September 7th, 2009

Nando PES interview

So Nando did a interview with Videogameszone due to being a Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 cover star. In it he talks about what console he prefers, who plays with him at Liverpool and his gaming habits. He's also quizzed about past PES cover stars : )

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labour day variety post

France captain Thierry Henry tells coach Domenech that he is 'boring'

France has been hatin' on their NT coach for while, but somehow Dummyneck has remained in power of Les Bleus - putting them in a bad place at the WCQs. Le Parisien claims that Barcelona star Thierry Henry held a meeting with the coach at the training camp last Friday, criticizing his methods of training. Henry is quoted as saying:

"Coach, we have something to tell you. I am speaking in the name of the squad.

"We are getting bored during your training sessions. In 12 years with the French team, I have never been in such a situation.

"We do not know how to play, where to be on the pitch, how to organise. We do not know what to do. We have no style, no guidelines. It is not working." (Sky Sports)

A day after the captain voiced his concerns, France drew with Romania in a must-win qualifier, slimming their chances of competing in next summer's World Cup. However, Domenech still doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Reports say that he'll remain as the coach until the end of their WC camapaign - whenever that may be...

in other news...

1) Fifa's recent ban on Chelsea has resulted in more accusations towards English clubs on their ways of signing young players. French club Le Havre are now accusing Manchester United of tempting young star Paul Pogba to Old Trafford, with a compensation of €100,000 to each parent, and a house. (More @ Source)

2) Despite taking part in a satisfying victory over their rivals, Brazil's Kaka still wants Argentina to qualify for the World Cup, "no jokes!"


Yaya Toure eating up 60 yards and scoring a goal during Ivory Coast's WCQ on Saturday
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Good Things Come in Threes

1)Cheryl Cole would buy Newcastle if she had the money. If the only price is suffering her man at left back? BRING IT ON, LADY.

2)Look at these GQMFs right here:

This first person to .gif and/or icon this shit out of Benzema gets a giant, tasty prize.

ETA: c0rinne has provided pictorial evidence of the GQ-ness.

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Bonus #4: HQ sprawing Torres and thumb-sucking Villa for the ladies.

... And that's all I've got. Please imagine the text in all kinds of glitter and giant fonts and whatnot.
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LA Galaxy are intersted in FC Barcelona players Rafael Marquez and Thierry Henry

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According to the Los Angeles Galaxy are interested in finding a replacement for David Beckham if he does what is expected and leaves the team for AC Milan. The Galaxy in their quest to have a high profile player on their roster to attract fan support are looking at both FC Barcelona defender Rafael Marquez and forward Thierry Henry.

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Barcaloco are usually on point with their rumors, and wouldn't post unless it was something major.
I'm half and half on this...
I wouldn't mind having Rafa and Titi in LA permanently!