September 28th, 2009

Αθηνα Προμαχος

Serie A: Giornata 6

Sorry everyone, my laptop cord needed to be replaced & I was stuck over a week w/o my computer. I was halfway through getting pics from the CL games when it started failing on me. I feel awful to have deprived you so much Serie A goodness.

Pics are in no particular order. The first day's pics are from daylife. For some reason daylife doesn't have any pics up for the second day, so they're a mishmash of getty, yahoo sports & some from their official sites.


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Aaaaaand the classifica:

Today was my capitano's 33rd birthday. So here's a spam in his honor. About 45 pics and 5 gifs.

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I put a spell on you and now you're...injured?


An unusual headline in Spain’s El Mundo newspaper caught my eye this morning: “Real Madrid threatened by wizard.”

According to the respected conservative daily, the La Liga club has received a letter from the magician, whom it did not identify by name, warning that he has been contracted to cast a spell that would inflict injury on their Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I can’t promise that it will be a serious injury but he’ll certainly be out of action more than playing,” El Mundo quoted the wizard as saying.

He told the paper he was unable to reveal the identity of his client “because I am a mixture of priest and doctor and I have to respect the confidentiality of my followers.”

El Mundo said it was the third time the wizard had threatened Real after targeting players including David Beckham and Ronaldo (the portly Brazilian version) in 2003 and Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Fabio Cannavaro and Raul in 2006.

The wizard has apparently already begun the process of casting his spell over Cristiano Ronaldo using photos of the world record signing spread out around his “laboratory”.

“It’s a step-by-step process and depends on various factors so the result you are looking for is achieved sooner or later,” El Mundo quoted the wizard as saying.

He pointed out that Ronaldo’s run of a goal-a-game had ended against Tenerife at the weekend and he had been angry at being substituted by coach Manuel Pellegrini in the second half.

Real are not taking the threat seriously and have dismissed it as “the kind of craziness we deal with on a daily basis”, according to El Mundo.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Ronaldo in the next few weeks but in the meantime can anyone think of anything similar happening in other leagues?

There are plenty of superstitious soccer players out there but someone being targeted by a wizard really is bizarre.

English translation not by me. Original Spanish Source here.

brb going to get my wand. Voldemort has gone too far this time.

Nicky is silly.

Nicklas Bendtner has been ruled out of Arsenal's clash with Olympiakos after being involved in a car accident.

The Danish striker is believed to have been involved in a minor car accident on Sunday.
It is not known the full extent of the injury sustained by Bendtner, but he will miss the visit of Greek champions Olympiakos on Tuesday.
Bendtner, who played the full 90 minutes of Saturday's 1-0 win over Fulham, is expected to be back for next weekend's clash with Blackburn.
"Nicklas did not practice because he had a car accident yesterday," said Wenger.
"Fortunately there was no real long-term damage, but he was bruised and we thought it was better he did not train.
"He should be back for Sunday's game [against Blackburn]."
Theo Walcott misses out again as he continues his recovery from a back injury, but Eduardo is available after missing the win over Fulham.
Wenger believes Walcott could return to action against Blackburn on Sunday and he plans to play the England winger in a practice match so that he can work on his fitness.
"He's available, but he is short of competitiveness at the moment," Wenger said of Walcott.
"He needs a game and we will organise a game for him.
"He should be back to normal again from Sunday onwards."

Sighhhh, hubby, sigh.


hale 2 da yes.

Daniel Agger will make his comeback from injury for the reserves at Manchester City on Tuesday night.

Swiss international Philipp Degen and David Ngog are also expected to feature for John McMahon's side at the City of Manchester Stadium (kick-off 7pm).

"It is fantastic to see Daniel back and it's a great boost for everyone at the club," McMahon told

"It's always great to see quality players come back from injury and this will be a perfect game for him to make his comeback.

"It's a fantastic stadium with a great pitch and it is always a fantastic boost for the young lads when they have a top professional like Daniel playing alongside them.

"The young lads look up to him and they can learn from him as well."


thank gawddd.

it's a bird it's a plane NO its n'gog!!!
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Ryan Babel is on Twitter

Skimming through his tweets, it almost seems like Liverpool's number 19 is more of a musician who happens to have a footi career on the side :P. Photoshoots, record sessions, tweets to other artists, hitting on models and then occasionally updates from the Melwood training camp - I guess being a supersub isn't so bad afterall! It's not verified by Twitter yet, but his official site links to it, so I'm certain it's the real B to the A

For some reason a bunch of his tweets were deleted, but I swear I saw him calling people "my twiggas" ahahaha and other funny slang words

ia with him

(After the game against Hull)

Babel and Drenthe playing PES fyt

the aftermath.


". . .so when the ref whistled I thought it would be a penalty and a yellow card, because [Cashley] was running behind me. If Rodallega had have shot he would have been there, so that is the surprise.

You can see some given as red cards as some as yellows. On the same day there was a penalty for Cardiff in the Championship, the goalkeeper made the same contact and got away. But no complaints, he decided to do that. I have a match off and unfortunately have to watch from the stands, that's the way it is."


"We didn't play very well," said Drogba. "We lost all the battles, all the duels. We didn't win anything, we were poor. This is the worst game I have played in since I have been at Chelsea. We need to think about it, correct what was wrong and try to go again.

"We equalised just after half-time and we were trying to improve our game but then there was the penalty and red card which I think was a bit harsh. Still with 10 players, we had the chance to make it 2-2, but we didn't do it. There was a lot of space and they used the pitch very well, they deserved to win."





Carlos Tevez creates super-box at Manchester City and emulates Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen... but he's not touching the changing rooms....

On first glance Carlos Tevez's only similarity with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is long, black hair, but the Manchester City striker has in fact recently been inspired to enter the world of home-makeovers.

Tevez has bought two executives suites at the club's Eastlands ground and knocked them through to make one 'super-box', furnished with luxury items such as fridges, televisions and other luxury gizmos, according to The Sun.

The box will set him back £70,000 a season and is large enough for 20 of his friends to enjoy City's surge up the Premier League in style.

A pal said: 'Carlos has a lot of friends and family from Argentina and having room for ten people was just not enough for him.'

barcelona; abi's hips don't lie


So we all know Zi-do-me has the hots for Stevie. And known for his classy ways, Zidane has used this form to present to Stevie his...well now its just obcescion.

LOL just joking. Great ad for Adidas starring cartoon Zidane outside the Shankly Gates, raving about Stevie's awesomeness.