July 30th, 2009

Feliz Navidad

oh god I did not see this one coming at all

Xabi Alonso pide por escrito al Liverpool que le deje marchar

Xabi Alonso está agotando las vías posibles para abandonar el Liverpool. El jugador ha enviado al club inglés un transfer request (petición de traspaso), un escrito en el que muestra su deseo de dejar el equipo.

En la Premier League existe una ley no escrita en la que, una vez recibida la petición por parte de un jugador, el club tiene el deber moral de facilitar la salida del futbolista. Marca

In short, Xabi has sent the club a written transfer request.

RTVE via Marca and I'll edit when more articles appear.

Maybe it's for the best, it seems he really wants to leave.

Rude comments get deleted faster than rayziz  sits down.

There was life before him, and there will be life after him. He's not the fucking club, he's just a player and he wants to leave.
Van der BB

link dump aka excuse to post gif

afternoon everyone

Arshavin: It’s impossible to replace Ronaldo and I hope you’re weaker
"It's impossible to replace Cristiano Ronaldo. I hope they'll be weaker as a result. If there were many others like him, Real Madrid wouldn't have paid £80m."

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Valencia Insist David Silva Is Not For Sale
Valencia have stated that anyone hoping to persuade them to sell David Silva will be disappointed after the club decided that he will not be allowed to leave this summer.

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Sevilla want to sell Brazil's Luis Fabiano
Fabiano's agent has admitted that Sevilla are keen on cashing in on the Brazilian striker and AC Milan's Leonardo has shown interest.

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Madrid can't break the bank to sign Liverpool's Xabi Alonso
An article about the economics at Madrid and financing for Xabi Alonso

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a gunner really wants huntelaar:
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The unfortunate ones...


We have seen many pretty things in the SPAMS the last few days, so today i want you to show me the ugly.
I wanted to do a picspam but photobucket is being a b*tch and won't let me upload my pics.

This post must make me melig and to start it of I give you:
Tevez and Rooney