November 22nd, 2009

PARTYYY!: Márquez does not have influenza A

After an examination on Sunday it has been discerned that the Mexican does not have Influenza A, and depending on his progress, he may be able to play on Tuesday.

Abidal and Touré do indeed have Influenza, but the suggestion that Rafa Márquez has also caught the illness has been cast aside as a false alarm. The FC Barcelona Medical Services will be studying the player’s progress, and he may he fine to play against Inter. It will be a busy time for them, for they are also closely monitoring the progress of Leo Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Important for defence

If Rafa Márquez is indeed able to play on Tuesday, that will be comforting news for Josep Guardiola, as he already has three players, Abidal and Touré (flu) and Chygrynskiy (cup tied) that he cannot pick.
cap-eat-tan mascherano
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---------------------------------------already played---------------------------------------
Bolton Wanderers 0 - 2 Blackburn Rovers
Tottenham Hotspur 9 - 1 Wigan Athletic
Stoke City 1 - 0 Portsmouth

11:00 AM EST/5:00 PM CET - Espanyol v Getafe
11:00 AM EST/5:00 PM CET - Mallorca v Almeria
11:00 AM EST/5:00 PM CET - Villarreal v Valladolid
11:00 AM EST/5:00 PM CET - Xerez v Sporting Gijon
01:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CET - Málaga v Real Zaragoza
02:45 PM EST/8:45 PM CET - Juventus v Udinese
03:00 PM EST/9:00 PM CET - Osasuna v Valencia

8:30 PM EST - Los Angeles Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake (LRs also @ omg_yanks)

Stream links: Rojadirecta, Iraq Goals, MagedTV, Football Streaming, Atdhe, MyP2P

amy owl

~*~the mighty spurs

oh when the spurs go marching in

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ngl i was FREAKING OUT. i have my hair in braids to sleep in, and after the hat trick i just kept pulling on them, ahahaha. i was also thinking tottenham's GD was something to be worked on, i think it was the lowest out of all the teams in the top seven. yeah, i'm not so worried anymore.
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becasue i hv to..... (its a mini picspam!!!!)

because i dont kno anyone who doesnt find him hot

because i havnt seen (most) of these pics being posted here

because he deserves your attention

because i feel weird STARING at his pics but knowin that its on here means there are others that do the same... then i dont feel so weird.....

because he won the trophee unfp du football (dont ask)

because i figured out the ljcut thing and want every single chance i have to show that off (eventho i kno it is that much of a big deal)

but mostly .....because i have to

WARNING... Sizes of pics may vary according to my mood.... some are big others are smaller... blame it on the mood....

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Anne Bonny
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David Beckham owning an MLS franchise in the future??

David Beckham has revealed that there is a strong possibility that he will own an MLS franchise when he finishes his career.
The LA Galaxy midfielder is set to play through the pain of an ankle injury for the MLS Cup final against Real Salt Lake City on Sunday but the former Manchester United star is already weighing up his options when he hangs up his boots.

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Sunday gossip roundup

Sunday Gossip time :]

Sir Alex Ferguson Insists : England wont win the World Cup.

Although he did not say that he wanted England to fail, his verdict would still affect England players, Wayne rooney and Rio Ferdinand, adversely.

‘I can’t see past Brazil, actually. They are going to be the ones in South Africa. They are going to be hard to beat. You just have to think of the players they can bring in - they are a supplier of great players. Last season, there were 103 Brazilians in the Champions League and only 15 Englishmen. More Scots played in the Champions League last season than English players. I thought the 11/10 on Brazil to beat England was the bet of the century." -Implying that england has a poor shot.

Liverpool setting up a january move for Ruud.

Even though Tottenham and Player-hungry Manchester City are in the fight for Van Nistelrooy, he would much rather move to Anfield. He believes that liverpool still have a fighting chance for the EPL title and it would help him earn caps for The Netherlands.

Van Nistelrooy scored 95 goals in 150 appearances for United before moving to Spain three years ago in a £18million deal after falling out with Ferguson. Real signed Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema last summer, while Van Nistelrooy is also behind Bernabeu golden boy Raul in the pecking order.

Liverpool are on a tightened budget so a loan move is most likely.

Robinho's hope's gone and Silva may be the 'reason.

Manchester City's Robinho had been praying for a move to Barcelona ever since they expressed interest in him earlier this year. Man City's Arab owners were unwilling to accept a bid. And now, the interest may be gone altogether as Barca have opened discussions to have David Silva of Valencia transfer over to Camp Nou. (Barcelona had been searching for a new Henry to take their attack on the left flank a notch higher.) (scroll down)

United are about to make Wayne Rooney the best paid footballer in the EPL.

The head-honchos of Man U are offering him a £170,000-a-week contract when negotiations open next February. This includes £45,000-a-week for being poster boy of Ol' Trafford.

Rooney is "intrigued" by Barcelona's interest in him but has pledged his loyalty to united. As his paycheck grows, so will the outside interest in him. United will only have to shell out this fortune for a little while more at the rate this is going.

Frenchman may aid Englishmen.

England are about to enlist the aid of the heavenly Arsene Wenger for their 2018 World Cup bid. The Big Wigs are looking to make Arsene a lead ambassador for the campaign.

'Wenger's name was suggested by one board member and it is being considered, but other members worry about how it might look,' said a source close to the board, which could be expanded from the current seven to nine in the next fortnight. "It should be a no-brainer. Wenger has changed the face of English football and is almost an honorary Englishman these days. He is also hugely respected around the world. Having him fronting it would make a lot of sense.'

However, the appointment of a foreign ambassador may beget more bad than good from the World's press.

Quote of the day
: Patrice Evra, "The replay? I'll do it when you want on a playstation."
awooo waka waka espagna
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super slick quick leo

messi limped off against bilbao yesterday, and some reports said he was going to miss the matches with inter and madrid but a few scans today revealed that his injury is relatively minor and he'll be available to play a few minutes for both games. thank iker???? i can breathe easy now

and plz check out this incredible piece of play from him last night. ya know, most players would've waited for the foul but he somehow got up and won the ball again then super-scanned the pitch found xavi folded 1000 paper cranes recited pi ran 5 laps around the pitch my eyes can't even follow whut huh who??

also: ouch!!!

look who's back in barcelona with inter to train for tuesday's game :(
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this post was brought to you by: samu dazzling us in 3 different ways