November 19th, 2009

Piq(ue)spam + other things.

Now for some fun. Or not.

Background information:
I was recently introduced to the wonderful world of 'Bing' by the Earthly God, Jay Leno. 'Bing' (I'm being Devil’s advocate here) is the only site where the images 'most suited' to your needs are provided through 'thorough' sweeping of the interweb. So, I decided to search the 'random' name ‘Gerard Pique’ and some 'random' words together. Here are the ‘Honest-to-God’ results. (some are really 'honest', though)

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More Titty

The handball mess is on the front page of and The American one, so like big deal!
Under the cut some articles on "intant replay" and the Top 5 Cheats.

(CNN) -- France striker Thierry Henry's handled assist broke Irish hearts in Paris on Wednesday night, denying Giovanni Trapattoni's team a spot in World Cup 2010.
It has also opened the debate once more over the quality of officiating in football, and the need for technology in aiding officials in stopping such examples of cheating.
Henry was not the first, and he will not be the last, to take advantage of the trust of officials. Here are five other examples of injustices in football.
1. Rivaldo - Brazil v Turkey, World Cup 2002 Group Stage
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I bring you news.

Carlos Tevez + spoken english. The bundle of words in the universe you never thought you'd see together. But, Carlos has a plan.

Tevez is planning to learn english by- wait for it..- watching coronation street.

"I do like it. I don't understand somethings but it seems very good."
Maybe, Patrice, Ji and Carlos are having corrie nights. Keeping the bromance strong despite being work-nemiseses.

Superfine. Dane is fined for disrupting play.
By how much?

Originally... for a whopping and incomprehensible £170,000. Why? Two years ago, Denmark were playing Sweden in a crucial Euro '08 qualifier. At 89 minutes, the score was held down at 3-3. Ronni Noervig, the fan in question, ran down onto the pitch and attacked the ref after he awarded a penalty to Sweden. In the end, Sveeden were awarded a 3-0 victory and Denmark were forced to play two games away from the Copenhagen National Stadium.

Denmark, the very country Noervig went the frontlines for, sued him for £170,000, claiming a loss in ticket sales. Ronni-boy Noervig claimed that he was drunk at the time (obviously) and that his behaviour was also a result of a lack of security.

I pity ol' Ronniboy. Maybe we should raise funds for his fine. We could have a carwash! Or, better still, the Swedish National Team (he did give them the victory, after all) could have a carwash! YAY!! All's well that ends well.

Gab Gardens..

When Manchester United winger, Gabriel Obertan, was recovering from a back injury, he was made to water hanging baskets, prune rose bushes and even wash staff cars at the carrington ground.

This makes me like him more.

One more thing.. Don't ever showoff.
Because you'll get owned: Exhibit A.

Ps: I found this really funny..- (one can only imagine how Robin feels..)

darcy doesn;t sparkle


Beyonce played Manchester last night, guess who was there?

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Also, Becks and his boys play AMERICAN football and baseball :) and look uber cute while doing so...
Meanwhile, poor Vicky looks exhausted
and Guti's mid-life crisis is still ongoing

Ooh Ooh, and one last thing I promise... From Popbitch:

"Last week I was involved in shooting a new football commercial in London for a well-known snack brand. The ad was to star several big football stars, including Fernando Torres, but getting the injured star to make the journey south proved difficult. A helicopter was put on standby to pick him up and take him right back, but
Torres' people demurred. The brand's ad agency even offered up the services of a 'well-known-comedian and entertainer' to keep the striker amused on the flight, but again the offer was rejected. Next the agency
tried to reschedule the shoot for Liverpool - and even put 150 grand's worth of crew on standby, only for Torres' people, rather sensibly, to say that the star couldn't do the shoot until his injury had cleared up."

Nando must be gutted - no adverts till he's not injured? Poor bbs heart must be breaking!!

not again :(

United Arab Emirates striker Salem Saad dies after heart attack

The Al Nasr player has died at the age of 31 following a heart attack...

United Arab Emirates international Salem Saad collapsed and died during a routine training session after suffering a massive heart attack on Wednesday.

The 31-year-old Al Nasr player was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital but died soon after arrival.

"Salem Saad suffered a major heart attack during a routine training session held at Al Maktoum Stadium," read a statement on the club's official website.

"Salem was immediately transferred to the Rashid hospital following the training ground incident however despite desperate attempts from the doctors, he sadly passed away in the intensive care centre.

"The Al Nasr Club including chairman, board members, administrators and fellow players would like to express its sincere condolences to the family at this tragic moment."

Saad had joined Al Nasr in June after captaining Al Shabab to the league title last year.


rest in peace
awooo waka waka espagna
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Euro 2012 pots - Ireland and France in the same group plz

Now that the World Cup Qualifiers are done and dusted... it's time to think about the Eurocup draws!

The UEFA coefficients are determined by the team's performance in the 2006 World Cup, Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup qualifying, though UEFA stated that "more recent results are given greater consideration". Explains how England got into Pot 1 despite not qualifying for the last tournament :P

Pot One:

Pot Two:

Czech Republic
Pot Three:

Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland

Pot Four:

FYR Macedonia

Pot Five:


Pot Six:

Faroe Islands
San Marino

Detailed coefficient overview from UEFA (PDF file): click

The draw will determine the make-up of six groups of six teams and three groups of five and will take place in Feburary.

Source: UEFA