September 3rd, 2009

Anne Bonny
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David Villa = Sexy Bitch

haha i was surfin youtube last night and found this vid, it made me laugh and since im bored i thought id share.

lmao that "his when you miss" gif never gets old xD
i cant wait to see that sexy bitch on saturday

oh btw does anybody no the time of the game for eastern time?? haha

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It's well known that almost every footballer you could care to mention is a fan of Phil Collins, but when it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo, the compliment is paid back.

The Genesis frontman told FourFourTwo magazine that he is a big fan of Ronaldo as a person, as well as a footballer: "Cristiano sent my boys Christmas presents. He's a lovely guy, really charming - but if I'd never met him I wouldn't have the same opinion. It's wrong to believe the things you read in the papers. With people having a go at Cristiano for diving, if you've got someone chipping away, yapping at your ankles like a dog for 90 minutes chances are you'll get p***ed off. I'm not saying when he stays down sometimes he's milking it - but he's human."

Also, interview with his sister where she talks about him is here. Some parts are in english, some aren't.

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Give this man a writing job, stat

Michael Essien Guest Blogs for

So apparently, Michael Essien will be guest blogging for While I missed the first one, I have the second one here for you guys to read. He mainly talks about scoring goals and gets opinions from his friends on what it feels like to see the ball hit the back of the net. Not only is he a great photographer, he's a pretty good writer as well...

I think after today's shenanigans all the Chelsea fans need a little uplifting while Big Daddy Abramovich readies the Chelsea Appeal War Machine...

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Holy sh*t dudes

FIFA bans Chelsea FC from signing players until January 2011!

Source: my tv (Sky Sports News)

*Will update

Something to do with reserve player Gael Kakuta and breaching a contract. Have to pay Lens £682,000 compensation (don't know if that's Chelsea or Kakuta that has to pay). Kakuta has been given a 4 month ban on top of it too.

The Guardian states:

Chelsea FC have been banned from signing any new players until 2011, after Fifa accused them of illegally inducing a French youth-team player to join the club in 2007.

Fifa's dispute resolution chamber today released a statement fining Gaël Kakuta €780,000 following a complaint from FC Lens and finding Chelsea "jointly and severely liable".

Continue reading the rest of the article from the link below

And more info here:,19528,11095_5535793,00.html

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awooo waka waka espagna
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Lionel Messi twelve years ago

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Newly released footage of a little 10 year old Messi ripping it up with Newell's
It's funny how his movements, style of play... and size have not changed a bit!

Some people are just born to be footballers, no? (except Rio Ferdinand, he was born to be a dancer)

post videos of your fav ballers in their best baller baby moments

recent vids of bojan krkic and sweet little boy walcott do not count

PS: Pep knows that proper care and nurture is vital to a footballer's upbringing