October 18th, 2009


Footie weekend in pics

Many games - one conclusion. Nothing is certain in football

Od footie weekend in pics

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ramos, villa and reina in a flamenco party...wut?

i was watching the sergio ramos singing video (yes, again) and i read one of the comments of soembody asking the person who upload the video to post more videos, the response was that he upload  another video with ramos, reina and villa on it (????) so i look in his uploaded videos and i found this

ok, no singing ramos here, but villa and ramos and pepe together?  in a flamenco party?????? idk, i can't picture ramos and villa parting together, plus, why is ramos fully dress and villa and pepe not???? and what is villa wearing???? OMG! i'm going crazy O_O i've been watching the video over and over for like an hour........
nilmar da lickame
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Sunday Variety post

What's going on with Ryan Babel? Apart from... playing poorly, he's changed his Twitter screen name from RyanBabel19 to Protunez and made his tweets private. Is this a hint that he's ready to put his frustrating footi career behind to work full time in the music industry? Let it all out Babe, hit the studio and lash out on Rafa even if you've written the same rhymes about him a million times before! Eminem gets away with it.

Gerard Pique has an interview with Japanese television; wears an A&F polo with collars popped (I'd still hit it), admits that he favours tall blondes (brb changing hair colour, breaking legs), says his favourite food is sushi (I also like it raw) and prefers Dragon Ball Z (me too!)

Video & Translation here.




Wayne and Coleen are 'parents'

Coleen Rooney 'gives birth'
Official annoucement expected later today after pals say Wayne is a new dad

By Matt Acton, 18/10/2009

COLEEN Rooney has gone to hospital - where she is said to have made husband Wayne a proud dad by giving birth, the News of the World can reveal.
A heavily-pregnant Coleen was taken to Liverpool's Women's Hospital earlier today - and pals are claiming The Rooney's became proud parents soon after 1pm.

There has been no official confirmation of the birth, but an annoucement his expected later today. Friends of the couple are already celebrating.

Last week the News of the World told how Coleen had snubbed a £1 MILLION deal with a glossy mag for pictures of her and Wayne's baby.

The WAG made the decision because she wants their child to be kept OUT of the spotlight completely.

She was determined to have her first baby naturally and chose Liverpool Women's Hospital - an NHS Trust six miles from where they grew up in Croxteth - for the birth.

The baby was due on October 24, Rooney's 24th birthday, the couple had revealed Coleen was expecting their first child in April.

source: news of the world

barcelona; abi's hips don't lie

Techmania spread to US of A.

 According to People magazine, Alex Gerrard is going to be on the cover of Vogue USA magazine. The article:

ALEX curran 1, Victoria Beckham 0
She beats WAG rival to model for U.S. Vogue
Katie Hind

Soccer Wag Alex Curran has scored over rival Victoria Beckham - by getting signed up for fashion bible Vogue just weeks after Posh was dropped from its cover.

Alex, 27, wife of Liverpool ace Steven Gerrard, flew to New York last week to be photographed for the US version of the magazine.

Victoria, 35, was due to be the cover star for last month's issue but was dropped after she appeared on the front of rival mag Elle. 


Alex was flown out by Vogue to be photographed by their top cameraman Alistair Guy after executives decided to feature the wife of an England football star. A source close to the mum of two said: "She was shocked to be asked but delighted to take part.

"Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the States so they were keen to feature an England WAG and Alex fitted the bill. 

Glamorous "Obviously due to recent events Victoria was out of the question. They wanted to do Frank Lampard's partner but he doesn't have one so they went for Gerrard's wife.

"She is a glamorous woman with experience of modelling."

But Alex was taken aback by the tiny clothes that American models wear.

The US size 4 and 6 - equivalent to the British 8 and 10 - didn't quite fit Alex so the photographer had to find her alternative clothes. 

The source said: "Alex didn't realise quite how small the clothes are over there - too small for her curvy figure." 

Mind you, when Alex finally appears in the magazine it might puzzle the Yanks.

Vogue reader Susannah Masler, 47, a graphic artist in New York, was asked if she had ever heard of Alex Curran and replied: "I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that name. Who is he?" Data analyst Michelle Bronowski, 38, of Washington DC, got Alex's gender right but said: "Never heard of her or the other one you just told me, Victoria. I have no idea why she should be on a front cover."

Whahha. I'm sure she's going to be GORGEOUS.


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Stuart Holden has not seen his willy in 2 years

Stuart Holden's choice of hairstyle lead me to assume that he is a douche. But then he does an interview (that he wins?) that makes me lol. Says Ricardo Clark is stupid, Brian Ching is fat, and he is going to be an actor like Brad Pitt (because his highlights deserve to be on the big screen). No word on when him and Robbie Rogers will be starting a boyband.

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stuart's twatter => http://twitter.com/stuholden22