October 22nd, 2009

Anne Bonny
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Abel Resino to be fired and replaced by Michael Laudrup

Abel será destituido y Laudrup será su sustituto

Tal y como adelanta el diario MARCA en exclusiva en la edición de hoy, Michael Laudrup será el nuevo entrenador del Atlético de Madrid. Abel Resino será destituido en las próximas horas tras los malos resultados cosechados en este inicio de temporada y el club ya negocia con el técnico danés aunque todavía no hay acuerdo. Todo el cuerpo técnico del Atlético se encuentra en estos momentos en el Vicente Calderón para conocer su futuro.

El club rojiblanco ha decidido prescindir de los servicios de Abel debido a los malos resultados y tras la dolorosa goleada sufrida ante el Chelsea en la Liga de Campeones. En principio los dirigentes colchoneros iban a esperar al partido de este fin de semana pero la abultada derrota en Londres ha precipitado los acontecimientos.

El recambio para Abel será Michael Laudrup. El Atlético espera cerrar el acuerdo con el danés esta misma tarde aunque de momento se desconocen los términos del contrato. Laudrup ya ha dirigido al Brondby,Getafe y Spartak de Moscú, dónde fue destituido.

source: www.marca.com

basically its saying that due to atletico's poor start to the season and the champions leauge, that the coach, Abel Resino, will be fired and they are aiming to replace him with Michael Laudrup. Atletico hope to close the deal with Laudrup today, and the terms of the contract are unknown.


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rio gets serious

Rio: BBC decision on BNP 'brave'

England football vice-captain Rio Ferdinand has said that he believes the BBC is "brave" for inviting British National Party leader Nick Griffin to appear on its Question Time programme.

Speaking to BBC's 1Xtra News he said: "In this country we preach about democracy, so I think if we're talking about being fair then everyone's entitled to voice their opinion on things."

"Whether we don't believe it or believe it, it doesn't matter. We live in a democracy here so you've got to give people the chance to voice their opinion."

Protesters have gathered outside Television Centre to demonstrate against the decision to allow Mr Griffin a place on the panel for tonight's broadcast.

Ferdinand, who plays for England and Manchester United, said it was important that the BNP leader's views were challenged by the other guests.

"We'll have to see what happens. At the end of the day I think it is vitally important who's up on the panel alongside this gentleman you're talking about.

"Those people have got a big responsibility to make sure that certain questions get answered. They need to get them answered for the sake of the public.

"I think it's a very very tricky situation - brave by the BBC, I'm sure of that - but we'll have to wait for the outcome."

Ferdinand has often spoken out on the problem of racism in football.

"My Dad is from St Lucia, my mum's English. I'm British, I'm English, I sing the national anthem. I'm passionate about my country. But there are small minded people out there.

"Ignorance is something that hopefully we can wean out of this generation and hopefully with shows like this we can start to do this."


really open minded of him considering if the BNP ever got into power, they'd kick him out quicker than a mag deal can get katie price and peter andre back together. And obviously with the recent stuff they said about Ashley Cole not being English because he's not white, etc.

IA with him, but i still think it's hypocritical of the BBC as they wouldnt allow a racist comments on any other show, or they wouldnt allow a BNP member as a radio DJ or tv presenter something, yet they do this. IDK. im torn. I hate them with a passion but it is freedom of speech. I was meant to be at that protest outside the BBC studios but my friend cancelled on me.

for those who dont know about the BNP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_National_Party