August 25th, 2009

Αθηνα Προμαχος

Serie A: Giornata 1

In the last month or so, I've noticed we have a few Serie A fans on here-- and maybe some others who are interested in the league. And why wouldn't you be, it's the hottest damn league around. (Yes, I am biased.) I actually had some sort of random thought about doing a weekly SA wrap-up when I saw the Bundesliga wrap-up posts. Then I saw xfrerardaddictx (bb, hope I'm not treading on your toes) posted the classifica and there was a bit of spammage in the comments. I do spammage, video highlights, etc each week for the SA thread on Kickette. I'm going to post what I posted there, here.

I spam & post highlights for: Roma, Juve, Inter, Milan, Fiorentina, Napoli & Cagliari. I'm open to doing other teams, so all you have to do is ask. It's always easier to find pics for Milan, Inter & Juve, but I'll try regardless. I also try to post highlights of any badass game that didn't involve any of those teams.

Borri is seducing you into checking out the spammage.

Warning: Pic heavy.


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Generally, I'd post the classifica (standings) here, but since xfrerardaddictx already did, I'll leave it out.

NB: If you are a fan of Serie A, any of these teams, the Azzurri or the Azzurrini-- you really should check out/join ahh_serie_a. Their spams are epic, well-organized, w/ witty commentary intertwined w/ a game summary.

Opening weekend of Serie A brought to you by Leonardo.

And his glorious hair.


marry me



• Serb criticises agent over Barcelona speculation
• 'It is not true that my wife is not happy here'

Nemanja Vidic
Nemanja Vidic, pictured in action against Wigan, insists he is happy at Manchester United.


Nemanja Vidic has sought to play down speculation about his future by insisting he is happy at Manchester United.

The Serb has spoken out after recent comments credited to his agent Paolo Fabbri claimed he was chasing a move to Barcelona. Vidic, who was one of United's key players in their Premier League title defence last season, made his first start of the season in Saturday's 5-0 win over Wigan after recovering from injury.

"I've never said anything about Barcelona or Real Madrid or Milan – or any club," he said. "I never speak about my future so I don't know why someone else does. I showed at Wigan on the pitch how happy I am at this club.

"Any fan of United only has to see how I played to know how committed I am. I spoke with my agent about this and what he said. I know about all the rumours about me but I don't want it to have an impact on the club.

"It's not a good time for my club to be hearing those rumours," said the 27-year-old, in reference to the summer departures of Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Vidic also dismissed as untrue reports his wife, Ana, has not settled in Manchester. "It's not true that my wife is not happy," he continued. "I don't know how that rumour came out, she's not what you'd call a famous wife. She's never spoken to a newspaper."

Vidic is also reported to be extending his contract at Manchester United.


the rumors mustve suprised him

darcy doesn;t sparkle


Arsene Wenger Welcomes 'Arsenalisation' Of Emirates Stadium

The Frenchman advocates the need to make Ashburton Grove more like the Gunners' home...

thierry message to arsenal
In case you hadn't realised, this is from the man, Thierry Henry.

The 'Arsenalisation' project, that sees a Highbury Shrine, 32 iconic and legendary players linking arms along the exterior of the stadium, and 12 "Greatest Moments" dotted along the inside, is one that is supported by Arsene Wenger.

He explained to the club's official website that, "I have met so many people who have been going to Arsenal for 50 or 60 years and had their heart and soul at Highbury.

"We have to give them something back here where they think ‘that is part of what I have experienced my whole life’.

"They want to see the faces of the players they have seen - Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin. That has to still continue here.

"The desire is there but not only from me, the board want to do it and personally I find it a fantastic idea."

There are also rumours that the famous clock from Highbury, currently stationed outside the Emirates Stadium, will be moved inside the ground, so the club can again have a 'Clock End'.

Combined with the revolution of the stadium, Arsenal have been undergoing a tactical re-jig, and holding midfielder Alex Song has hailed the effectiveness of Wenger's 4-3-3.

The Gunners boast a 100 per cent record thus far, with collective wins over Everton (6-1), Celtic (2-0), and Portsmouth (4-1). The triumphs have been more notable for the way the team works as a unit, both in defence and attack, and the pressing play has also been widely lauded.

Song enthused, "When we came back and played our first game the boss asked us to play in this formation. In the Everton and Celtic games everyone’s been very happy with the situation because we’ve played very well – we’ve passed the ball just as people expect Arsenal to, but when we’ve lost the ball you can see that everyone has been closing it down so quickly."

Alan Dawson,

I would love this...


Part of these new features will be walls that depict twelve of the 'Greatest Moments' in the club's history, with relating images and numbering. These 'moments' will be on walls around the lower concourse.

