September 6th, 2009

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REPOST: Vote for your Golden Foot!

*** this is a re-post as a reminder to vote since the poll closes soon ***

The Golden Foot is an international award for players who have made an outstanding career contribution and are aged at least 29. The winner is decided by fans from all over the world and Golden Foot media partners and representatives.

Nominees for 2009


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Past Winners

2008: Roberto Carlos 2007: Alessandro Del Piero 2006 Ronaldo (the fat one), 2005: Andriy Shevchenko 2004: Pavel Nedved 2003: Roberto Baggio

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Schneider Tribute

If any of you would be willing to translate, that would be much appreciated!

Bernd Schneider, or "the White Brazilian" or Schnix, as we all know him was officially given a tribute by the DFB yesterday before the match against South Africa. He was forced to retire due to injury and will be missed by many. Let's remember the great contribution Schnix had on the German NT and in Bayer Leverkusen. For a great Schnix compilation, check out this wonderful video made by the DFB.

We'll miss you, Schnix!

Danke für alles.

Image courtesy of Getty.