August 7th, 2009

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FIFA '10 cover

For those of you who like to play football video games, EA sports has chosen the players who will be on the cover of the new FIFA '10 cover =D
Karim Benzema and Xavi Hernandez have been chosen to be the faces on the new cover.

source :

source in english :

i dont know if this is the official cover but this is the picture at the site:

[photo from the news]

eh it came out all blurry and crappy cuz i had to stretch it =(((
so like i said i dunno if this is the official one but if it is its pretty sweet =D

i must say i am saddened that i dont get to see torres and villa on the cover =(
i just got that in my head from an awesome fanmade cover i found:

fifa10torresandvilla.jpg picture by mlo_7

seriously how awesome is that??? whoever made that gets MAJOR props

so yea we get to look forward to seeing xavi and benzema on the cover =DDDDD

i keep keep bleeding

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their ship name would be xaka...

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LOL you know how people who are doing one constant thing (like, smoking) and then suddenly stop cold turkey? I wonder if Xabi was dreaming of Liverpool on the plane and then suddenly woke up because "WTF RONALDO!? KAKA!? SERHHIO RAMO REAL MADRID PLAYAHH!? ISH DISH REAL LIFE!?"
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So I'm gonna post it.
Real madness infects Toronto

The soccer club Real Madrid arrives at Pearson International Airport's Terminal 3 and slips out a side exit. Despite attempts by police and airport security to hold them back, fans used emergency exit doors to get close to their idols. (Aug. 6, 2009)

For several minutes, security and police held the bus up, nervously signalling to each other.
Apparently, they were worried about a stampede outside BMO Field, where several hundred supporters were waiting for Real Madrid's arrival. Now the bus, whose total worth temporarily exceeded half a billion dollars, was here. Nearly a hundred loose fans angled to be standing directly beside the door when it pulled up.

After some negotiations, the bus was let through. Police pushed the squealing crowd back.
The door opened. And some schmuck in a photographer's bib came stumbling out.

"It's the press!" someone screamed.
"It's the f------ press!" someone else corrected.

Two strange things here. First, these were Toronto sports fans. Rushing a bus. And not because it was headed to Oakville 10 minutes before the end of the third period.

Second, the Spanish media covering Real Madrid get their own bus. Maybe "strange" isn't the word I'm looking for. Maybe "seething jealousy" works better.

Whatever it is, it feels jarring, unusual. Could that be ... yes, I believe that feeling is what fans in cities that regularly host winners call "excitement."

Toronto's sports landscape is a little like a Rolling Stones gig – acceptable levels of anticipation, orderly sales to many mildly interested fans, followed by a workmanlike and disappointing performance. Now, suddenly, we've got the Beatles, their heads unfrozen (yes, even Paul's!), reunited one final time. We've got an honest-to-goodness, one-night-only Sports Event.

You remember Events? They generally occur in The Playoffs. Or in contests which hold out the promise of leading to The Playoffs. All right, maybe you don't. That makes Real Madrid's arrival, in all its carnivalesque, kitschy glory, something to get a little giggly about.

When the real Real finally arrived, the crowd got a little swoony.
The roll call of world-beaters – Kaka, Raul, Casillas, Xabi, even (gasp!) C-Ron – came stumbling out, looking only slightly less travel-worn than that schmuck the photographer.
That sort of star power turns even the most experienced heads.

"You looking for a transfer for next season?" someone joked with Toronto FC captain Jim Brennan at the press conference a few minutes later.

"Yeah," Brennan said. "I wish."

The presser was an enjoyable fiasco. FC contributors Brennan and manager Chris Cummins were a little awed in their own house. Real's representatives – midfielder Guti, goalkeeper Iker Casillas and manager Manuel Pellegrini – were supremely bored. Chins-in-hands bored. Where-am-I-today bored. These guys have the vacant gaze of zoo animals. They've spent too many years being stared at. After being freed of their (mostly non-) talking duties, they headed out to greet 18,000-or-so fans who'd paid $15 to watch the world's most wanted scrimmage.

For the most part, soccer practices are a crushing bore. But these people came ready to celebrate the little things. Like jogging around the field.

The first lap? The first lap was glorious.

The players padded the perimeter, tenderly feeling things out. Easy does it being the rule of the day, because grass doesn't tend to lay roots in 36 hours. Some unfortunate is going to attempt a sliding tackle at tonight's game and end up four feet underground with his kneecaps in his hip sockets.

