November 17th, 2009

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Swapping one white shirt for another

Andy Barron will swap a playing shirt for a more formal piece of white clothing when the reality of life kicks in today and he goes back to his office job at Westpac.

The 28-year-old Wellington midfielder is one of four amateur players in the New Zealand All Whites and played a key defensive role as a substitute in Saturday's World Cup qualifier against Bahrain, just down the road at Westpac Stadium.

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Normally, in the course of life, Australians like nothing better than beating New Zealand at sport, and generally watching New Zealand lose, even when they're playing countries we couldn't care less about. In the last week or so though, a lot of Australians, myself included, have got on board Team New Zealand in their bid to qualify for the World Cup next year.

I watched the match with some friends on Saturday night, and we were all completely excited for the All Whites making it to South Africa! I find it amazing that they did this with a squad containing amateur players. Are there any other teams competing at this level that aren't completely made up of professional players??

They may not be the most glamorous or skillful team out there, and honestly, will struggle to make an impact at the World Cup next year, but it's still a nice underdog story in a week of pretty crummy football news...
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oh noesssss :(

Michael Ballack injury :(

MICHAEL Ballack has joined Chelsea’s crippling injury list.

And the situation is so dire they could be without more than half their first-choice 11 against Wolves on ­Saturday.

The midfielder, 33, has been ruled out of Germany’s friendly against Ivory Coast tomorrow with a twisted knee – and now faces a race to be fit for the ­weekend Premier League fixture.

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Cristiano Ronaldo nears recovery

that match for barca vs real madrid is gonna be insane :|
i cant wait but im also rly nervous bout it......and i do want ronaldo to get better cuz i no it sux to be injured even though him playing would make me more nervous xD but it would also make for a VERY exciting game lol

also....reporter...its camp NOU, not camp now....
JT my bb <3

Lets make it official


Christine Bleakley FINALLY admits she going out with SuperFrankieLampard.

Poor JT. He probably doesn't want to take this in.

She has remained coy about reports of a blossoming friendship with England footballer Frank Lampard.

But after sharing a romantic lunch with the Chelsea midfielder, Christine Bleakley yesterday conceded the pair are indeed an item.

They met at the Hollywood Arms, a short walk from Lampard’s Chelsea townhouse, at 2pm yesterday.

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Lets hope its not another Elen/Saskia

awooo waka waka espagna
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ETO'O $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Samu Eto'o has given every player on the Cameroon squad a £30k watch after they qualified for the World Cup. Multiply that by 24 teammates and you get a grand total of £720k! This was not the first time he has shown generosity towards his Cameroonian homeboys -- four years ago he promised the squad $2,000 each if they beat the Ivory Coast. I wonder how he rewards his kids for doing the dishes...

Spotted at The Spoiler & Football Italia

The watch he gives Usain Bolt here is the same one his teammates got:

Arsenal 2009/10 Charity of the Season advert-Fundraising Day

Remember those pictures a week or two ago when Andrey was dressed up as a shark and Cesc as a bunny rabbit? Well, here's the ad for Great Ormond Street Hospital. It's absolutely adorable! It has Cesc running down the street after some dude, Sagna doing the worm and Theo chatting up a girl on the streets XD

EDIT: Thanks to Kickette, I found the video!

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one more today's top 10 worst players to ever wear the #10 jersey

yep...thats right.... has created a list of the top 10 WORST players to have ever worn the #10 jersey. ill just list them but the link is at the end for all the reasons.....

quoting from the article:

"The No.10 is not just any ordinary number when it comes to football. It is the most sacred, mythical digit that almost every player wants to have on their backs.
Traditionally the No.10 shirt has been reserved for each team’s best offensive player – more specifically the playmaker, creator, dictator, and star attacking player. To wear the No.10 for a top club or country you ought to be blessed with special skill, technique, touch, passing, shooting and set-piece ability – the player that your team-mates and supporters look to for inspiration.
In the past most of the attacking legends of the game have owned the No.10 – the likes of Diego Maradona, Pele, Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Zico and Zinedine Zidane."

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