July 1st, 2009

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Rare goal celebration...

This happened some days ago, but it is not already posted so here I go.

This is a very wtf goal celebration!

In the Strømsgodset - Sandefjord game for the sixteenth round of the Tippeligaen (Norwegian Premier League) the Sandefjord's striker Admir Rascic scored a goal, then ran with his teammate Fenan Salcinovic and both bent over to the pitch side to side for religious reasons... well, feel free to watch what happens:

Yes, the midfielder Espen Nystuen did some strange hip movements in the back of his colleague. Nystuen is keen to clarify that he "is heterosexual and this was only a joke". But by the way, what the fuck?.



Edit: The video died because the transfer limit so just uploaded it again and you can find it on the source page too... and yes, sorry for all the drama regarding religious discussions and attacks ._.
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Real Madrid beat Fergie to Benzema?

"Benzema is already a Madrid player"

Lyon agreed Wednesday to sell France international Karim Benzema to Real Madrid for 35 million euros, Spanish media reports said.

The deal was reached after Real agreed to up its offer from 32 million euros, the sports newspaper Marca said on its Internet site.

Radio Cadena Ser said Benzema will sign a six-year contract with the Spanish giants.

It would be the fourth signing by Real under the new presidency of "Galacticos" president Florentino Perez, after Brazilian midfielder Kaka, Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo and Spanish defender Raul Albiol.

After Kaka was presented to fans at the Bernabeu stadium on Tuesday evening, Perez told Spanish radio that the next signing would be announced "today or tomorrow."

Sources: Yahoo & Marca

fergie u missed your chance :(

i wanted to see the frenchie in the premier league well there goes that

they say the pace of football is the fastest in england but EPL clubs have been slowpokes in the transfer window this summer :| hurrrrrrrrrry uppppppp




titi :*

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The most terrifying Ronaldo/Rooney toon I've ever seen in my life

Robbie Keane linked with shock move to Aston Villa
The Republic of Ireland of skipper faces serious competition for a Spurs starting place with Tottenham currently swamped with striker options since the £9million arrival of Peter Crouch from Portsmouth.

more @ source

Bayern Munich set Ribery price
Franz Beckenbauer has stressed that Franck Ribery will remain at Bayern Munich unless the club receives an offer of around 94million euros.

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Reds Accept Dossena Bid
Andrea Dossena's prospective Anfield exit is a step closer after Liverpool accepted an offer from Napoli, according to the player's agent.

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Toure passes city medical
Sky Sports News understands Kolo Toure has completed his medical at Manchester City, but a severance package has still to be agreed with Arsenal.

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not that it means anything...


Goal.com Top 50 Players Of 2008-09 - Full List: Here

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i guess crispy is watching to many Rambo movies

Ronaldo hits a minor!

Sara ensures to the police that was limited to shooting Cristiano Ronaldo in the street for being  "a fan of him," but rather to achieve "an autograph" that tried for hours of the Real Madrid player, a girl of 17 years old got a violent reaction. In the presence of her mother, Dolores Aveiro, Ronaldo came out of his Ferrari in Parque das Nações, Lisbon, and started to kick the glass of the car where the minor was. The victim was injured, hit by shrapnel. After being assisted in the hospital, she did all of this description at the Police, the CM found, and filed a complaint.


Ronaldo says he was "victim of harassment and a trap"

The player of Real Madrid says that the alleged minor assault "is a story" of a "known person" that filmed and tried to extort him.The girl of 17 years old, filed a complaint with the police.

Cristiano Ronaldo rejects the theory of aggression to a child, as reported. The player of Real Madrid regrets "the gesture" which took in defense of his mother, who was in "such a state of distress and grief" with the harassment perpetrated by a freelance photographer and his companion of 17 years old, said that only want one autograph of the footballer.

In statements published on the website of Gestifute, with the date of June 29, Cristiano Ronaldo says he was victim of harassment and a trap. Acts attributed to an individual "who is well-known of various portuguese public figures for not choose means to achieve its objectives, namely the scandal, and was therefore subject to judicial condemnation," it says in the document published by the company that manages the image of the Real Madrid footballer.

"The incident involved an individual who unfortunately do not look at ways to achieve that end and I know you have seen days on end in front of my house," writes the site's Cristiano Ronaldo Gestifut. "Chased me from Ritz Hotel in the car to the Expo area, where I got my apartment, and I accompanied my mother and he's a young man who filmed all the way ostensive and provocatively all our gestures, "stresses the player of Real Madrid.

