August 22nd, 2009

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Engrish Primer Leg


10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Arsenal v Portsmouth
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Birmingham v Stoke City
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Hull City v Bolton
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Sunderland v Blackburn
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Manchester City v Wolverhampton
10:00 EST/15:00 GMT Wigan v Manchester United

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omg O_O

West Ham defender Calum Davenport has undergone surgery after suffering serious stab wounds.

The 26-year-old and his mother were involved in an incident late on Friday night at his home in Bedford.
Both were taken to hospital and Davenport'sinjuries required surgery on Saturday morning, while is mother is reported to be recovering.

The Hammers have released a brief statement on their official website and are in continuous contact with the hospital where Davenport is being treated.

The statement read: "West Ham United can conform that Calum Davenport was being treated in hospital on Saturday afternoon after an incident late on Friday night.

"The 26-year-old defender has his mum both suffered stab wounds at home in Bedford.

"His mum is recovering while Calum underwent surgery this morning and his injuries were described as serious by doctors.

"The club's medical team are in contact with hospital staff.

"The thoughts of everyone at West Ham are with Calum and his family and, due to the ongoing police investigation, no further information will be released at this time."


omg. Here's to a swift and full recovery, as well as the police finding whoever did this. :(
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Fernando Torres new face of L'Oreal

Fernanda Tresses shows up to training wearing eyeshadow

smile with your eyes

Liverpool's porno stars (Voronin and Kyrgiakos, not Nando) together in training...

So which one of these adult film stars has the bigger money maker?!

Poll #1447432 Who's got it packin'?

Who's got it packin?

Voronin, by a mile. Or two.
Kyrgiakos, he's Greek!

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Ballers with brains

The thinking man's player

Footballers are rarely seen as intellectuals, but as Thierry Henry so eloquently put it back in 2005:
"You have to be clever when it comes to sport in general and football in particular."

True words indeed, and there are plenty of players who prove that football and intelligence can go hand in hand. Some, such as Cameroon's Romarin Billong (Masters degree in financial controlling) and France's Jean-Alain Boumsong (university diploma in Mathematics), have managed to continue their studies despite the considerable demands of playing and training. Others, such as Greece's German-born coach Otto Rehhagel or England goalkeeper David James, have forged a reputation as lovers of the arts or politics.

The spotlight is back on Real Madrid and their new crop of Galacticos this season, but chairman Florentino Perez's real coup is perhaps the signing of two eminently qualified individuals to his staff, namely his director of football Jorge Valdano and first-team coach Manuel Pellegrini.

The latter, known as El Ingeniero (the Engineer) since he has a civil engineering degree from the Catholic University in Santiago, should be able to hold his own when it comes to debates with his fellow South American. El Filósofo (the Philosopher), as Valdano is known, has written a number of works about the sport and is himself a real bookworm. "I do read a lot," the 1986 FIFA World Cup™-winner said. "This probably comes from the fact that I used to be on my own a lot, and when you've got no-one to talk to, the best form of company is a good book."

In the Madrid dressing room there is also Christoph Metzelder, "who speaks the language of Cervantes better than a lot of native Spaniards" according to Perez. The German defender will no doubt enjoy some intellectual cut-and-thrust with new arrival Esteban Granero, who is a psychology specialist. Los Merengues have a fine tradition of academic players, with Jose Martinez Sanchez, or Pirri as he was known, winning 10 league titles and three Spanish Cups with Real Madrid between 1964 and 1980 before going on to become a doctor, working as part of the team's medical staff in the 1980s.


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time to lose some brain cells

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Stranger: ok
Stranger: lets start
Stranger: every mornig u wake up
Stranger: and must go Pee
Stranger: if u pee standing
Stranger: then
Stranger: disconnect
Stranger: if u must sit down ....dont disconnect yet
You: But what if I pee standing in the shower?
You: I mean like.
Stranger: well
Stranger: hard question

You: fernando torres?
Stranger: lima bean
You: potato sack
Stranger: limited notoriety
You: reckless abandon
Stranger: addictive nature
You: iker casillas
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Sometimes we take over the place
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P.S if you end up getting a good conversation take a screen cap and message me it so I can post it on next weeks opener.
Negredo flying

The James Bond of football

The Soap Opera of the Summer:


el Futuro 9 de la Real Madrid y España

My magnum opus on Alvaro Negredo – my summer crush, the future Number 9 of Real Madrid and Spain – and his journey from Real Madrid’s cantera to Sevilla’s Champions League squad. These past few days have been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, and this is how it felt . . .

It happens every summer, without fail. Ahhh, summer flings . . remember Sergio and Fernando last year? Euro 2008, popsicles dripping on your skin, a cool breeze in from the lake while you giggled over picspams and fanfics and White Angels? Yeah – like that.

Except this summer, it was different. Way different. It was all of a sudden – it was messy – it was confusing and heartbreaking and grand. And at the end, finally, finally – there was a happy ending. But his journey from Real Madrid to Sevilla was anything but easy.

He is our future Number 9.

When I first saw him, in this photo – I thought, WOW. Who is this?? He’s gorgeous! Honestly, I had no clue he existed, amidst all the hoopla over the Galacticos – ahem, over one in particular, as billions upon billions of Cristiano Ronaldo photos of every kind flooded the Internet. But Alvaro just – has this look about him that is simply timeless. Like one of those artistocrats – a young scion living on an estate and being groomed for a title but you get the sense that he goes undercover at night, maybe solving mysteries or fighting crime or whatever – like James Bond. Seriously, he looks so gentlemanly off the pitch, but on it, he’s nicknamed “the wild animal”. In another lifetime, he could be a Hollywood star. The James Bond of football.

He is our future Number 9.

Real Madrid isn’t Real Madrid without drama, but he’s only been here two months and he’s been through the worst of it, through every possible tug of war and emotion this summer. He’s a rising star – just turned 24, strong, a born striker – a former Madrid canterano just like Granero and Miguel who scored 32 goals for Almeria the last two seasons and was on the verge of a La Seleccion call-up. Now, everybody’s fighting for him. He wants to go to Sevilla – but we won’t let him. Never – we’ll never agree to strengthen a rival, especially in both La Liga and the Champions League.

Or will we? This is the story . .

Before the jump, one question: Does anyone else find Alvaro hot? Plus, if you're a Sevilla fan, we must get together! Tell me how he will be used?

( Esteban and Miguel are chasing each other around with magic spray . . . )