September 18th, 2009

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Did anyone watch tonight's Mock the Week?

'Twas hilarious, and there was a healthy dose of football jokes! Frankie was being his usual bitter self about England qualifying for the WC (:P), there was an Adebayor joke (though not the best Adebayor joke I've heard), and some fun banter around the headliners round. Russell made quite a large blunder, btw, he said Rooney stepped on Ronaldo's nuts when we all know he meant Carvalho's, but he did do his lovely Bristol accent, so that redeems it. (I happen to think he's growing more and more of a resemblance to Crouchie. Hee)


I think all UK residents can watch it here. So... recommended! :)

everything's fine :)

Hey guys, no need to panic, right? :)

Spain's David Silva admits Manchester United interest

Spain superstar David Silva has admitted he is interested in a switch to Manchester United.

Valencia forward Silva has been closely monitored by Sir Alex Ferguson for the past few months and the United boss has already sent scouts to two of his games this season.

Euro 2008 winner Silva said: “It’s an honour for any player that a club of the prestige of Manchester United should follow them and that in itself is enormous praise.

“I am committed to Valencia and my dream is to win the title but in the future anything is possible.

“Valencia have rejected offers for me in the past few months and I am happy here. But I also know that the Premier League is a big competition and hard to resist.”

Silva was top of Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez’s wanted list in the summer but they were put off by cash-strapped Valencia holding out for £30m.

However, United are also big admirers and Ferguson has the finance available to tempt Valencia into selling one of their prize assets.

Another article saying the same things here.

Load of crap, right? :)
awooo waka waka espagna
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ronaldo, can you handle this? tevez, can you handle this? i don't think you can handle this OOOOH

i don't think you're ready for this messi
i don't think you're ready for this messi
i don't think you're ready for this cuz

my contract's too barçalicious 4 u babe

Messi Signs New Contract til 2016

Making him the best paid player of the club

With an improved buyout clause that has gone up from €150 million to €250 million


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This is an eyelash post

Who would've known that this little fella would be the leader in the False Lashes market?

2009's best selling eyelashes go to...

(That's just a baby picture of him really...)

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