December 15th, 2009





The presentation of the logo was held by the president of the UEFA, Michael Platini, and heads of the football federations of Ukraine and Poland, Hryhorii Surkis and Gzegoz Liato.

The logo is an inflorescence consisting of a large football in a frame of smaller flowers: a red-white and a blue-yellow.

There also were President Viktor Yuschenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, and other top-officials on the Mykhailivska Square at the presentation.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, on December 11, the UEFA finally approved Lviv, Kharkiv, and Donetsk as the cities to host Euro 2012 matches, and Kyiv as the city to host finals of Euro 2012.
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combing his hair!

This is an Aladdin...I mean Sergio Ramos....Post

Sergio Ramos posed as Aladdin for the Ana Rosa Calender. He graces us for the whole month of June. Sara Carbonero (Remember her and Iker rumors from Confed Cup?) is Jasmine and Luis Rollán poses as the Genie.

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For all the Eva Gonzalez lovers, she's Cinderella for the month of May, and looks gorgeous

Mexico's goalkeeper wants our help.


Mexican goalkeeper Memo Achoa needs 20 thousand followers on Facebook before the 20th of December to help children with hearing disabilities. His movement is called "Que todos los ninos eschucen el gol" (Let all the children hear the goal) and is aimed to help donate batteries for hearing aids that will benefit 10,00 children to improve their quality of life.


This post was brought to you by:

Memo Ochoa and his friends; Andres Guardado and Gio Dos Santos.
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Eritrean footballers disappear, may seek asylum

From the Guardian:

Eritrean footballers disappear after international match in Kenya

Twelve members of national side go missing and presumed to be hiding in bid to escape authoritarian regime in Asmara

A dozen members of Eritrea's national football squad have disappeared in Kenya after the team was knocked out of a regional tournament.

They are presumed to have joined the tens of thousands of Eritreans who flee their country each year to escape an increasingly paranoid and repressive regime. The disaffection is particularly strong among young people who face decades of open-ended national service once they leave school.

The players absconded after losing their quarter-final match 4-0 to Tanzania in the annual CECAFA tournament for east and central African nations.

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darcy doesn;t sparkle


This isn't a srs bzns post by any means. I just thought that if I had to see it, then so should you. God knows, I know a few of you crazy bitchaz are gonna find this attractive...

Um, LEO?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Via Kickette Twatter.

Unwatermarked images (if you are that way inclined), in the comments thanks to moemoe703703 .
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since nobody was going to post this...


say happy birthday to our center back from Slovakia!

Škrtel joined Liverpool on 11 January 2008 on a four-and-a-half year contract for a transfer fee of £6.5 million.On completion of the deal, Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez said of Škrtel:

"He is aggressive, quick, is good in the air and I think he's a very good player for the future and also for the present. He is very competitive, but his mentality for me is very good".

i tottaly agree!


You Don't Make the Saints Angry.

This is a video from the match Real Madrid vs Valencia at Mestalla. Our pure saint Iker Casillas was training I'm guessing before the match (don't speak Spanish, so if I say anything :| then correct me!) as Valencia fans from behind him starting shouting insults at him. Well, as countless stories from the Bible has told us time and time again - DON'T. ANGER. THE. SAINTS. Iker also responded, with not the most beautiful words in the Spanish dictionary.

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barcelona; abi's hips don't lie

Ray Hudson's weekly Zlatansqueeing.

I know this is an older video (this year's Clasico), but many of you chicas made comments about wishing to watch the game on GolTV with our lovely Ray Hudson. Here, I have the video of Zlatan's goal and his reaction.

He has not failed us, ladies. It's still hilarious as hell.

Also, doesn't anyone else get really annoyed by the other commentator guy? Then again, anyone who is next to Ray can't possibly be classed any further than "mediocre".

PS. Yes, he does say "The Magnificent Nose has done it again".

Some hotties in a row

David Beckham takes his boys on a bike ride

aw, they are looking like such a lovely&happy family, aren't they?

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Dominquez is a new Valencia player or "we're gonna miss you :("

Argentinian striker Alejandro 'Chori' Dominguez, 28, from Russian Rubin Kazan undergoes a checkup as new player of Valencia soccer team.
Valencia lovers aka supporters, please take care of him 'cuz you will like him and he's good.

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And just a bit of Gerard Pique's chinese part

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I'm not a big club coach, but now I can have David Villa for a whole year to use.

where and when to buy him