September 2nd, 2009

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Women's European Championship 2009! You know you want it!

Alright the Women's Euro is going on right now. Group stage is done now on to the quarter finals. I bring all the scores, attendance  and a buttload of pics. Show some support for your country women.

ETA: GOALS! (more from poster)

_euro00.jpg picture by tinaanna

90184837.jpg picture by tinaanna

Quarter Finals
9/3/200916:00Finland v England
9/3/200920:00Netherlands v France
9/4/200916:00Germany v Italy
9/4/200920:00Sweden v Norway

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katie moss
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Argentina vs Brazil!!!!

Argentina v Brazil

Saturday, September 5 - 8:30PM EST - Rosario Central

The biggest football rivalry in South America! And some might even argue that it's the biggest derby in international football. Since their first match in 1914, the teams have met 93 times, counting friendlies, World Cup, and other official competitions. Stats:

MatchesFor ArgentinaDrawFor BrazilGoals

Brazil are the current leaders of the CONMEBOL table, while Maradona's team are 4th - the last spot to guarantee a place in the World Cup. Argentina need to gain max points for the remainder of their fixtures which makes this a crucial game in many ways, while Brazil are always motivated to beat their rivals - especially after the recent defeat at the Beijing Olympics.

The media war began early, notably between Maradona and Pele. Maradona stated in a cocky comment that Argentina were going to beat Brazil because they have "the best players".

And recently, Pele replied to his remarks by saying: "Beating rival teams like Argentina has a different feeling. However, we all know who Maradona is. We cannot take into consideration anything he says. He has all the abilities to be a great coach, but he'd better not plan on beginning in the game against Brazil"


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bonjour (it's day 2).

How to spot an East German fast:


Applicable unless it's a geisha.

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And somehow for a few days this was turned into ontdfb_germany. To assuage all the pointless posting may I direct your attention to loewsmiserables
, a new community where those crazy about the nationalmannschaft can take out their bad karma there. (Mods, if community pimping is not appropriate, I shall take down this plug).

it's official : Cesc will never be able to cook dinner for us

Fabregas is on fire: Firefighters rush to Arsenal star's home after he burns his dinner!

Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas was left red faced when he caused firefighters to rush to his £5million home after burning his dinner.

Neighbours called the Fire Brigade after smoke was seen billowing out of the Spaniard's apartment in Hampstead, reports The Sun.

Fire crews left when they discovered there was no emergency.

One of Fabregas' neighbours was quoted as saying in The Sun: 'Cesc was really embarrassed. He apologised and said he had burnt something in the kitchen.'