November 11th, 2009

unprecedented mourning across germany.

Germany continues to mourn the loss of Robert Enke

○ All of the Bundesliga matches will be played with black armbands and hold a minute of silence preceding the games of Matchday 13 on November 22.

○ The DFB president Zwanziger and secretary Niersbacher went to the team camp in Bonn. German chancellor Merkel condoles in a private letter to Enke's wife and expresses her sentiments to both Hannover 96 and the nationalmannschaft.

○ Hannover 96 will retire the No. 1 jersey and the number will never be given out again; supporters speculate if one more national team nomination would have given him a life line.

○ "We cannot and will not be able to play football on Saturday" -- the international friendly of Germany is canceled. "Canceling the Chile game is the right thing to do. None of us feel capable to go back to everyday business in this situation. We lost a friend. This is a moment where football needs to pause for a moment. We deeply mourn the loss of Robert Enke," Jogi Loew.

○ Players at the moment have left the camp/are leaving. German captain Michael Ballack and central defender Per Mertesacker knew Enke since they were teenagers; they are completely shell shocked. Jogi Loew was especially moved; the press conference took a pause as Oliver Bierhoff was overcome with tears.

○ The team will meet on Sunday in Dusseldorf after attending his funeral. There will also be a service tonight which includes all the Ballack, Biefhoff, and Loew and "the players who want to be there."

○ There is an outpouring of support from clubs all over including FC Bayern, Fenerbahce, FC Barcelona, many other German clubs have the news of his passing as a headline.

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Pictures from the memorial service have been added.

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Roman Pavlyuchenko demands Spurs exit

Since Redknapp took over as Spurs boss, he has brought in Keane, Defoe and Crouch leaving poor Pavvy as their forth choice striker. He has spent the entire season looking on from the bench, and only getting starts in the Carling Cup. The former Spartak Moscow star who was signed after the Euro 2008 is now losing his starting place on the national team, and with Russia having high chances of advancing to the World Cup, the striker is desperately looking for a Spurs exit.

Pavlyuchenko told Russian newspaper Sport Express: 'Yes. It is impossible to continue in the situation that I find myself.

'I have been sitting on the bench for six months and, as a result, I've lost my starting place in the national team.

'Should we, God willing, get to the World Cup, who will count on a striker who has not had match practice?

'I want to be on the pitch rather than warming the bench. Straight after we have played Slovenia I will fly with my agent to London decisive talks, in which I very much want to personally take part.'

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Pav back home in Moscow training with the Ruskis

Do you like the hat scousey????
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Jonas Brothers at the Bernabeu (say what?)

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The band was greeted by Emilio Butragueño

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium was visited by the Jonas Brothers. Nick, Kevin and Joseph (Do people call him Joseph?!) took the Stadium Tour and played a small game on the pitch with legendary player and current Director of Institutional Relations Emilio Butragueño. Following a penalty shoot-out, with Nick acting as goalkeeper, the Jonas Brothers saw the first team's dressing room.

The three New Jersey brothers were impressed by the incredible amount of trophies won by the Club and loved many of the antique kits and items on display in the museum. Each received a personalised Real Madrid shirt from Emilio Butragueño, whom they greatly admire.

During the penalty shoot-out, Emilio Butragueño warped to the past and scored an impressive strike through one of the top corners of the goal. Kevin tried too, but his shot was too high. Disney Channel host Andrea Guasch also had a try. "We used to play football when we were small," said Joseph. "We love Real Madrid, but we don't have time to watch their games," added Nick.

Once in the dressing room, the brothers had their picture taken next to Cristiano Ronaldo's locker as they "greatly admire him." The Jonas Borthers' visit was a prelude to the concert they will give tonight at the Palacio de los Deportes in the Spanish capital. They will play several songs of their latest album Lines, Vines and Trying Times. "Spanish fans give us a lot of energy," said Joseph.

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queen curran & king kenny
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Alex's first column with OK! -- UPPPPPGRAAADEEE

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"They (Lilly-Ella & Lexie) have asked where babies come from but I told them you ask God for one and it comes out of your belly button"

"He (Steven) is definitely a leg man. And a boob one!"

"Steven would never wear a thong, not with his hairy bum! He has hairy legs, but all that hair keeps me warm!"




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Calum Best has opened up about his father George's alcoholism.

