December 20th, 2009

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And so it begins...

Report: Manchester United To Make £50m Double Swoop For Valencia Duo Silva And Villa

English Premier League champions Manchester United are plotting an audacious £50m bid for Valencia’s exciting attacking duo of David Silva and David Villa.

The Spanish international pairing have been regularly linked with a move to Old Trafford since the summer, but in the end both players remained at the Mestalla and have been in good form in La Liga this season.

However, Los Che’s financial difficulties are well documented and it is likely both Silva and Villa will be sold in January in order to balance the books.

The Daily Telegraph comments that United boss Sir Alex Ferguson sees Silva as the long-term replacement to veteran Ryan Giggs, while Villa is regarded among the top strikers in European football.

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid seemed set to land Villa in the close season but Los Blancos instead opted for Karim Benzema while the Blaugrana signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Ferguson has watched his side lose to both Aston Villa and Fulham in the past week, and is desperate to boost his squad for a title push in the second half of the season, to stay in touch with current leaders Chelsea.

Paul Macdonald,


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This is my confession...

  so my feelings towards this guy where like awww cute, loved him at first (early days even with the weird frizzy hair and zits- i admit ) but then i was like i ttly love that egocentric b@st*rd secretly (i have a thing for that sort of guys) then i was like omg i h8 him, then i cried (seriously) when he joined the club in the summer  thinking he is going to turn my team into ummmm..... well i dunno wat the word is but its horrible and then now am like i LOVE him... but i guess i love him now for all that his doing for the club and well,
under the cut is an article shamelessly stolen and 2 vids.....  please feel free to add ur fave pics, gifs (to steal) and fave vids too...   but to start i present one of his favorite songs: Collapse )

$rs $unday (tl;dr if you're not into newspapers)

Big Guns Are Aiming for Arsenal

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i'd much rather have kroenke than usmanov if i was an arsenal fan. i'm not a huge kroenke fan, but he's less sketchy imo.

andddd, on the manchester city fun times:

Money can buy talent, but it cannot buy time.

On the last weekend before Christmas, Barcelona completed its full set of trophies in 2009 by winning the Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. It took a goal from Lionel Messi, who was nurtured in the Barça academy from adolescence, to score the winner in overtime.

Back in Europe, the two clubs that between them have spent, or squandered, $750 million trying to buy rapid success, went their different ways. Real Madrid overwhelmed Zaragoza, 6-0, in the Spanish league in the Santiago Bernabéu to show that its glittering individuals can, given time, gel.
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source, bustedflush pointed me to this
the fans are so screwed in this situation, as are the players who care about more than the money :/
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This is a kind of late/goodbye post. I'll be off doing Holiday themed things and sharing a house with two religious young adults (Kaka not included...sadly.) SO, this is the best way I can say goodbye (for now)


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What's YOUR favorite Crackovia video?

Bayern's winter transfers

This is a HUGE Bayern Munich post.

Happy times for Luca and Franck:

But now...

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How could I have forgotten this? Not a surprise at all, but still:

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In my opinion:

1. Any idea of who might be buying Luca? I don't mean to be cruel, but he's not the striker he used to be, and I wouldn't take him unless he's in a free transfer.
2. Yes, please! That would be awesome for Schweini's career.
3. Hell no! Lahm, if you join Manchester City, I will never acknowledge you again.
4. Ribery won't last until summer, he'll be leaving us this winter. The only reason why Bayern might keep him til summer is because they hope he'll have an awesome WC and he's price will rise.
5. We should have chosen him instead of Van Bommel :(
6. This sucks! I really wanted Baumjohann to succeed at Bayern.
7. I hope Klinsi finds a new team to coach.
8. It seems like most our transfers have failed to impress. E.g. left back position: we had an amazing left back (Lahm), and still, we bought two players for that position (Pranjic and Braafheid)and none for the right. Now, our amazing left back sucks as right back, and the left back position is being filled by Badstuber. And the only reason why Pranjic is playing is because he's in Ribery's (who's been injured for almost the whole season) position. This club is insane!

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