July 24th, 2009

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... damn it Metze.

Real Madrid supposedly need this guy

"..I have decided to stay at Real Madrid."

"I spoke to Pellegrini about my future and I have decided to stay at Real Madrid. And the reason for that is because the coach told me that he wants to count on me for this season.
"I have never wanted to leave Madrid, even though I knew from the very beginning that there would always be a lot of competition for places at a club like this.
"The most important thing for me now is to be in good form and to fight for my place. I feel that this year, I will have the possibility to play more," he continued.
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credit to bunnysayboo for this lovely GIF


Tired Lampard

It's too hot, innit?

Spamming. But forgive me - I just love this pic [enlarge]

Frank is almost burnt. JT is wearing  watch. What's wrong with these guys? *giggles* Apart form that they're adorable... :)

They're playing  with AC Milan tomorrow. Good luck lads!

Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2551405/Frank-Lampard-and-John-Terry-relax-in-their-hotel-pool-following-Chelseas-win-over-Inter-Milan.html

united: my ground is prettier than yours

I'd tap that. If I wasn't asthmatic.

Photoshoot of Artur Boruc the Holy Goalie thanks to malemen via kickette via phwoffy04

So you probably saw a couple of these at Kickette, here's the full shoot. It's, uh, worth looking at.

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In conclusion, smoking is hot. But also, VERY BAD FOR YOU, kids.
Oopsie. A lesson in why I shouldn't edit entries. Bear with me?


Paul Eaton in Singapore 24 July 2009

Singapore was treated to a double dose of Anfield magic this morning when Fernando Torres and Jamie Carragher sparked scenes of mass hysteria among their devoted supporters.

Fans had camped out for hours to get the best views of their Liverpool idols, both of whom were in town to attend a special event organised by Carlsberg.

It was a day of many commercial activities for the Reds on the second leg of their far east tour, and those supporters at the Velocity Centre probably couldn't believe their luck when they were presented with two of Liverpool's most famous stars.
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Xabi was supposed to be at that Adidas thing, but he wasn't and if you go on the offish you'll see that they took his name out of the list of names that were supposed to be there. :/


Tell me your wish

Liverpool fan groups revise takeover bid for club

Liverpool supporter groups unhappy with the financial structure of the club put forward revised plans on Friday to buy out American owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks.

The Share Liverpool FC (SLFC) and Spirit of Shankly (SOS) groups said they were looking to raise 150 million pounds from fans by pricing shares cheaper than in their first proposal so they could buy a 60 percent share of the club.

"This is a realistic plan that squares the circle," a statement on the SLFC website (www.shareliverpoolfc.co.uk) said.

"How to get broadly based fan ownership of the club, and relieve the level of debt, by offering Liverpool fans an affordable entry fee and a chance to get a modest return for their additional financial support."

The revised bid prices single shares at 500 pounds instead of 5,000 when the proposal was originally launched in January 2008.

The supporter groups, which launched simultaneously on January 24 last year amid concerns over financing of a proposed new stadium, said they would be looking for a commercial partner to invest 100 million pounds for the remaining shares.

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Maddox and Samuel L. Jackson should buy the club.