Manager Arsène Wenger has also been a part of the Arsenalisation process, and it shouldn't be a surprise as the Frenchman has been involved in SEVEN of these twelve greatest moments, listed below:

  • 25 – The Herbert Chapman era
  • 71 – The 'Double'
  • 89 – Winning the title at Anfield
  • 94 – Winning the Cup Winners' Cup
  • 95 – Dennis Bergkamp signing for Arsenal
  • 96 – Arsène Wenger appointed manager
  • 97 – Ian Wright breaks Cliff Bastin's goalscoring record
  • 98 – First 'Double' under Arsène Wenger
  • 02 – Another 'Double'
  • 04 – Arsenal winning the league and remaining unbeaten
  • 05 – Thierry Henry breaking the Club's goalscoring record
  • 49 – Unbeaten run by the 'Invincibles'


as if we haven't had enough drama for one day.

Well, this is a 'wtf'-ery moment.

Jansen's ex- Julia Goedecke (25) has long been pregnant but kept the identity of the father a secret until yesterday; it's Christoph Metzelder, fellow German football hero.

PROVIDED BY: bismarcksotto.
  • He confirmed the news to BILD yesterday. Saying, "yes it is true I will be a father, I am looking forward to it"
  • Both are not having a liaison at the moment Metzelder affirmed he would take care of the girl nevertheless.
  • When asked about a personal future for the pair, Metzelder declared that is not up for public discussion, all I will say is that I will take on my responsibility as father, that is all."
  • It also says that he's been seen with Marie Wellman, a lot recently-- "a relationship to whom he forcefully denies."
  • ETA: [Julia] broke up with Jansen, shortly after he came to HSV in fall of 2008; she's been knocked up for 7 months.
  • ETA #2:  He says that he will not be in a relationship with her.
  • ETA #3: "Goedicke is due to have the Baby in October - a good time for Metzelder to be there with her since that month will see a lenghthy club-football break due to World Cup qualification games scheduled there. As Metzelder has not received a single national team call-up in over a year, it doesn't look like anything will be keeping him from witnessing the birth of his daughter."

Oh dear god, if this isn't true then the BILD will have a lawsuit and a half.

[♥]roaming gnome

La Liga news round up

First of all

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He's signed a 5 year deal with Espanyol, who are paying Boca 4 million euros for him. I hope this means more call ups for the Argentina NT for him, Diego can go and watch him when he comes visit Leo. Nos vemos en el Derbi, Forlín!


english football hooliganism at its best

Violence erupts at London derby

Upton Park
Police say hundreds of people have been involved in the violence

A man has been stabbed in the chest during violence involving "hundreds" of fans outside West Ham's Upton Park stadium during a game with Millwall.

Fights broke out at 1915 BST and were still raging more than an hour later. A man was stabbed in nearby Priory Road at about 2025 BST.

A fan told the BBC it was the worst hooliganism he had seen in 30 years.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "It looks like there has been some planned trouble from fans."

He added: "Hundreds of fans are estimated to be involved."

The 44-year-old stab victim is said to be in a stable condition.

A fan told the BBC it was the worst hooliganism he had seen in 30 years.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "It looks like there has been some planned trouble from fans."

He added: "Hundreds of fans are estimated to be involved."

The 44-year-old stab victim is said to be in a stable condition.

One pub reportedly had its windows broken by bricks during running battles across several streets up to half a mile from the stadium.

Two arrests have been confirmed, for affray and breaching a control order.

British Transport Police said they heard reports of minor overcrowding at Upton Park Tube station.

The BBC's Ben Jacobs, who is at the stadium, said: "The trouble broke out outside the Tube station about 600 yards from the ground.

"There were 500 to 1,000 riot police and Millwall fans managed to break through the divide.

"Bottles were thrown and bricks were as well."

He added: "There has been a bit of trouble inside the ground.

"There was a penalty shout and fans started gesturing and throwing small objects."

'Burly bald man'

Aaron Smith from Hemel Hempstead, who was at the game, said: "I saw one man cornered by at least a dozen Millwall fans before kick-off. Terrifying scenes."

Eyewitness Fergal O'Brien said: "I saw a West Ham fan getting punched in the face by a burly bald man who had a coin between his fists."

Another fan said: "I was in a throng walking up and a group of hooligans came for us.

"The police wanted to help but they were clearly afraid to use force. I am still shaking. I thought I was going to die."

Meanwhile Ben Newton, from Harrow, north London, said his father had been stretchered away after being hit with a dart to the head.

And a Millwall fan told the BBC: "It was like a war zone outside the stadium. There was fighting all round.

"I brought my kids with me tonight and they've seen some violence that is indescribable."


typical millwall.