December 6th, 2009

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Allez au France, S'il Vous Plait...

Maintenant, nous parlons de Ligue 1!

Right, so not many people outside of France really follows Ligue 1. It’s often considered more “defensive” and thus less entertaining, but is that really true? No, it most certainly not! Allow me to remind you that PSG put up five goals last weekend!

anyway, on to the fun.

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This is a Brazilian Serie A post!

So, today is the last round of the Campeonato Brasileiro. The Brazilian Serie A is extremely competitive, so much so that there's still no champion yet and the relegation zone hasn't been set. Four teams will be competing for the title today, so fans all over are going to be losing their shit. And speaking of the fans, that's who I wanted to share stuff about today.

Flamengo, the most popular team in Brazil, is the leader in the standings at the moment and is prime to win their first championship since 1992. The have a whopping 35 million supporters and boast higher shirt sales than Real Madrid. All of us non-Flamengo fans are cringing right now, but the Flamenguistas? Just look what they've been up to.

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you'll never injured alone

More injury worry for Wenger
Rosicky, Traore, Eboue and Gallas pick up knocks in Stoke win

omg injuries! DNW!

Arsene Wenger was left counting the cost of his Arsenal side's 2-0 win over Rory Delap FC Stoke with injuries to more members of his squad.

Tomas Rosicky, Armand Traore and Emmanuel Eboue all limped out of the game while William Gallas was left hobbling late on with what appeared to be a hamstring problem.

Add to that the absence of Eduardo who pulled out of the Potters match late on with a pulled muscle and Wenger is left facing more injury problems ahead of Wednesday's UEFA Champions League game with Olympiakos.

The Gunners boss admitted after the Stoke game he was hoping for good news when the casualties from the match are assessed on Sunday.

"Hopefully we will have good news tomorrow," Wenger said. "Eboue and Eduardo have muscle problems. It is too early to say whether (Eduardo) will be back next week."

However, the Gunners boss expects better news from other members of his wounded squad.

"Theo Walcott should be back and available for Wednesday along with (Abou) Diaby while (Alexandre) Song will return after suspension so we should have two or three players back."


So the injury list is getting longer and the news just keep popping out like cold drinks out of a vending machine. And while Arsenal FC are having striker crisis (they only have ONE fit striker, sexican Carlitos Vela), Manchester United FC are having problems at the back four. They finished yesterday's match with Gary Neville and Wes Brown limping out of the match; and a makeshift back four consists of of Darren Fletcher, Michael Carrick, Patrice Evra and Ryan Giggs. [sauce]

And I knew Everton FC have thin, nay, anexorialy-sized thin squad atm. And don't let me start on Liverpool FC. Nando's injury is equivalent to half of the Lpool's total injuries.

So what about other clubs? What about your club? Wanna fills in who has been out injured (or worse, elope with the treatment table) in your club? Wanna compare who has the longest injury list?

It'll be umm (not) good to know other clubs are rocking the injury news too - so the very next time someone moaning about "OMG my team is so fucked up, there are too many injuries! WOES" we can keep in mind that other clubs have the same crisis too. (or at least in my case, I knew that my teams are not the only ones that fucked up)

SO LET'S TALK ABOUT INJURIES (and weep together)

ETA : thanks to serpent_849, here's a nice site for injuries comparison. With Arse's new additional injuries, looks like Arsenal & Everton are joint-winner loser with the total 11 injured players.

this post is brought to you by Azza Ramsey who scored his 2nd League goal

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Serie a round up pt. II

So this is going to be brief as I'm sick and supposed to be studying for tomorrow's final. Anyways, this is what the table now looks like after all the matches are complete:
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As you can see, it's not a runaway just yet. There have been some surprises already and Serie A is known for its ~drama~ so anything can happen.

I made a small spam with just the scorers. Please enjoy?

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Thanks folks! If people are interested I'll keep doing this. :)
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This is an African Post!

COCAN Angola 2010

Unlike the Euro/World Cup/etc, the African Cup of Nations is held every two years...

in 2008 the competition was held in Ghana and Egypt were crowned Champions....

in 2006 it was in Egypt and Egypt were crowned champion's too...

This year it is going to be in Angola and eventho Egypt are fravorites some of us feel maybe someone one else should carry the trophy, say..... NIGERIA!!!

So now that we have established the fact that i am so biased, lets get right down to business.....

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billy liar

an interview with jermain defoe and some pictures from today's match

Everybody wants to know the same thing from Jermain Defoe. “People say, ‘Go on, what’s the difference between this season and previous seasons’?” he says with a grin. Just as goals are rocketing in from all angles for the little striker, so answers to the big question arrive from all directions. He is stronger and sharper than ever, the result of a new gym regime that includes boxing training. His finishing skills are being honed by Clive Allen and Les Ferdinand, two former strikers who coach for Tottenham.

The alleged street murder of his half-brother, Jade, and death of a beloved grandmother, has left Defoe determined “to make sure something good happens for my family this year”. And then there is the World Cup. Infamously omitted from England’s squad for the 2006 finals by Sven-Göran Eriksson, Defoe wants to leave Fabio Capello no choice but to take him to South Africa in 2010. “It [the World Cup] has got me massively pumped,” Defoe says. “It’s probably the main reason I’m playing so well and working so hard in training. You want to impress the manager and get on the plane.”

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sauce for interview

at the moment I am an odd combination of ecstatic and butthurt. Butthurt because of today's draw and ecstatic because 1) the Miami Dolphins (mah boysssss) just beat those goddamned Patriots in ~~~handegg~~ and 2) it was Tim Howard who made all those saves and, well, let me just copy-paste what The Guardian wrote about the penalty: England then faced USA and the USA won. (WHATEVER, I LAUGHED)

I was bored.....

So i was really bored and decided to make a short video of our some random soccer players
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click play then click watch video


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No La Liga post today?

So I know most of the La Liga games have been played already today but I have the second half of Villareal v Getafe on Sky Sports and Athletic Bilbao v Valencia starts in about half an hour so I figured I might as well bring in a La Liga post in case anyone wants to spam ...

3:00 EST / 8:00 GMT / 9:00 CET Athletic Bilbao v Valencia

Stream links: Rojadirecta, Iraq Goals, MagedTVFootball Streaming, Atdhe, MyP2P