December 13th, 2009

  • teenny

Tragedy! Pepe tears ACL, out for 6 months.

I feel so fucking bad for him :( Get well soon Pepe.

“Pepe is irreplaceable; there is no one like him on the market. We will assess the situation on Monday to see what steps the club might take.”

“Pepe has a torn cruciate ligament. The rest of the knee structure including the other ligaments, meniscus, etc, are not affected. He will have surgery next week and should take an estimated six months to recover.”

“If we do the math, it will be quite hard for him to make it to the World Cup, but what we are mostly concerned about is that he makes a full rcovery and that the knee stabilizes. He has plenty of years of football left in him.”

“As you can imagine, he is very upset. Even on Saturday we believed it might be a tear, so we told him that that was a likely diagnosis in order to prepare him for the worst, but he bore the brunt of the bad news. He is very upset as you would expect.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike

Many kids from Holland would like to look like Cristiano Ronaldo (many kids from other countries as well, I guess). Here is just a selection of Cristiano Ronaldo lookalikes. Which one you do think is the best?

Other (also non Cristiano Ronaldo) lookalikes can you see here

If you know people that look like a famous soccer player, please mail your pics to anton[at]doordebenen [dot]nl

Footie weekend in pics or "Feast of faces"

So another footie weekend has passed by. Today's theme is: I make faces coz I CAN!
Warning: the product includes traces of Tevez and two drops of La Liga

Od footie weekend in pics
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barcelona; abi's hips don't lie

there's no business like show business there's no business i know.

We all know our Nando is a bit of a show business whore. Adverts, music videos, TV series, talk shows, you name it..but did you know he also appeared as a cameo in a Spanish movie? Here he is in the 2005 film Torrente 3: El Protector, saving the day as usual doing by doing what he does best with his Twinkle Toes.

..and now for something completely different. TRANSLATED CRACKOVIA DUDE IS BACK!

*brb laughing me knickers off* Pep is so brilliant.