October 15th, 2009

  • ayres_4

Más Te Aliento, Si Vas Perdiendo

</div>The boys from the Argentina NT celebrate together at the Montevideo airport (yes, they're that awesome).

"Yo te sigo de pendejo, siempre voy a todos lados, yo te vengo a ver descontrolado, y más te aliento si vas perdiendo, es un sentimiento, no trates de entenderlo, no se compara con otra hinchada, soy argentino en las buenas y en las malas"


LOL I have no words. I thought nothing could get worse than Stephen Ireland's girlfriend's new Bentley or even William Gallas' chrome Mercedes SLR, but low and behold, it gets CHAVVIER!

EDIT: I'm going to keep it 100. Why the hell are you going to block out the license plate number? It's not like anyone else in the country has that shenanigans of a car, so what's the point?!?!