November 21st, 2009

what up mls final

ten teams represented in mls best xi

(luckiey_starrz made this beautiful art)
donovan wins only us soccer award he's qualified for he hasn't won yet
congrats you beautiful fivehead

TOMORROW, 11/22, @ 8:30 ET on ESPN and Galavision, is the MLS Cup final, Los Angeles vs. Salt Lake.
LA, coming from a last place position to finish the season second(!!! no one expected them to do that), beat Houston (a bit shadily) and Chivas (dirtily); RSL slid into the last playoff spot to beat Columbus (league winners and defending champs but such is parity) and Chicago (in intense penalties.)


Who're you rooting for: Team Beckham or Team Beckerman? I'm going with the dreads on this.

Throwdown here.

LRs will be up @ omg_yanks!
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liverpool vs mancity... manutd vs everton


07:45 EST/12:45 GMT Liverpool v Manchester City
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Birmingham v Fulham
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Burnley v Aston Villa
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Chelsea v Wolves
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Hull City v West Ham
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Sunderland v Arsenal
12:30 EST/17:30 GMT Manchester United v Everton

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posting these now in case i sleep in or something


Keano: Thank you, Titi

Republic of Ireland skipper Robbie Keane has issued a statement responding to Thierry Henry's earlier assertions that he felt that Wednesday's game between France and Giovanni Trapattoni's side should probably be replayed in the interests of fairness.

Henry had earlier refuted suggestions that he was a cheat, despite admitting that he had handled the ball in the run-up to France's winning goal, and accepted that a replay would be a just outcome after the controversy that has followed the incident.

The statement, on the FAI's official website, reads:

"On behalf of the Republic of Ireland players, I would like to thank Thierry Henry for his statement this afternoon (Friday) that in his opinion a replay would be the fairest option.

"As captain of the French team, to make such a statement took courage and honour, and all of us recognise that. As captain of the Republic of Ireland team, I would also be happy for a replay to happen in the interest of fair play so that whichever team qualifies, can do so with their heads held high.

"We can only hope that the French Football Federation might accept the wishes of both captains in the best interests of the game."



Arsenal Manager Wenger Leaps To The Defence Of Henry

"I feel Thierry will feel vindicated in a wrong way because anybody who has played football can understand these kind of reactions.

"He was the big loser in this story, because if he had come out and said 'it was a handball', half of France would say 'how crazy is he?' to cut off the road to the World Cup. And if he doesn't say it straight away then he is as well guilty.

"Thierry Henry has played here for 10 years basically and has always been super fair. Football and sport in general is full of heroes who have cheated 10 times more than Thierry.

"If someone has to do something for Thierry Henry it is French football and France as a country, and not leave him out there alone against the whole world."

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to me, Henry was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. lose/lose situation for him. sucks bad. and it's horrible that it happened to a player like him who was in no doubt a fine fine player in a lot of people's minds before this mess.
wear a condom - juno

Champions League final logo unveiled

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pic from marca

From the Real Madrid website:

The Ciudad de Futbol Español headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation in Las Rozas, Madrid today (Friday Nov. 20) hosted the presentation of the logo for the 2010 Champions League final, which will be played at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on 22 May 2010.

The design uses brown, red, yellow and green colors to represent the passion and energy generated by Madrid through festivities and folklore. It also includes football-related elements including stadium motifs, the Champions League trophy and the Champions League ball.

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love it? hate it? or meh...
nilmar da lickame
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marquez has h1n1

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12:00 EST/06:00 CET - Deportivo La Coruña v Atlético Madrid
12:00 EST/06:00 CET - Tenerife v Sevilla FC
02:00 EST/08:00 CET - Real Madrid v Racing Santander
04:00 EST/10:00 CET - Athletic Bilbao v Barcelona/td>

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Also Marquez woke up this morning with symptoms of swine flu :) Took him long enough


More Henry Hullaballoo

Five referees?

Thierry Henry's Handball could cause a need for five referees on the pitch. One of Fifa's senior officials released a statement saying that it will be up for discussion at the conference held in Zurich.

An official- "The situation of additional referees will be spoken about at the IFAB meeting, If you had additional referees in place, they would have seen it. Michel Platini is in favour of the system of two more referees. France have qualified for the World Cup. The match won't be played again: the result is valid. If not, do you want to replay the ["Hand of God"] match from 1986? That would make you in England happy."

King of Kings, Eric Cantona, weighs in.

Controversial Cantona- "What shocks me the most quite frankly, is not the hand-ball. What shocks me the most is that this player, at the end of the game, in front of the TV cameras, went to sit down next to an Ireland player to comfort him - when he had just screwed him. If I had been an Irishman, he wouldn't have lasted three seconds." -very obviously implying that he would have hit henry.. But where?

Damien Duff: Conspiracy Theorist

"Do I think it’s a conspiracy? Definitely. FIFA want the big teams in the World Cup, they want France in the World Cup, and it may sound silly but they want teams sponsored by adidas. Adidas sponsor the World Cup, they sponsor France. Michel Platini has a lot of influence as well. Maybe we’d have had a better chance of going to the World Cup if it was sponsored by Umbro."

Too much handball in too little time makes everyone dull. But I just thought you'd want to know..
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Evra and Vieira defend Henry

Left-back Evra feels the criticism of Henry is harsh, and insists the Barcelona striker should be praised for helping his team reach South Africa.
"That is madness," Evra told French sports newspaper L'Equipe.
"I have one question to the people doing the talking - are you really proud to be French? We started controversy over Henry, but we should raise him a statue.
"I have no problem with the foreign press destroying Henry, but doing it in France, that is impossible.
"If Titi (Henry) would have asked to cancel the goal admitting his handball to the referee and we went on to lose, the same people would have talked about his ego, they would say 'he only thought of himself and his image'.
He added: "Frankly, if he had done that I would have told him 'you betrayed us'.
"I came back to Manchester and the Irish players themselves told me during the first leg the referee should have given us a penalty, due to a foul on me.

"But people forget about that. In football, there are always injustices."

Former Arsenal and France team-mate Patrick Vieira has also leapt to the defence of Henry, citing the referee as the villain for not spotting the incident.
"Frankly, to put Thierry under trial is scandalous. The referee didn't see the handball, that's all," Vieira said in L'Equipe.
"We can understand the Irishmen are disgusted, but it is not the first or the last time we can see refereeing mistakes in football.
He added: "Video assistance or a fifth referee could be solutions."
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