July 4th, 2009


Chamakh's Window of Opportunity...

Blanc wants Chamakh resolution
Bordeaux boss hoping to retain in-demand striker

Bordeaux coach Laurent Blanc believes that unless Marouane Chamakh seals a swift move away from the club he will stay for the season.

The 25-year-old France-born Morocco international is being linked with a move to the Premier League with Sunderland reportedly joining Arsenal in the battle for his services.

Bordeaux are keen to tie down Chamakh on a new long-term deal, but they find themselves in real danger of losing him on the cheap this summer as he has just a year left on his existing contract.

Canadian trip

With Bordeaux due to travel to Montreal on 22nd July for a pre-season tour, Blanc does not believe Chamakh will leave les Girondins if he joins his team-mates and boards the flight to Canada.

"It must happen quickly," said Blanc on a possible deal for Chamakh.

"If Marouane comes with us to Montreal there will be a good chance he'll spend the season with Bordeaux."

Oh god please let him stay!!!

Also, Happy Fourth y'all! :)
(for those of you who are in the States and actually celebrate)
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Ballack: Underrated or Overrated?

Michael Ballack; one of the best midfielders of his generation but some one who I think is a symbol of what I am going to attempt to discuss today. You see, Ballack is not the fastest player on the pitch, nor the most technically sound, nor the strongest, and maybe not even the most creative. Sure, he has a lot of these attributes in spades, but he is not a Zidane or Ronaldo or Kaka.
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Article: Expression in Football: On and Off the Ball, Timothy N.

So what do you think ontd_fbers? Is the author correct in saying that Germany being there at the final vs. Spain was really due to Ballack? If we're being technical here, he really did keep them alive after that Austria match (with that fabulous goal). But I think it was more of a team effort against Portugal and Turkey. I do believe that he's one of the players that doesn't get enough credit (I don't read German press so I have no idea if it's different there!) atleast at Chelsea. Discuss!

also to compensate for the srznz of this post...

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Freddy needs all the love he can get (poor thing has been so emo in his tweets lately) so you should definitely watch. We'll be LR-ing over at omg_yanks and y'all should totally watch. It'll be a great way to celebrate our great country of America. (I mean, if you're not American, you don't have to, obviously!) We're playing Grenada in the Gold Cup, the game starts at 9 PM EST on Fox Soccer Channel, pregame at 8:30. If you're not doing anything now, the Columbus Crew are playing DC United on ESPN2 right now, and after the Grenada game, the LA Galaxy are playing the New England Revolution at 11 PM EST on FSC. 6 hours of American soccer, what a great way to celebrate our country! :)

Also, I know there are quite a few Canadians here, and I'm pleased to report you guys won last night! Canada beat Jamaica 1-0 in their opening Gold Cup game last night. match report yay. :)

Pepe Reina is my hero

Pepe Reina has hit out at Gareth Barry and Carlos Tevez for snubbing Liverpool and opting for the riches on offer at Manchester City. Reina believes they should have prioritised their prospects of achievement above their wages.

He said: "Apparently, they moved for the money. That is their decision but I also think it is their problem if they cannot see that Liverpool is a bigger club.

"It's up to them what they do but let me tell them that I am very proud to play for Liverpool. We can offer European football and I think that should have been a consideration for them.

"Everybody knows what it is to play for Liverpool. It's a pleasure and a tremendous honour. I am surprised they didn't consider these things. Some things in a player's career should be more important than money."

He said: "At Liverpool, you have to be fighting for the title and that's what we will be doing this year. We are involved in four competitions and just targeting one of them is not enough. The big one of the Premier League would definitely be best."

HP Sauce:


Words cannot describe how much I adore this man.