As the Real mob passed each section, a roar went up. Flashbulbs popped. More girlish screeching. And not all of it from girls.
Then they neared the end of that inaugural Real-Madrid-Comes-To-Toronto lap – what excitement! – and it. Just. Got. Better! An overly emotional fellow in a Real jersey came storming on to the field and attempted to grab Guti – Guti?! – in a bear hug. Achingly bored pressroom Guti suddenly became I can't die in godforsaken Canada Guti as he sprang out of the way.

And the emotional arrow continued to point upward. After 15 minutes of aerobic prelims, the squad split up to scrimmage on a one-sixth field.

This is familiar stuff, but it's whiz-bang if you've never seen it performed at this level. One-touch passing. No attempt at defence. Fire at will. The likes of Ronaldo and Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben and Guti (looking energized by his near-cuddling experience) thumping them into the net from distance.

The crowd oohed and aahed like religious converts for half an hour.

It only lasted 50 minutes total. But it was brilliant barnstorming. Sport pared down to performance art.

In that vein, some have criticized Real's match tonight as a circus, a cash-grab, a PR stunt. Yes, yes, and yes. So what?
We've spent so long approaching our sports like a Puritan wedding – grit teeth, don finery, pray – that we need a little Ringling Bros. pizzazz to snap us out of our torpor.

We need Real to remind us that, once in a while, this is just supposed to be fun.

u spin my head rite round rite round

Hughes blasts upcoming international friendlies

Mr. Hughes already got his way with leaving Tevez out of the Argie squad (Maradona is probably eating his feelings somewhere) but somehow he still can't stop whining. I think we can say he was fortunate to not have half his starting line up gone for international duty this summer. This is reality for being a coach, no? Suck it up Welsh boy

"It is a frustration because historically the week leading into the first game was always really important.

"That period was when you fine-tuned the team and tried to get everyone at the same level in terms of fitness and mentality going into the first game.

"It is now compromised because players are flying around the planet playing international friendlies.

"The consolation is that everyone is in the same boat and other clubs will be as badly affected as we will be.

"You just make the most of it, and hope you will get everyone back fit and well on Thursday.

"Some may well miss Friday, which is not ideal preparation for the first game, but it is what we are presented with." (Source)

OH PS: Tevez had a bit of a heel problem after slipping in the shower hahahahaha

and this is the Argie squad to face the Russians, for those curious:
Maradona named uncapped midfielders Mario Bolatti and Jesus Datolo

Goalkeepers: Juan Pablo Carrizo (Real Zaragoza), Mariano Andujar (Catania)
Defenders: Javier Zanetti (Inter Milan), Emiliano Papa (Velez Sarsfield), Gabriel Heinze (Real Madrid), Daniel Diaz (Getafe), Nicolas Burdisso (Inter Milan), Nicolas Otamendi (Velez Sarsfield), Martin Demichelis (Bayern Munich)
Midfielders: Javier Mascherano (Liverpool), Fernando Gago (Real Madrid), Sebastian Battaglia (Boca Juniors), Mario Bolatti (Huracan), Maximiliano Rodriguez (Atletico Madrid), Jonas Gutierrez (Newcastle United), Jesus Datolo (Napoli), Juan Sebastian Veron (Estudiantes)
Forwards: Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Sergio Aguero (Atletico Madrid), Lisandro Lopez (Olympique Lyon), Diego Milito (Inter Milan), Ezequiel Lavezzi (Napoli)

wtf jona is still with newcastle? get outta thurrrr

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i know i just posted but whatevs...


Full draw for playoff round of Champions League:

FC Sheriff (MDA) v Olympiacos CFP (GRE)
FC Salzburg (AUT) v Maccabi Haifa FC (ISR)
FK Ventspils (LVA) v FC Grasshopper Zurich (SUI)
FC Copenhagen (DEN) v APOEL FC (CYP)
Levski Sofia (BUL) v Debrecen (HUN)

Olympique Lyonnais (FRA) v RSC Anderlecht (BEL)
Celtic FC (SCO) v Arsenal FC (ENG)
FC Timisoara (ROU) v VfB Stuttgart (GER)
Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR) v Fiorentina (ITA)
Panathinaikos FC (GRE) v Atlético Madrid (ESP)



Europa League Play-Off Round Draw

PAOK vs. Heerenveen                                       Dinamo Zagreb vs. Heart of Midlothian

Werder Bremen vs. Aktobe                                Everton vs. Sigma

BATE vs. Litex                                                        NAC vs. Villarreal

Lech vs. Club Brugge                                           Fulham vs. Amkar

Galatasaray vs. Levadia                                    Teplice vs. Hapoel Tel-Aviv

