September 19th, 2009

awooo waka waka espagna
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07:45 EST/12:00 GMT Burnley v Sunderland
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Arsenal v Wigan
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Bolton v Stoke
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Hull City v Birmingham
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Aston Villa v Portsmouth
12:30 EST/17:30 GMT West Ham v Liverpool

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12:00 EST/18:00 CET Deportivo v Espanyol
12:00 EST/18:00 CET Mallorca v Tenerife
14:00 EST/20:00 CET Málaga v Racing Santander
14:00 EST/20:00 CET Osasuna v Sevilla FC
16:00 EST/22:00 CET Barcelona v Atlético Madrid

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besame mucho

Honduran players smooch in a goal celebration

Sometimes we get excited over manpiles, bum-pats, on-pitch romps or even high fives, but two Honduran players went all the way to embrace each other in a mouth to mouth celebration this week!

The footballers involved were Vida midfielder Orlin Peralta (in the background) and defender Brayan Beckeles (in the foreground). Both players caused a media storm in South America this week after Beckeles put one hand on Peralta's cheek, wrapped the other around his shoulder and gave him what appeared to be a big smack on the lips.

However, due to the 'machismo' in Latin America where homosexuality is looked down upon, the two have been forced to deny that the lip lock occured, arguing that camera caught them at a bad angle.

"I'm a little upset about what was published and more to the picture, since it harms us in our working relationship and family," Beckeles said to La Prensa.

"I have not kissed my partner and I will never kiss a man. I think it's all a misunderstanding."

Both players are happily married family men.

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someone needs to tell them that it's ok, it happens in europe all the time (even in argentina)

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i amm serhio rahmosss an i ammm bahkkk

Sergio Ramos is healthy again having recovered from a left Achilles tendon injury and finds his name on the third squad list of the season. Metzelder and Xabi Alonso were not called up due to injury, Garay stages a comeback after not traveling to Zurich, Van der Vaart was left off due to a coaching decision and Pepe is still serving his suspension.