November 28th, 2009

Another Clasico Bandwagon Post- Piqué and Pepe

Oh El Clasico and all his hype, we love it.

First we have Cule boy Piqué and his popped collar. All togetha now

Now every since I could remember I been popping my collar
Popping popping my collar, popping, popping my collar
Every since I could remember I been working this hoes
And they better put my money in my hand

I'm just waiting on them bees to attack him. Moving On.

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Like the series finale of Friends, so much hype

El Clasico videos

In this video Iniesta discusses his role in the the 3rd installment of the Twilight series, Eclipse. Sergio analyzes the modern day mullet and the art of remaining manly when wearing womens clothing.

Benzema plays with himself, carrie prejean may call it a "solo sextape"

Here Iker talks about his beard. Claims he needed a more butch look because his boyish good looks were causing a distraction to some of his new teamates
Cescgate '08
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it's my party i can cry if i want toooo.

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omg the dazzle broke?!


suggested topics include the incredibly-beaten-to-death-like-a-horse-we're-all-so-nervous clasico match of tomorrow., the fabulously popular Stevie G., and perhaps Didi Drogba whose f*(king disgrace will always live on in our hearts!

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RvP strikes out

Robin van Persie out for up to five months

"Robin will undergo surgery next week in Amsterdam to reconstruct the ligaments," read a club statement. "The club's medical team anticipate that a full recovery will take between four and five months."

van Persie- "If I had known at the time what I know now, I would have been operated on immediately. We have all been steered in the wrong direction."

On the alternative treatment- “I have never wanted to go for alternative medical help before. Normally I am too cool for that kind of thing. But because I wanted to grab every opportunity to get fit again and to be back on the pitch with Arsenal, I decided to have a go. If it does not help me, it won’t harm me either. That was my motto."

"In the area of torn muscles and partly torn ligaments she has treated players in the majority of cases with success. A number of Liverpool and Chelsea players have all benefited from her treatments. They were all back on the pitch in a very short time.
As I was enjoying a fantastic period with Arsenal and the first official diagnosis from the doctors was that I would be out for six weeks, I wanted to bring that period back to three or four weeks. But the ligaments in my ankle were completely ruptured. That's why the treatment in Serbia, we know now, never had the chance to be successful from the start."

Be right back- just gonna swear my brains out.