December 5th, 2009


Oh ffs

Fernando Torres was today ruled out of Liverpool's visit to Blackburn Rovers despite returning to training after a groin injury.

The No.9 was back on the Melwood training pitch with his teammates this week but is not 100 per cent and won't be in the squad to face Sam Allardyce's men.

Rafa Benitez told "He has been training with the team - not full training sessions but part of them. He's doing well but he will not be ready for this game.

"He could be ready for Fiorentina. He was doing some exercises with the team and with the football but it's too soon.

"Maybe next week it will be easier."

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Premier Leeeeeeeeegue


07:45 EST/12:45 GMT Portsmouth v Burnley
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Arsenal v Stoke City
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Aston Villa v Hull City
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT West Ham v Manchester United
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Wigan Athletic v Birmingham
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Wolves v Bolton
12:30 EST/17:30 GMT Manchester City v Chelsea

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Esteban Granero talks about the other side of his life: his role as a psychology student (He is on his third year, that's hot). In this article featured on El País he talks about academic life, emotional side of being a footballer and his aspirations. Pretty fantastic article and not only if you're interested on El Pirata.

Esteban Granero: "The mental aspect is a little bit forgotten in football"

Esteban Granero walks through the lawn of the Universidad Camilo José Cela without any of his groupmates, sitting under the pine trees, turning to look at him. The beard of a bored samurai, jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes, beatnik sunglasses and dishevelled hair. He enters the library of the Psychology Faculty and looks on his books with concentration. There are four other students too busy to be distracted. He opens a textbook of Applied Psychology and turns the pages with delight. Except for his exceptionally wide shoulders, he could go unnoticed as a library rat. Madrilenian, 22 years old last July, he's on his third year of psychology. However, it is easier seeing him on the grass at the Bernabéu. This evening, against Almería, he will play as Real Madrid's offensive midfielder.

"I used to study in the Complutense, but it was very hard for the teachers to understand my situation and allow me to miss some of the classes", he says. You can hear many top level sportsmen fighting to combine their studies with proffesional sports in Spain complaining about this. The system conspires against them. Few universities value their efforts by giving them opportunities. But there are exceptions: "Here all the teachers help me. I meet them one by one. We fix a date for the exam and I stay in touch via e-mail".

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In conclusion:
-Perfect disheveled hair, good looks.
-He is a nerd.
-Plays the fucking guitar. Hot.
-Isn't afraid to talk about his feelings :')
-He can be a little idealistic but it's cute. Studying the same as him I can identify.


Oh and I think that what Iker said made him cry himself to sleep several nights:
Do you do any psychological work?
"No, we don’t. I know they can be very useful in other sports, but we don’t have any psychologists. We had one once on the Spanish national team and we were eliminated in the first round."

i think we need a granero tag?
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Derby d'Italia

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Inter: 1 - Juve: 2

Eto'o 26' Felipe Melo 20', Claudio Marchisio 58'
Red cards: Felipe Melo 87'

Today was the big day really. Inter were at 35 points and Juve were at 27 points going into this game. Now the table is this:
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Considering most games are being played tomorrow, the rest of the table is unchanged. However, the top will remain the same till next round, and as you can see, it is very close and already stressful.

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For those of you who could never get enough Real Madrid I give you a brief directory of some Real Communities on LJ, some of which will gladly take your post entitled "OMG, Iker farted" or anything of the like.

hala_madrid ~ This is the mandatory community that all RM fans must belong to!!!!

ramos_fans for all things relating to the Ramos.

portero_calvo Iker and Real Madrid snobs. You don't want to play with us.

sergioaday a comm delivering daily Sergio pics.

kaka_online for all things relating to Kaka, has an accompanying website.

estebangranero For all things relating to everyones favorite Pirate and has a web site too.

ontd_cuntcracks because Perez will buy you bitch!!

And introducing the all new guti_haz_luvahs For all things Guti!

As well as casa_arbeloa Your source for all things Alvaro Arbeloa related.

A few that I am less familiar with:

xabieralonso, crika98, fernandogagofix, gagito, rubendelared, so_many_bfs, higuain_fans, karimbenzema, c_ronaldo_fans, metzelderfans, xabialonso

And a few that seem to be languishing:

realmadridfans, los_blancos, iker_love

Now I would also like to take this opportunity to ask our Serie A followers to post more. I barely have enough time to follow one team and Roma was my first love. I miss them.

Hala Madrid
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P.S. Do you have or know of a Real Community that I missed? Let me know and I will gladly add your comm to the list.

And yes, I still update this post from time to time. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Luna - Jan 24, 2010

ETA: I am doing a much better job of keeping the version on my journal updated if you are looking for a comm in particular. Luna - June 2010
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MLS Generation Adidas players vlog their way through South Africa

~bringing the old wooden ship known as Diversity to ontd_football~

So a lot of times, when college and U-17 players enter the MLS draft, they sign Generation Adidas contracts. They get better salaries, they're automatically protected in an expansion draft, and it's kind of a developmental program and once they play so many minutes in the league, they "graduate" from the program. They're also guaranteed college scholarships so they can go back and finish their education if their career ends up not panning out. It's a great program that many USMNT players went through in their MLS days.

Anyways, while the program in itself is awesome, the important part is they go on a tour after the season as the Generation Adidas team with an MLS coach (Crew coach Robert Warzycha, the Crew's only representative on the trip) and play some games against foreign reserve sides to get some international experience. They gave some of the players cameras and let them do video blogs every day of the trip. The first four are up and embeddable (the fifth is on the mls site but not the mls blog, so it's not embeddable yet) and they're totally adorable. I would wait and post this until they're all up but I'm nervous about football and this is distracting me.

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Um, yes, I realize they're terrible at taking video and zooming and all that stuff. But look past that to the guys' adorableness.
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Mobile version

We hit over 1 million pageviews that just means 50 of us have refreshed the page 20,000 times since the summer. Heh heh

A few weeks ago LJ released a revamped version of the mobile version of their site. It's pretty decent and gets me through long hours of work.

We're at: but i've shortened the URL for us!

it might be a better idea to bookmark the original address so you don't have to waste time redirecting though. the shortened URL is just a second option!

This is probably the closest we'll get to having our own iPhone app LOL

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