"This harassement caused such a state of disturbance and distress to my mother, I had to stop my car to try to convince them to leave us alone," says Cristiano Ronaldo to Gestifute Media. "When I'm alone, all well, I try to swallow in dry and remain indifferent. But where is my mother who is concerned, there, I apologize, but do not admit anyone, I repeat, anyone, to harasses, "argued the player.

Not to mention, it is understood that Ronaldo is the acts that are alleged by the couple who filed a complaint with the police. The adolescent of 17 years, was assisted at the Hospital de S. José, which was received around 22 hours on Sunday.

"I regret the gesture that I had, though I can not swear that, if circumstances repeat, I do not react in the same way, because when my mother is involved is to me extremely difficult to maintain the presence of mind," said the football.

Attempted extortion

According to Gestifut, "the lack of scruples of the individual concerned" did not end the persecution and capture of images. "He tried to immediately sell the video recording of the company I represent, but I never - I repeat, never - could accept a proposal which has only one name: extortion," Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed.

"During the attempt to negotiate the sale of the video, a companion, although not present, as was good to see any visible injury, came to the hospital wearing a gown, which suggests that they plan to add more points to the small story that really happened, "he writes further, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Unfortunately, I know that most days fewer days all they recorded will be available in a newspaper there and if any will falsely claim that they want to add, because unfortunately there are always buyers, there are people who have no scruples and that continues to reward this stinginess to try everything at all cost for personal benefit, "said the Real Madrid footballer." I am not well. Because if it would have bought the tape and the subject would never be made public. But I know that will be made public. Because I so wanted to, because I only know well be in life ", concludes.

According to Gestifute, Cristiano Ronaldo has already entrusted the case to their lawyers.


i translate this in google, so i'm sorry for any mistake :)
awooo waka waka espagna



FC Barcelona completed the signing of lead singer "Bono" from the musical group U2. The turbulent 49-year-old moves in a part swap with Eidur Gudjohnsen, who has constantly expressed his desire to work in the music industry, for an undisclosed fee.

'Bono' performs a song at his Camp Nou presentation

An estimated 90,000-strong crowd - almost doubling that of Real Madrid's Kaka - turned up to watch the ceremony as Bono was unveiled at the Camp Nou last night. The singer who initially raised some eyebrows after his failed attempt to count properly in Spanish in the opening of his hit song Vertigo, delighted the fans with a rock-and-roll rendition of The FC Barcelona Anthem.

Having few titles left to win since grabbing the historical treble, Guardiola and the FC Barcelona staff have been quietly discussing ways to extend their list of honours. Two Super Cups and the Club World Cup are still in reach but Guardiola, a huge music enthuisast has urged Laporta to add a series of musical honours to their trophy cabinet.

The 22-time Grammy award winner deemed to be the perfect selection for Pep's new project. Sources close to singer claim that Bono has been "sick and tired" of the music industry, and has decided to focus on a new challenge in Spain.

Barcelona and Bono will also partner together with Unicef in their efforts to build schools in impoverished areas all over the world.

Source: http://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/noticies/club/n090630105739.html

All previous reports concerning U2's frontman were denied by FC Barcelona officials, and Laporta is reportedly filing a lolsuit against ONTD Football for their false claims. In a press conference today, he made a firm statement denying this new signing, saying:

"I still haven't found what I'm looking for."

but U2 were at the Camp Nou last night, kicking off their 360 degrees Tour!!!

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Is it time to care about soccer?

Last night, Stephen Colbert had a segment on the Colbert Report called "Is it time to care about soccer?" in which he talked about the win over Spain, the loss against Brazil, and some pros and cons of soccer.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Is it Time to Care About Soccer?
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorJeff Goldblum

He then talked to Alexi Lalas about the state of the game and what's coming up for the US team.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Is it Time to Care About Soccer? - Alexi Lalas
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorJeff Goldblum

While Colbert's attitude is still a bit mocking, it's a lot less so than I thought it would be, he does bring up some of the key reasons Americans don't like soccer, plus they're legitimately funny.

new FIFA rankings

The latest FIFA rankings released today have seen a fair bit of movement. Brazil have jumped 4 spots to overtake Spain as number 1 in the world, and in news only interesting to myself and acityofwonder probably, Australia has climbed from 29 to 16, their highest ever ranking!

The full rankings can be found here: http://www.fifa.com/worldfootball/ranking/lastranking/gender=m/fullranking.html

Lemme know if the image needs to go behind a cut :)