August 6th, 2009

JT drops 60 grand on Kalou's Suprise 24th Birthday

Chelsea Football Club Throw Kalou Suprise Birthday Party

The Chelsea team celebrated Salomon Kalou’s 24th Birthday in true footballer style last night at Whisky Mist in London. The surprise party was organised by Kalou’s girlfriend Najah Wakil, 26, who secretly arranged for his Blues team mates to be lying in wait in the VIP area of the Mayfair bar.

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BRB, planning epic birthday to rival Sala's, except while his cost $$$$$$$, mine will cost.....$

hollywood :+:

step away from the camp

Eva Longoria has offered herself as the US ambassador for FC Barcelona

She became a Barcelona fan through Thierry Henry, a close friend of the actress' husband, French basketball player Tony Parker.

The actress, who has visited the Barcelona squad during the tour, would now have offered to become the image of Barcelona in the US, something that could open the door for sponshorship deals with American companies, usually not very interested in football. This is the case with L'Oreal, the cosmetics brand the actress represents.

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All I have to say about this is:


'sexy' panties

I was just surfing the internet, because I've nothing to do and so I found this pic published by the Spanish magazine 'Cuore'. It is a couple of days old (as you can see at the Inter kit...)

The magazine says that he wears "a very tight-fitting underwear". The picture was taken shortly before the players stepped into a pool after training.
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España call ups for friendly against Macedonia

Vicente Del Bosque made his squad announcement this morning for the game that will be played next tuesday in Macedonia. There are a few changes. Iniesta and Senna are still out, Ramos is also injured and Llorente and Pablito weren't called up (WTF??). The new kid on the block is Ignacio Monreal, a defender from Osasuna, shown here in his head shot and doing god knows what with Bojan...


KEEPERS:Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), José Manuel Reina (Liverpool) y Diego López (Villarreal).
DEFENDERS: Raúl Albiol (Real Madrid), Carlos Marchena (Valencia), Joan Capdevila (Villarreal), Álvaro Arbeloa (Real Madrid), Gerard Piqué (FC Barcelona), Carles Puyol (FC Barcelona) e Ignacio Monreal (Osasuna).
MIDFIELDERS:Albert Riera (Liverpool), David Silva (Valencia) Xavi Hernández (FC Barcelona), Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid), Santi Cazorla (Villarreal), Juan Manuel Mata (Valencia), Sergi Busquets (FC Barcelona) y Cesc Fábregas (Arsenal).
FORWARDS:David Villa (Valencia), Fernando Torres (Liverpool) y Dani Güiza (Fenerbache).

For those who like to keep track of these things we have: 3 Liverpool players called up, 4 from Valencia, 4 from Barcelona and 4 from Real Madrid. Oh the times, they are a changin'....

I think, for me, the biggest shock is Llorente being out, I think he has so much more potential than Guiza and much less baggage.

Source for list: Mundo Deportivo
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Germany Squad for upcoming WCQ


Robert Enke (Hannover), Tim Wiese (Werder Bremen)
DEFENSE: Arne Friedrich (Hertha Berlin), Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich), Per Mertesacker (Werder Bremen), Marcel Schafer (Wolfsburg), Serdar Tasci (Stuttgart), Heiko Westermann (Schalke)
MIDFIELDERS: Michael Ballack (Chelsea), Christian Gentner (Wolfsburg), Thomas Hitzlsperger and Sami Khedira (Both Stuttgart), Marcell Jansen and Piotr Trochowski (Both Hamburg), Mesut Ozil (Werder Bremen), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich)
FORWARDS: Cacau (Stuttgart), Mario Gomez and Miroslav Klose (Both Bayern Munich), Lukas Podolski (Cologne).
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this is not a joke.


ESPN has acquired the TV rights to two of the weekly Premier League slots on US television for the 2009-2010 season. Beginning on August 15, 2009, each week ESPN will feature the 7:45am ET Saturday game and the 3pm ET Monday game.