Metalurh Donetsk vs. Austria Wien                  Twente vs. Qarabag

Roma vs. Kosice                                                    Dinamo Moscow vs. CSKA Sofia

Genk vs. Lille                                                           PSV vs. Bnei Yehuda

Lazio vs. Elfsborg                                                   Trabzonspor vs. Toulouse

Partizan vs. Zilina                                                    Baki vs. Basel

Ajax vs. Slovan Bratislava                                     Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Sivasspor

Brondby vs. Hertha                                                  Athletic Bilbao vs. Tromso

Sarajevo vs. Cluj                                                       Rapid Wien vs. Aston Villa

Steaua Bucuresti vs. St Patrick’s Athletic           Sparta Praha vs. Maribor

Zenit St. Petersburg vs. Nacional                           Genoa vs. Odense

Dinamo Bucuresti vs. Liberec                                  Guingamp vs. Hamburg

Sion vs. Fenerbahce                                                   Sturm vs. Metalist

Slavia Praha vs. Crvena Zvezda                            Benfica vs. Vorskla

Vaslui vs. AEK                                                          
Stabaek vs. Valencia
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A £120,000 back-to-work binge for soccer stars (with a helping hand from Prince Harry, who sent over a £650 bottle of bubbly...)

The first big game of the season is just days away.

But in case anyone needed reminding that football is back, a host of highly-paid Premiership stars announced their return from holiday with a typical display of excess.

Led by John Terry, the Chelsea players descended on an exclusive Mayfair nightclub where they rubbed shoulders with Prince Harry and racked up a staggering bar bill of £120,000 in a few hours.

Cocktails at £400 each and champagne flowed until the early hours yesterday with one £1,500 Magnum being sprayed around the VIP area hired by the footballers, according to an onlooker.

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David versus Shaqoliath

...or whatever Shaq wants to be called.

I logged on here to see what you guys' reaction were but kind of surprised to see none. So i thought I'd report about it right here and now, just saw everything on TMZ yesterday i think.

Shaq doing his best goalie impersonation


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lol we may never get to see that episode but they sure are putting up a show now. Still, kinda makes me wonder if the whole thing pushed through..... Nah, i'm on ya on this one Becks, sure you'll still make a complete fool out of Shaq even though he's an enormous...thing in front of the goal.

PS. i think David is a Lakers fan, mwahaha, so that kind of makes things a bit more interesting
OT. the Mrs. is going to replace Paulabe a guest judge on AI

Il Principino

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In light of the last couple of days and reading some of the comments, I thought I'd do a post on my baby boy-- Alberto Aquilani. Just a picspam and some info-- and some very basic info on Italian/Roman politics, rumors and how they roll in Rome. ***I got so lazy on that. Short version: fascism is not the dirty word in Italy (and especially in Rome) that it is in England or the US (or wherever else it's seen as shocking). Some Romans (and other Italians) hold Il Duce up as someone who did great things for Italy. We all know the bad stuff, so there's no need to go into that. But Italy is a place where politics is discussed very intensely, where it's very complicated and intertwined w/ everything. Just check out what Berlusconi has his hand in. It's pretty unstable-- remember, Italy has only been a unified country since 1861. In the last 15 to 20 years or so there has been some political unrest as well.

Regarding Rome, it is historically the Lazio side of Rome that has the fascist interests and it's also the Lazio stands that have put up racist banners and made racist chants. In fact, in some Lazio Ultra groups, you need to be a member of the fascist party to join. Roma has traditionally always had fans that were working class and generally left-leaning. In the 90s some fascist youth Ultras groups started invading the Curva Sud (where the Romanisti stand). These are likely the groups responsible for the violence to English fans-- the puncicate (stabbing of the ass) is seen to be something that embarrasses the rival w/o causing too much injury. The point is to show off their dominance and prey on the weak-- a fascist ideal. The most historic of all Roma Ultras groups is apolitical. But like the Old Firm, there's something there-- more than just rival teams. And it's very, very intense to watch them play each other.

Supposedly Aqui's uncle had some busts of Il Duce and wanted to give one to Aqui. Rumors in Italy are like wildfire. Something can easily be misconstrued. What I can say is, not knowing him personally (although I certainly wish I knew him very personally), I have never heard him say anything offensive about anyone-- except Panucci, lol. And that was just a bit of snark. And never anything political. Unlike Abbiati (a keeper for Milan) who is a fascist and has stated so publicly, Aqui has never made any such statement aside from saying he didn't have any interest in politics.***

Aqui's skills lie w/ his great passing, vision and work ethic. He's not crappy at defense, but I think he's more attacking than defending. If he tightened that up, he'd be a fantastic box to box mid. As Rafa said, he'll play more forward than Xabi would. But how he would fit into the dynamic remains to be seen. We don't even know the results of his medical. Regardless, if it works out and he signs for LFC... then having the info can't hurt. If it doesn't (doubtful it doesn't), well then I just pimped for one of my beloved Romanisti and given you a taste of Roma beyond our capitano. It's official:

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I'm going to edit in the stuff about politics. Done. Just edited the post to show that it's official, so I figured I'd get that news out there right away.

