July 31st, 2009

WAS : Keith whaa?

tottenham post. ikr

first of all they won the Barclays Asia Trophy today!
3-0 against Hull


second...i'm sure many of you have heard about the DARREN BENT SAGA ON TWITTER!!! dun dun dun ok i will break it down for you if you haven't.

So Darren Bent:

had a twitter account.

He has been in talks to leave Tottenham for Sunderland. He was scheduled to go to the Barclays Asia tourny in China and was taken off the plane at the last minutes because of negotiations. However things did not go according to plan.

So he took to his twitter to vent his frustrations.
His account has since been deleted but you can read all his tweets here

I will post some if you dont care to follow the link.

3 days ago
-Just seen crouchy at the training ground wish him all the best. As for me Medical at sunderland tomorrow. Can't wait to get started

2 days ago
- this is the longest day in the world. flipping hec
- Soon as I have news ill let ya'll know don't worry
- Going to kick ball wid some of my boys in hunts while They sort the confusion out.

1 day ago
- Seriously getting pissed off now
- Why can't anything be simple. Its so frustrating hanging round doing jack s**t
- Sunderland are not the problem in the slightest
- Do I wanna go Hull city NO. Do I wanna go stoke NO do I wanna go sunderland YES so stop fucking around levy (daniel levy is the chairman of Tottenham. and there was late interest from other clubs)

So this caused a huge ruckus and people were like OMGWTFBBQ including the Tottenham camp who immediately went to verify if this was a legit account from Darren.


Darren Bent issues statement today:
"I appreciate that transfers are seldom straightforward and are often complex. However, after a long period of waiting following my withdrawal from the plane to China, I had become incredibly frustrated by the time these things take and I posted inappropriate comments on my Twitter site.

I allowed my emotions to get in the way of my better judgment. I regret my actions and did not intend to offend Daniel Levy or anyone with the nature or the content of my posting."


statement source

oh and edit:
he was fined 120k for this.

darcy doesn;t sparkle


Pep Guardiola Doping Case To Be Re-Opened By Italian Authorities

Italian prosecutors have appealed against Guardiola's acquittal and the case will be re-examined in September...

Barcelona's treble-winning coach Pep Guardiola has been summoned by Italy's Olympic Committee (CONI) after his doping ban acquittal for testing positive for nandrolone in 2001 was appealed by the anti-doping prosecutor.

Guardiola failed doping tests for the banned substance nandrolone in 2001 when he played for Brescia. The Spaniard was handed a four month ban, but he appealed and was subsequently acquitted. The FIGC's (Italian FA) disciplinary panel had cleared the coach of any wrong doing following his appeal.

However, he now faces further questioning in relation to the doping tests as the Italian anti-doping prosecutor called for the case to be re-opened following an appeal against the FIGC's decision to acquit the coach during a hearing last May.

Another hearing is expected to take place on September 15 - a key date as the Champions League group stages begin.

CONI confirmed their intention to re-open the case against Guardiola on their official website.

Salvatore Landolina, Goal.com

I don't really get why now to be honest.  This has been dragging on for ages, he's not even playing professional football anymore. What would be the point?

Oh, and moar drug related stuffs...

Adrian Mutu ordered to pay Chelsea £14.7m for breach of contract

Adrian Mutu is facing a bill in excess of £14.6m after a Fifa compensation award to Chelsea was upheld by sport's highest court. The sum was for Mutu's breach of contract relating to his having tested positive for using cocaine in September 2004. He was sacked a month later and after the five-year-long legal battle that ensued, the Court of Arbitration for Sport today definitively rejected the Fiorentina and Romania striker's arguments.

Story continues at The Guardian.

can we go to the fun side now? (aka this is a HAPPY spam)

posting this because I thought everyone should be able to remember how to smile and lol again, amidst all those stuffs that happen lately in football (no Xabi, nooooo! don't go)

nicky and arshavin being loltastic (please reload image if gifs doesn't load

and pic evidence that Arshavin is no taller than a corner flag

(pic credit : goodplaya dot com)


so peeps, please spam away with anything that makes you happy :)