September 21st, 2009


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Police to investigate Craig Bellamy's run-in with fan at Manchester derby

Police have confirmed that they are to investigate an incident in which Craig Bellamy confronted a fan on the Old Trafford pitch following Manchester City's 4-3 defeat to Manchester United yesterday.

Bellamy approached the man, who had staged a solo pitch invasion, and shoved him in the face before the fan was then led away by stewards.

"At the end of the derby between Manchester United and Manchester City at Old Trafford, a member of the public ran on to the pitch, and was detained by police and security staff," a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said. "During this time, there was an altercation between the man and a player from Manchester City FC.

"No formal complaint has been made by either party but police are continuing to make inquiries."

Following his side's defeat, the Manchester City manager, Mark Hughes, said it was "not acceptable" for the fan to invade the playing area.

"I seem to recall Brian Clough clipping someone around the ear, and he was lauded as a national hero," said Hughes. "Maybe it will be the same case with Craig – but I doubt it.

"I'm sure people will make a nuisance about it, but the guy should not have been on the pitch. That is not acceptable."

Greater Manchester Police will also investigate a coin-throwing attack on the City substitute Javier Garrido, who was struck as he headed down the tunnel at half-time.

The missile was launched from the home section of the crowd as Garrido walked alongside the probable intended target, Carlos Tevez, who was jeered throughout by United fans following his transfer across the city during the summer.

Police said there were no reports of any widespread disorder between fans at either the ground or in the city centre.

Twelve people were arrested at the ground for a variety of public order offences and a further 10 were arrested in the city.

A total of 51 supporters were ejected from Old Trafford during the game


united: my ground is prettier than yours

Vermaelen is just a cheap copy of Vidic and you know it.

A new football rivalry has been born! Bigger than United v Liverpool City. Bigger than Boca v River. Bigger than Real Madrid v Barca. Bigger than Gillingham v Swindon.


Last week phwoffy04 and I started an argument over Nemanja Vidic and Thomas Vermaelen. After several rounds of


We decided to settle this the ontd_football way. aka shamelessly stealing the Friday Night Smackdown idea.

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Vida or Verma?

mikkel [bang bang me]

From Winger to Blinger!

RANGERS winger DaMarcus Beasley has beaten David Beckham - to be the first footballer with his own brand of BLING.

The US ace signed a deal with Scots jewellery firm The Diamond Studio to make his own range.

DaMarcus, 27, has the jump on brand Beckham - which has only managed fragrances, clothes and sunglasses so far.

He said: "I'm really excited about this. Jewellery is something I have always loved. I will be helping with designs and my signature will be on them."

The Glasgow firm made an £18,000 diamond ring for him. But his own dazzlers will go on sale from just £20 next month. Studio boss Summera Shaheen said: "We're also doing crosses and dog tags with black diamonds - it will have an urban feel."

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This is clearly helping out his chances to get called back up to the national team...everybody knows Bob Bradley loves bling.

King Henry of Arseland and Barcaville has spoken

Adebayor lacked respect over celebration: Henry

LONDON — Thierry Henry believes his former Arsenal teammate Emmanuel Adebayor was out of order with his celebrations in front of the Arsenal fans last week after scoring for his new club Manchester City.

The Togo striker ran the length of the Eastlands pitch to celebrate in front of the Gunners supporters after scoring in City's 4-2 Premier League win.
It sparked a furious reactions from the fans of his former club, and Arsenal legend Henry, now with Barcelona, took Adebayor to task over his actions.

The French striker told the Sunday Mirror: "The fans at Arsenal were great. They were and always will be my family.

"I never saw them behave badly so to react like they did at the weekend shows just how angry and upset they were.

"No matter what Adebayor's emotions were, he could have earned himself a lot of respect by not celebrating the goal.

"That would have shown real class and that to be honest is what most players choose to do when they score against their old clubs.

"I don't really understand why he didn't do that."

Henry added: "Arsene (Wenger) puts a lot of investment in you when he sees talent and I don't think it would hurt for Adebayor to show him, the club and the fans a little respect."

Adebayor has been charged with improper conduct for his controversial goal celebrations.
He has also been hit with a three-match ban after being found guilty of violent conduct following a stamp on Arsenal striker Robin van Persie's head in the game.

Just to say that Cuntbayor is, well, a cunt because Tits said so.

Plus, a bit of Arsène W. telling us when he started stalking Vermama

I liked him when he played against Thierry Henry
Wenger, who appears to have pulled off another masterstroke in the transfer market, was similarly delighted with Vermaelen and revealed he had earmarked him as an Arsenal player when he got involved in an argument with Van Persie after a strong tackle during the Amsterdam Tournament in 2007.

He said: "I liked him when he played against Thierry Henry and kept him quiet, and against Van Persie he also kept him quiet in Amsterdam. I thought 'Oh', and remembered the name. I put him in my brain and kept it in there.

"As a centre-back you need to be fully committed. He is now 24, and at that time of the Van Persie incident he was maybe 21, and he wanted to show he could compete."

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