Calum, 28, is presenting a documentary about how children are affected by having an alcoholic parent. He told BBC News:

"What I've learnt on this documentary is that alcoholics anyway are inherently selfish. I think with an alcoholic, their brain tells them to push all the important things aside. To push the loved ones and the important things and focus on that next drink to fuel that illness.

"What upset me was thinking my father had a choice to not drink, but I think he'd been drinking for so long and he was so ill he didn't realise he had a choice."

George Best died in 2005 after a long struggle with alcohol.

The wayward sporting genius, who was one of Manchester United's most famous names and British football's first superstar, quit the game when he should have enjoyed years more at the top.

Famed for spending his nights propping up the bar at nightclubs and leaving in the early hours with beautiful blondes on his arm, he walked out of top class football in 1972. He underwent a liver transplant in 2002, after waiting months for a suitable organ.

But in July 2003 he appeared to go off the rails and started to drink again, to the frustration and fury of his wife Alex.

During the years that followed the collapse of his marriage, he cut an increasingly shambolic figure before his untimely death at the age of 59.

Brought up by Booze: A Children in Need Special is on BBC One tonight (12 November) at 22:45.


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guti gets snappy

Guti: "Things are not going well for Florentino"

"Things are not going well for Florentino", said Real Madrid's #14 in an interview granted to Intereconomía which will be published in the Spanish daily "La Gaceta" in tomorrow's edition. In addition, the player from Torrejón de Ardoz, commented on the current situation between him and coach Manuel Pellegrini.

Guti, who said a in a recent press conference that his relationship with Pellegrini was "incredible", has changed his mind: "Pellegrini? It's a complicated situation for both of us", commented the midfielder, who doesn't play since his alleged outburst against the chilean coach during half time of the first leg match against Alcorcón.

"Some foreign players don't understand the values of Real Madrid", sentenced the rebellious player, who also talked about his personal life. "I'm a man who doesn't stop during the day and doesn't stop during the night. I like enjoying the night with my friends. I don't see myself with 60 years in a club until six in the morning, I see myself now".


I don't know how well will the last paragraph go down the Real Madrid dressing room :/ He also met with Valdano today and seems like he might be called up again. I don't see what Valdano has to do with a decision that is Pellegrini's though.

Guti is not the only player who has been 'punished' by Pellegrini. Esteban Granero has not played a single minute since the debacle at Alcorcón. I think that the press doesn't think that is fertile ground for stiring up quality shit.
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Star of Sudanese football club gets 40 lashes for drinking alcohol....
Under Article 152 of the Sudan Penal Code, any person committing an indecent act, an act that violates public morality or indecent clothing will be ordered to carry a maximum sentence of 40 lashes.

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Worgu plays for the Sudanese giants Al Merreikh, who are based in Omdurman in Northern Sudan.

Alcohol is illegal in the Muslim North, though not in the semi-autonomous and largely non-Muslim South. The punishment on the diminutive attacking player has not yet been carried out, as his lawyer has appealed. If the appeal is turned down, Worgu will receive 40 lashes and have to pay a fine of 250 Sudanese pounds, about US$100.

Fifty pounds was for drinking alcohol, and 200 pounds for driving while drunk. The offence apparently took place in August of this year.

Worgu was bought by Al Merreikh for US$2.6m from Enyimba in Nigeria, in one of the biggest transfers in African history. He had been the top scorer in the 2008 African Champions League, with 13 goals.

However Worgu's form on the pitch since his move has been something of a disappointment. He was often left on the bench in key African Champions League game this season. Earlier this year Worgu admitted to the BBC he was struggling to adapt to life in Sudan.

"I am finding it hard to adapt. It's a different culture, different religion different language, everything," he said. "They have this Sharia law, and it's really affecting me also, because you don't feel free to do the things you need to do."

Despite Worgu's struggles, he still hopes to get a move to Europe. A source close to Al Merreikh told the BBC he believed several foreign clubs were following Worgu closely. It is not yet clear if this conviction could delay or even stop a potential move out of Africa for the Nigerian.

Source: Marca and the BBC.

Unfair? Scandalous/inhumane treatment? Or should he really have researched his move a little better before leaving? 

English NT already in Qatar

English lads arrived in Doha today. What is it? the capital city of Qatar. 'Cause on Saturday they're gonna play the friendly match with, surprisingly, Brasil. Still not get it why not in Rio or London. Here you got some explanation for that witty move: . The match is gonna take place at the Khalifa Stadium in Doha.

Od England - football

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