Those two weekly timeslots were previously held by Setanta Sports who in the past had sub-licensed those games from Fox Soccer Channel. Despite Setanta losing the two timeslots to ESPN, Setanta US will continue showing the two 10am ET Saturday slots (one game on Setanta US, and the other on Setanta Xtra), as well as the early Sunday morning ET kickoffs and the Tuesday and Wednesday midweek Premier League matches. The games shown by Setanta will also be available on its broadband package at

ESPN’s acquisition of the early Saturday morning kickoff and Monday afternoon matches are a massive coup for the Disney-owned company who have significantly increased its soccer coverage recently. ESPN has yet to make a formal announcement regarding the acquisition of the Premier League TV rights (the two timeslots), but will presumably show the games on both ESPN2 and ESPN360.

Note: For those Saturday mornings when there isn’t a 7:45am ET game available, ESPN will have first choice of the Saturday 10am game from Setanta Sports.

not official but it's from epltalk and ESPN should have something official soon, I'd think. (and I'm too lazy to unshorten my link deal with it)

Voldemort speaks...about Cris for the millionth time. Oh Voldie.

So google translation doesn't do the best job but it is all I have in so here we go:

Nereida Gallardo, a former girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, is still lashing out against Real Madrid's Portuguese player. After last Saturday that she harassed him in a nightclub in Mallorca, the young model he has now accused him of not being a god in bed. "

Nereida Gallardo also made reference to penis size of Cristiano Ronaldo. "Cristiano had several thongs. One was with elephant ears and trunk, but the tube is not filled. " (LMAO)

According to show images of 'Go To' de Antena 3, Nereida has tattooed the initials "CR" still on her wrist, but it seems that the Portuguese is not a person who she has much appreciation: "I have never spoken ill of Cristiano Ronaldo. Now because I failed to respect. " (I think that means because he failed to show her respect now she is going to speak ill of him. O RLY?)

"Our relationship was not approved by his mother because the mother who gave birth to him. She got in the way. And he supposedly wants to be free and do what it's up to him," said Nereida. However, he did thank you very much to go to Mallorca because, according to her, if she wanted to go to their air, "Palma would not know where his ex-girlfriend lives." (idk blame google translation)

"Cristiano Ronaldo is not a god, much less in bed. It would be like that," said Nereida Gallardo, who, like Paris Hilton, doubts his masculinity: "I think he is looking in the mirror more than me "in reference to the room with mirrors that used in maintaining relationships.

When asked if she was not enough for him, Nereida is blunt: "It is not true, because I was able to do three or four times and he was left with a sleep."

What is also striking is that the encounter was that she was with her supposed boyfriend. Nereida refused to give him kisses for the cameras and forced the program to pixelate his face to avoid being recognized. But she did not care to act, arguing that it is as well known: talking about Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is not the first time that Nereida Gallardo goes to various programs to talk about her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. The program 'as is', Antena 3, said that the Portuguese was very jealous, "When I walked out with my friends he called me constantly."

Moreover, the young Mallorcan posed nude twice in 'Interview' (one in April 2008 and June 2009), by the popularity obtained after the relationship with the Portuguese.


holy shit i has star-struckedness

Okay I just got home from the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco, which OH BY THE WAY IS WHERE BARCA ARE STAYING. I was planning on taking pictures and getting autographs, but my brain couldn't focus on doing both at once, so I just had them autograph my ESPN the magazine from when Messi was the cover. But I do have some pictures for you, including pictures of autographs (exciting, no?).

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Also, I didn't win the caption competition. I had the most votes, and the highest average vote, but unfortunately that was only good enough to get me to their "judging round," which was when I'm sure they all had a "wtf is a doppelganger" reaction. But thank you all so so so much for voting.

Anyone want to meet up Saturday morning and go to the training session? It's right by my house!
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Real Madrid Training in Toronto

Real Madrid training in Toronto was epic. Ok, so not as epic as seeing Chelsea v Milan but I do love Iker Casillas.

I seem to have a lot of Iker ass pics :|

Iker and Guti came out first on their way to the presser. That is when the shaking started! I don't think I was shaking half as much as at Chelsea though, so 95% of my pics actually turned out. I have waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many pics and vids :D

Will upload more vids tomorrow night...enjoy...and yes that is me yelling at embarassing

Fan on the pitch, damn, he touched Iker and made him smile

I love this man

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P.S. Champions League draw at 6am EST :D