August 17th, 2009

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Premier League fantasy football

So after Round 1, how did everyone's fantasy team go? People who had Cesc as their captain got more points than my entire team. I am coming 58th out of 62 in the ontd_football league \o/

Who performed well in your team? Who bombed? Also, because I am bored at work and tired from being awake from 1am-3am watching Liverpool (ugh, fail) feel free to spam this post with general Round 1 reactions/observations/photos/whatever.

Apologies for this being a dull text-only post... I would make it pretty somehow but I'm too braindead.
hott cesc


now we talk omegle!

these following conversations are all real..none are made up...actual responses to actual questions


You: hi

Stranger: hello

You: im fernando torres

Stranger: i know a fernando torres..

You: im that one

You: im hott

Stranger: well you ar gay so it makes sense that you think of yourself as hot

You: gerrard disapproves


Stranger: hello

You: hi im sergio ramos

Your conversational partner has disconnected.



Stranger: hi

You: hi im cesc fabregas

Stranger: m or f?

You: cesc fabregas

Stranger: girl?



Stranger: O HAII!!!

Stranger: :)

You: hi im cristiano ronaldo

Stranger: hi

Stranger: i'm a t-rex!



You: im theirry henry

Stranger: fuck you!!

You: plz....let bojan do that

Stranger: bojan?

Stranger: i am aron


Stranger: Let's rap.

You: hi im fernando torres

You: rap...then im ryan babel

Stranger: OK.

Stranger: go.

You: fernando loves gerrard

You: he loves when he hits him hard

Stranger: O SHIT

Stranger: U GAY SON

Stranger: ?




Stranger: I'm 13 and what is this ?

You: hi im sergio ramos

Stranger: Hi I'm a nigger

You: this is a pony ride

Stranger: do you like frying chickens ?



Stranger: hihi

Stranger: ?

You: im florentino perez

Stranger: girl?

Stranger: or boy?

You: guess

Stranger: dude

Stranger: haha

You: im a boy but i like hot boys like ronaldo,kaka,benzema,albiol n I want villa.....(drools)

Stranger: ....................

Stranger: wtf

You: i pay money for them!!

Stranger: u gay?

You: no im rich



Stranger: hullo

You: im florentino perez

Stranger: i usto be love drunk... now im hungover

You: i know david beckham

Stranger: could u get me a soccer ball?

You: ball??

Stranger: or just him



Stranger: hello

You: hi im rafael van der vaart

You: n im depressed

You: madrid hates me

You: coz perez hates me and he rules Madrid…y don’t u type ./ u hate me too

Stranger:   Yes.           



You: hi im iker casilla

You: s

Stranger: don't backsass me!



You: hi im iker casillas

You: i like prostitutes

Stranger: HI

Stranger: Where are you from?

You: i guard real madrid

Stranger: I am from Taiwan

(yeah bore me out of my mind)



Stranger: hi

You: hi im cesc fabregas

Stranger: kool name

Stranger: where you from?

(how can ppl not know cesc!!!)



You: hi im didier drogba

You: fuck you!!!

Stranger: haha

You: i like saying that...even on tv

Stranger: i am messy

Stranger: fuck you

You: but now i score goals

You: i hate barcelona

Stranger: you are mad

You: n norvegien refs

Stranger: i love it

You: am i?

Stranger: all people in the world love barca

(sure..yeah right)



Stranger: hi

You: hi im ronaldo....cristiano ronaldo

Stranger: what?

Stranger: my english is poor

(ppl in all parts of world know cr7 now cr9…wtf)


 Let me know ur omegle incidents too....spam away!!!





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LA Sol win the season but epically fail at sunglass selection

David Beckham fulfills a contractual obligation congratulates  the LA Sol on winning the season and wishes them luck in the playoffs. Do ya'll think he will actually be there to watch?

Don't know wtf happened with these chicas. It as if they just snagged some sunglasses from the audience. It's OK girls,ya'll still look fly.
sol-trophy.jpg picture by tinaanna

trophy.jpg picture by tinaanna

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"Sometimes I dive, sometimes I stand"

This is a Didier Drogba post (and no, I don't care if you fucking hate him.)

He's my favourite footballer (together with Titi and Sergio) and I feel so ~special~ because I'm his only fangirl around here. Anyway, I know most of you hate his guts, but come on, you gotta admit the man has got some serious acting talents and unparalleled flair for dramatics. And even if you're blind and dumb, you can't deny he has a HOT body. And cheekbones. And lips. Hands also. And his eyes, I love his eyes <3. Come on, I'm sure I can convince some of you that he's a really decent guy.

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