August 8th, 2009

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Real Madrid Training in Toronto Vids

My camera battery is stone-cold dead. Waiting for it to charge so I can download my pics from the match, so I have time to post my vids from last night.

I feel kinda sad now. Not like with Chelsea, then I was on a high for days. Maybe it is because I got to meet my Chelsea boys and I didn't get to meet Iker, Raul, Guti or Torres...

Torres was captain at the end, made me want to cry when I proud of him and probably 90% of the fans at BMO probably had no idea who he was :(

White kits look epic in rl and pics just don't do it justice...the white against the green pitch and Raul had like a white light around him, his was the whitest and most god-like...and yes, I am crazy.

FYI Iker scratches a lot...I could get him something for that...

Iker and Guti going to the presser, would love to see the end of the presser again cause Guti was playing with Iker's beard :)

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TFC v Real Madrid vids

I was in row 17 for the game but lurked about in row 1 during the warm-up. I love my camera and my 16GB card. I need another battery though :(

There are a lot of vids but if you are going to just watch a few scroll down to the one of Iker coming off at the half after giving his shirt to a fan. He's wearing stupid underarmour but his arms are worth watching :D

This took forever so I hope you all enjoy.

Oh and can someone gif the Iker moment? Pretty please? *begs*

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cheryl can't speak french

Cheryl is not the only hot Geordie involved with a footballer.

Ladies (and especially gents) of ONTD football, say hello to the newest lady in Rio Ferdinand's life, his new... business partner(?!) Francoise Boufhal (and her purported 28HH rack)!

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That's right, Francoise beat out numerous other hopefuls for a spot working on Rio's lifestyle mag. No comment as yet from Mrs. Ferdinand, but this is one business partnership that just might set gossipy tongues a-WAGging somewhere. Pun fully intended in all its cheesy glory.

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salsa caliente: Daily Star via Anygüey, which also has mucho mas fotos in their gallery, for those of you so inclined.
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Espanyol's Captain Dies In Hotel Room

Several Spanish news outlets are reporting that Daniel Jarque, Espanyol's captain has died in his hotel room at the team's training camp in Italy.

It's believed that he had a heart attack whilst on the phone to his girlfriend. He was taken to hospital where they tried to revive him, but was pronounced dead.

He was 26 years old.

Updates as we get them.

My heart goes out to his family and girlfriend.

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England squad for friendly international against Holland/Netherlands in Amsterdam on August 12:

Foster (Manchester United), Green (West Ham), Robinson (Blackburn); Bridge (Manchester City), A Cole (Chelsea), Ferdinand (Manchester United), Johnson (Liverpool), Lescott (Everton), Terry (Chelsea), Upson (West Ham); Barry (Manchester City), Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy), Carrick (Manchester United), Gerrard (Liverpool), Lampard (Chelsea), Milner (Aston Villa), Walcott (Arsenal), Wright-Phillips (Manchester City), Young (Aston Villa); Cole (West Ham), Heskey (Aston Villa), Rooney (Manchester United), Defoe (Tottenham).


So Owen didnt get his call up. lol o dear.