August 10th, 2009

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New Liverpool shirt sponsor deal close

This season is set to be the last of the iconic Carlsberg-sponsored Liverpool shirts. The 17-year relationship (longest running the Premier League) is coming to an end after Liverpool and Carlsberg have not been able to reach a new agreement on a sponsorship deal. Reports suggest that American Financial giants Standard Chartered are in the run to sponsor the Reds for around £15million per year.

Standard Chartered just recently lost out to Aon in competition to sponsor Man United.



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Footballer tackles player rip-offs

A professional footballer is launching a website aimed at helping fellow players avoid being ripped off or getting bad service.

Middlesbrough defender Andrew Taylor came up with the idea after being dissatisfied with a company that installed an audio system in his home.

Platinum Players will feature companies that offer "luxury lifestyle products" - from cars and gadgets to hotels and restaurants - which have been vetted and deemed "trustworthy" for the stars.

There are also jewellers, financial advisers and lawyers - most of whom have been used by the left-back, or recommended to him by other players.

The UK's 4,000 professional footballers will be sent log-in details for the invitation-only site.

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The start of another Premier League season is nearly upon us, and today's Guardian has very helpfully provided a supplement detailing the ins and outs of every club in the Premier League this season, in usual comedic form.

I've only scanned in The Big Four (plus Man City for lulz), so if you want to see the others I suggest you scam a guardian from someone as they're not on the website. Because this took waaaay longer than I anticipated and took forever to upload just to do 5. I'm kinda losing the will to live with it now. But it's very funny and definitely worth a look.

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EDIT: They are available online here if you want to see the whole PL.


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GIRLS, what are you most looking forward to in the Premier League season?

So I'm currently listening to Chris Evans on Radio 2 here in the UK and the Women's Minute Question is:
What are you most looking forward to in the Premier League football season?

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So..what is everyone else looking forward to the most about the Premier League season?

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Liverpool FC vs Atlético de Madrid Review

So I went to the Liverpool vs Atlético match on Saturday - my first time at Anfield - and it was so freaking amazing!

I wrote up a review on my page HERE and also uploaded some of the photos we took!

Hope you'll all go have a look and enjoy the read & the photos. :D

Of course like who_love said in the Match post, "DO IT FOR camillaah SHE DIDN'T GO ALL THAT WAY FOR YOU TO LOSE" unfourtunately we did lose but I had the BEST time. What an amazing thing to experience.

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Gonzalo meets Maradona.

A Glimmer Of Hope For Gonzalo?

After Real Madrid's 3-0 win over DC United with goals from Gonzalo Higuain and Arjen Robben, the team swiftly flew back to Barajas Airport where they bumped into members of the Argentian National Team waiting to fly out for their friendly against Russia on Wednesday.

Also there was Argentina's coach Diego Maradona, who Gonzalo Higuain was spotted talking to for a good few minutes, with smiles all round. This was the first time the two had actually met face to face and seemed like a positive step.

When asked about the National Team after yesterday's game, Gonzalo stressed that it was still "his dream to play for the country he grew up in".

Does this mean Gonzalo might be edging closer to a Argentine NT call up?

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English Fantasy football. Join. It will be fun.

Many of you will probably already take part so know how it works, you have a team based on a budget which earns you points depending on goals, assists, clean sheets etc. The person with the most points at the end of the season wins. Simple. It takes maybe 5-10 minutes each week to check the team and make sure you don't have injured players in the team otherwise you would lose points.

Log on too:

If you already have a login go on that website. Go on create/join league and enter the code (below) as I have created a private league. The first league is the general league and the second is the head to head league which only allows 20 people to take part. I'm sure most of you can guess by the name head to head what it is/means.

normal ontd_football football fantasy: 48304-16319

head to head: 48304-16311

Pool fans, this could be your best chance at actually winning the league :P


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