July 7th, 2009

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Stop! discussion time.

Should we prepare for another Spanish conquest?

“The Premier League is a very good competition, but I think that the Spanish league is going to have a little more quality because of the players who are arriving.

“Both leagues are going to be very good, but I think that with Florentino Perez’s signings, the Spanish league will be superior to the English”

- Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro

At first, this just seems like typical arrogant blabbering from Ronaldo. But should we actually take him seriously this time? It's difficult to judge based on a few flashy signings when the season hasn't even begun, but it seems like the trends in this summer’s transfer window are hinting towards a shift in power. Here are a few points to consider:

1. No one wants to play in England anymore!
Even the greatest of clubs - Manchester United are losing their top targets to teams in Spain. Benzema snubbed a move to England for Real Madrid, Villa has made it clear that he wants to remain in La Liga and Ribery recently told L’Equipe that it was "Real Madrid, or nothing." Many of today’s finest footballers seem to be rejecting the opportunity to compete in “the world’s best league”.

¿Por qué?

Money? The Mediterranean way of life over life in Merseyside? Or perhaps players are simply intimidated by the responsibility. Joining United at this minute means taking on a tough role with high expectations, but joining Madrid means entering a new project and sharing the pressure with the other new kids on the block. Plus they have tapas.

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Who knows? Maybe in a few years time we’ll be crossing our fingers to avoid another all-Spanish final in the Champions League.

Is La Liga going to be better than Premier League?

Yes! La Liga is building up with big names while England is losing them
No, because a few class signings are not enough to overcome the Premier League

united: my ground is prettier than yours

Milan sign Oguchi Onyewu

Just quickly, I know there are some fans of his here, AC Milan's official site says:

L’A.C. Milan informa di aver tesserato a titolo definitivo il difensore OGUCHI ONYEWU, dallo Standard Liegi, a fine contratto. Il calciatore, che gioca con la nazionale americana, è in possesso anche del passaporto belga e ha sottoscritto un contratto con scadenza 30 giugno 2012. Quest’operazione testimonia, una volta di più, gli eccellenti rapporti di amicizia fra la nostra società e lo Standard Liegi e, in particolar modo, con il suo Vice Presidente Esecutivo Luciano D’Onofrio.

And goal.com's translation and comments:

Milan have completed the shock free transfer signing of Standard Liege centre-back Oguchi Onyewu, the Italian giants have announced.

The 27-year-old impressed during the recent Confederations Cup for the United States, but it comes as something of a surprise that the Rossoneri have moved to snap him up.

A statement on the club's official website reads:

"AC Milan would like to inform that they have signed Oguchi Onyewu on a permanent basis from Standard Liege.

"The USA international has signed until June 30 2012."

Onyewu arrives on a Bosman transfer as his contract at Liege had expired. The 6ft 4in stopper possesses a Belgian passport, and so will not take up Milan's final non-EU slot.

The ex-Newcastle United man, formerly of Metz and La Louviere, has won 47 caps for the United States, and is expected to fight it out with Thiago Silva for a place alongside Alessandro Nesta next season at Milan.

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There is a pretty goalkeeper involved. You know I had to.



I thought this happened ages ago but meh, it's still very good.

Ben says:
"I’m really happy to commit my future to the club,
The team spirit here is fantastic and working along side Edwin and Tomasz has been a great influence on my career.”

Fergie says:
“We are delighted that Ben has signed a new four-year deal,
Ben is seen as one of the best young goalkeepers in England and we genuinely see him as a successor to Edwin.”

Sophie is:
Too busy staring at Ben in United's new kit to make this post original.

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Who the fuck is Anton Peterlin ?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6a00e54ef2975b883301156f75ebc8970c-.jpg picture by tinaanna           peterlinweb.jpg picture by tinaanna

MMCB: The improbable case of Anton Peterlin
You know the script all too well. American soccer player with foreign roots gets a chance of a lifetime and signs with a big English club. It is the basic premise behind the movie "Goal", but it is also the story of California native Anton Peterlin.

A defensive midfielder at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo last fall, Peterlin scored a dream opportunity to train with English club Everton this spring and made the most of it, impressing Everton manager David Moyes enough to earn a contract offer he will sign this summer.

Yes, the legend of Santiago Munez is alive and well.

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K. Bell in shade by mykindofcrack

Sit on the Chelsea bench!

So I'm not a Chelsea fan, but I found this contest and figured some of you girls might like to enter it. As some of you know Chelsea are playing in Seattle (US) on July 18th, and you could win a chance to be on the bench at the game! You could use this opportunity to molest and flirt chat with the players! The contest ends tonight unfortunately and you also have to make a short video but I figured for those dedicated ladies out there, it would be worth it to win...
For those who can't enter, you can check out the source at least for a cute Michael Ballack video!
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P.S. This is my first post/comment here, but I've been stalking this comm for a while now... :)
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ronaldinho has got it going on

Forbes Best Paid Celebs Under 30 in 2009


1. Beyonce Knowles - $87 million
2. Kimi Raikkonen - $45 million
3. LeBron James - $40 million
4. Britney Spears - $35 million
5. Roger Federer - $33 million
6. Ronaldinho - $30 million
7. Miley Cyrus - $25 million
8. Jonas Brothers - $25 million
9. Daniel Radcliffe - $25 million
10. Gisele Bundchen - $25 million
11. Maria Sharapova - $22 million
12. Taylor Swift - $18 million

Ronaldinho's five-year run with FC Barcelona ended last summer when AC Milan paid a $33 million transfer fee for the rights to sign the two-time FIFA Player of the Year winner to a three-year contract. The Brazilian's best days on the pitch are likely behind him, but he retains lucrative endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi and EA Sports.

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