who he had voted for by claiming he had picked Lionel Messi as No 1 - when, in fact, he opted for Didier Drogba. At least Terry’s club loyalty is admirable.

Despite his Messi claim, records show that Terry rated Ballack’s contribution to football over the last 12 months (four Barclays Premier League goals and one for Germany) to be greater than that of the Barcelona star.

The German has been in and out of the Chelsea team this season, and his contribution could hardly be described as significant.
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