This has been my virgin ontd_football post. Cuddle me after?

Edit: Sorry, forgot to take off the "friends only" when I posted. It's not locked anymore. ♥
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It's Soccer time.

Abby Wambach got her 100th international goal a few weeks ago. This is U.S. soccer dedication video.
The one at  1:14 is fuckin sick, it's my favorite.

The U.S. MNT picking up their ESPY for "Best Upset". At 4:18 of this video they show the boys backstage with Danica and she says "they are all really good looking"....we know Danica, we know. Someone should send her an invite, she is tots ONTD_football material.

Also has been updated, if you want to check it out.

mikkel [bang bang me]

USMNT roster for Mexico!

So I'm pretty sure I refreshed the US Soccer site (which is now gorgeous if you haven't checked out the new version!) at the exact same time as they posted the roster because the link I clicked on just said "Put text here" or something and I was like IS THAT A FILLER LINK I'M GONNA CLICK ON IT and it was the roster!

I've been waiting for this for like.....a week now, so I'm thrilled.

GOALKEEPERS (2): Brad Guzan (Aston Villa: 5/3 SO), Tim Howard (Everton FC: 11/7 SO)
DEFENDERS (7): Carlos Bocanegra (Rennes: 21/3), Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA, 2/0), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover: 18/0), Jay DeMerit (Watford: 2/0), Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew: 0/0), Oguchi Onyewu (AC Milan: 16/1), Jonathan Spector (West Ham: 2/0)
MIDFIELDERS (6): Michael Bradley (Borussia Mönchengladbach: 10/4), Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo: 5/0), Clint Dempsey (Fulham FC: 17/4), Benny Feilhaber (AGF Aarhus: 1/0), Stuart Holden (Houston Dynamo: 0/0), José Francisco Torres (Pachuca: 5/0)
FORWARDS (5): Jozy Altidore (Villarreal: 8/5), Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids: 5/0), Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo: 15/6), Charlie Davies (FC Sochaux: 2/1), Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy: 30/11)
*numbers indicate all-time World Cup Qualifying caps/goals

more information including the usual roster breakdown

17 from the Confederations Cup, plus Ching, Chad, and Stu. I'm pretty freaking excited.

Camp convenes on Sunday in Miami, they leave for Mexico City on Tuesday. The game is Wednesday, August 12th, at 4 PM EST, live on Telemundo and mun2.


ETA: Video from mun2 getting game predictions from USMNT players, former Mexican NT players, aaaaaaaaand....Lionel Messi. (ahaha it's from the party ESPN Deportes had for Messi in LA before the ESPYs so it's not like...totally random or anything, lol)

Visit page on mun2

Celtic CL win

Celtic make history with 2-0 Champions League win over Dinamo Moscow

Tony Mowbray made history as his Celtic side knocked Dinamo Moscow out of the Champions League third qualifier - then claimed it was just another game to him.

Celtic had travelled to Russia knowing they had never won a European tie after losing the first game at Parkhead and, indeed, their last European win on their travels had been six years ago. At 1-0 down from the home leg, Celtic needed to win away in Europe for the first time in 23 matches since 2003.

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or not?

let's get a party going-- or not?

Further to media reports that have appeared alleging that Chelsea players attending Salomon Kalou's birthday party on Wednesday night spent £120,000 on drinks, the club and the players totally deny the facts and implications of these reports--

None of the Chelsea players spent these extravagant sums.

Whilst many players attended their team-mate's party, it was in fact hosted and generously paid for by friends of Salomon and even then the sums involved have been greatly exaggerated.

We are consulting our lawyers on behalf of Chelsea and the players and it is guaranteed that formal complaints will follow against those media outlets which published these false claims [Source].

Anne Bonny
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Toronto Fc vs Real Madrid


                                                    7:30 pm EST
                            BMO field in Toronto, Canada

"Pellegrini also said there was a huge possibility that Kaka and Xabi Alonso would make their Madrid debuts in the contest"  

source and a link to a stream site here:


We finally get to see what they look like in those Real Madrid jerseys on the feild!!!