October 31st, 2009

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omg what

Roman Abramovich spends $52,000 on LUNCH.

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Sauce: TMZ.

TMZ has just obtained the bill handed to Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich earlier today after lunch at Nello's in New York -- a bill which totaled a ridiculous $47,221.09.

The check had an automatic gratuity of 20% -- $7,328 -- but we're told the party threw down an extra $5,000, bringing the tip to 26%.

We're told there were 10 people at the table, who feasted on white truffles, filet mignon and a whole lotta uber-pricey wine.

This blows Jay-Z out of the water -- who just a few days ago, dropped $1,700 on lunch at the same place. 

Clearly I am not adept at spending money (and this comes as a shock to me, cos I thought I was totally brilliant at it), cos I didn't even think it was possible to spend that kind of money on one meal. LOL.  

BTW Guys, he spent $35,000 ON WINE AND CHAMPAGNE. The food was pretty cheap in comparison hahahaa. 
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08:45 EST/12:45 GMT - Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur
11:00 EST/15:00 GMT - Bolton Wanderers v Chelsea
11:00 EST/15:00 GMT - Burnley v Hull City
11:00 EST/15:00 GMT - Everton v Aston Villa
11:00 EST/15:00 GMT - Fulham v Liverpool
11:00 EST/15:00 GMT - Portsmouth v Wigan Athletic
11:00 EST/15:00 GMT - Stoke City v Wolverhampton Wanderers
11:00 EST/15:00 GMT - Sunderland v West Ham United
13:30 EST/17:30 GMT - Manchester United v Blackburn Rovers

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It's the big one!

Carling Cup quarter-final draw

Blackburn Rovers vs. Chelsea
Manchester United vs. Tottenham
Portsmouth vs. Aston Villa
Manchester City vs. Arsenal

Games to be played the week of 30th November

Manchester City vs Arsenal looks good, and also a repeat of last years final